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5 Essential Game Design & Developer Videos. Presented by Saljack Enterprises. Gaming. Media. Entertainment.

Video Gaming popularity is on the rise, with no sign of stopping anytime soon. When an industry is making billions of dollars annually, it always wants people to search and capitalize on the market. In a world where technology is readily available, and the routes of exposure are more convenient than ever, the market is overflowed with games, creators, and ideas. A good way to enhance your odds is to look at what the specialists have done before you, in the related situation. Industry experts attend conferences and expos and hold interviews. These aren’t just chances for them to share their games, but they can also share their latest findings and best practices. But what if you can watch these panel discussions, summits, and interviews with expert developers and designers right from the comfort of your home or office? We’ve compiled this list of 5 helpful interviews that you can find right on YouTube:

  1. Game Design Theory I Wish I Had Known When I Started: This is not exactly an interview but more of a presentation. Dan Cook has some worthy game design advice. Dan is a veteran game designer. He has spent almost thousands of hours creating hundreds of prototypes and has a handful of great games to show for it. He discusses the practices and tools he uses while designing games, and how failure is part of the life. As the title implies, he talks about the things he wishes he had identified when he was starting out!!
  2. The Realities of Life in Game Development: This video is more of a panel discussion. Panel discussions are the best as more industry professionals give advice to you! This special panel is full of Full Sail graduates. They talk about numerous things, like the method of learning. A software engineer at EA Tiburon, Kerry Allen discusses how little difference there is between being a student and being a professional regarding learning. Learning just doesn’t stop! The pay and setting change, but there’s always something more to learn. There’s some great information from the panelists about the altering roles at a game studio. You might find yourself changing your position to fill a vacancy, rather than staying specifically committed to a particular job.
  3. Daniel Cook Talk: In this video, the founder of Spry Fox, Daniel Cook talks about what is required to design original games. Who should be on the team? What team size works best? What are deadfalls to avoid? How do you avoid making simple and casual games? He presents his answers to these questions in his talk.
  4. Game Psychology: It is yet another panel! You just have to love the benefit of panels. Panelists include speakers from XEODesign, Zynga, and Ayogo. This group addresses game psychology. The talk is referred as Your Brain on Games: The Hidden Psychology of Gaming. They examine how “making a difference” can be both compelling and rewarding in-game experience. They also elaborate on the “four keys to fun,” which administers with several levels of fun and how best to implement them.
  5. Creating Cohesive Combat: This is a discussion of the senior combat designer in the Prototype 2 team, Mark Acero, who talks about combat design. He has an experience of around 10-12 years, in which he’s shipped 13 games through seven studios. He talks about the value of this kind of varied experience. He has worked with a bunch of design technologies and philosophies through his time at various studios, and he tells how that contextual experience makes him more powerful than ever.

YouTube is one of the wonderful things for helping you learn about your game developing journey! Have you watched any of these interviews? Is there any other interview that you find worth sharing? Let us know in the comments section or Tweet us @essjay_ent!



17 thoughts on “5 Essential Game Design & Developer Videos

  1. Darwin says:

    I recommend trying other sites similar to YouTube. Maybe that could help. You should try

  2. Kirk Ydnar says:

    True, people can develop idea from YouTube videos. Good analysis.

  3. miaka Yuuki says:

    Well videos or not these are solid tips. Yes It is missing the actual videos in question but that is ok. They can just follow up later.

  4. Mico Robin says:

    I Have been asking the same thing. Where are the videos? I mean this was a misleading title. However, it is a good article.

  5. Carla says:

    I liked the panel discussion videos because there are more views and opinions (and personal experiences) that are shared. Truly inspiring!

  6. Oskee says:

    Yeah, same as everybody else here…having a hard time looking for the actual videos on Youtube. I’ve had moderate success googling but only after trial and error. Nevertheless, the videos I watched are very informative.

  7. All good info. Better to learn from the experts and grow a real appreciation for the industry. Game development is constantly expanding so it’s better to get as much learning in as you can.

  8. Drake says:

    LInks to the videos please? Trying to look it up in youtube.

  9. Antony says:

    Would be nice to include the link of the interview in the article. Or maybe embed the video in the article.

  10. rodilyn delgado says:

    It’s very interesting. I really appreciate for our game designer.

  11. Rebi says:

    Yes it would be very helpful since the actual videos can be seen so being linked is better. Nevertheless, the review is nice.

  12. Killa says:

    Wish you could link the actual videos.

  13. Kyo Kusagi says:

    This will be cooler if the article is paired with actual videoes. Youtube channels are in your disposal nowadays.

  14. Kadoya Tsukasa says:

    Where is the video by the way? Am I the only one who cannot see it?

  15. Interesting. A panel discussion would be useful to watch with a web of ideas being explored. I think it’s also useful knowing the psychology of the game your designing so you can be careful of what kind of influence the content is delivering and make sure all parts of the brain are being put into action when playing.

  16. Joaquin says:

    Truly inspiring! I salute our game designers for coming up with unique and fresh ideas every year. Although I must add, those new releases are getting few and far between. Still, here’s to creativity!

  17. Cardo says:

    Cheers for sharing these resources. I’ve seen some of Dan Cook’s videos and it’s always a learning experience for me every time I watch his presentation. Will look up on Youtube for the rest of these videos!

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