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4 Best Video Game Design Schools Online. Presented by Saljack Enterprises. Gaming. Media. Entertainment.

Video Games have become a fabric part of the modern society, both economically and socially. Video game developers and designers are in very high demand, and higher education is endeavoring to meet this demand as universities frequently offer video game programs at undergraduate and graduate levels. So, online courses have been on the rise firmly since their inception. More and more universities and colleges are expanding their distance-learning offerings. The appropriate online program can be the ideal fit for game developers and designers who need extra versatility when it comes to their course loads.

Professions as a video game designer can vary widely with responsibilities involving knowledge-bases, diverse skill sets, and levels of specialization. In the case of undergraduate game design education, this pre-professional course is essential for the student to fully gain the expertise needed by graduate programs and by the upper-level professions in the industry. Here are top 4 universities providing online video game courses.

  1. Baker University: It is an accredited university which provides the opportunity to earn many degrees online. Their programs are called Baker Online. Baker’s game software development program is regularly updated to exhibit the actual needs of the game industry, thus saving your time learning outdated skills. In a ranking by GetEducated Baker ranks 20th, featuring the best affordable online Computer Science Bachelor Degrees. Tuition fees end up being around $38,000. The curriculum for Baker’s game software development program finishes in a senior design project. During the program, you will learn game programming, modeling, and animation skills.
  2. Sheridan Technical College: This College offers a game design program that results in state licensure and certification upon successful completion. It has many programs that cover many topics like game engine technology, storyboarding, development methodologies, 2D, and 3D animation design, and other pertinent coursework. They offer a short program that helps you earn a certification rather than a degree. A full-time student can take the course for 6 months, whereas for a part-time student, the program is spread out for 12-months. It costs approximately $2100. For admissions in this college, taking the mandated Test of Adult Basic Education is a prerequisite. This shorter certification path is a possible option if you’re a video game enthusiast looking to get the taste of the video game design world.
  3. Full Sail University: It is a feasible online option for you if you’re searching for a flexible online degree at an affordable price. The University offers Bachelor of Science degrees for both Game Design and Game Art. The Game Art curriculum deals with the artistic elements of game design, like depicting characters in a 3D environment. It includes learning how to transfer 2D artistic principles into a 3D space, to make characters and objects that look realistic and move realistically. The Game Design curriculum does cover some creative topics, but also deals with topics like game usability and economics. Other courses cover storytelling and character development skills. Both these degree path spans a 32-month period when taken online. Full Sail is a flexible and cost-effective option that offers you to choose between two separate game design paths.
  4. Franklin University: This University is based out of Columbus, Ohio and offers their Interactive Media curriculum online. 67% of undergraduates attending Franklin University are enrolled entirely in distance education, with another 20% enrolled in both online and in-class courses. Franklin University offers an Interactive Media Design program to imitate an actual, real-life firm. The program is only a 2-year program, with courses lasting anywhere from 6 weeks to 15 weeks. The credits need to be related work in design or media fields. This is a good program if you’re looking to spend extra time on mobile and web interaction, or if you want strong project management skills.

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18 thoughts on “4 Best Video Game Design Schools Online

  1. Mico Robin says:

    Diploma is not a must have but it can give you an edge. These is for gamers and being in a gaming world means you know whay you are doing.

  2. miaka Yuuki says:

    Yes in terms of formality a Diploma is a must. But I hear you what counts more in this is the love for the game.

  3. Carlisle says:

    An online or distance learning setup will work for a game design course. No need to go to school everyday as you will be working in front of your computer anyway. But do you really need a diploma for game design? We gamers don’t ask if a hit game was made by a college graduate!

  4. Xin Guo says:

    “It is a feasible online option for you if you’re searching for a flexible online degree at an affordable price.” What I think that, if you don’t have money, student loan is available. It is reasonable to borrow money so you can have a very good education.

  5. Kadoya Tsukasa says:

    Online schools works but I think in a field as technical as this. it is not advisable. I mean this is freaking gaming design!!!Books will not cut it.

  6. Kyo Kusagi says:

    Online is good but nothing beats real interaction. If possible I would go to real schools.

  7. Janice says:

    Wait, do you need a license to work as a video game designer? You only mentioned Sheridan that offers this option. On the flip side, who needs a license when you can work as an indie game designer right?

  8. Yusuf Al-Wasabi says:

    After all the articles about video game design skills, job opportunities, etc. this is a welcome addition to further increase our information regarding this profession. Thank you SJE!


    “Tuition” means the charge or fee for instruction in schools, colleges or universities. Ergo, “tuition fee” is redundant.

  9. It’s good to see the field is moving up with accredited programs that enable you to learn the necessary skills to move far in the industry. I like that the courses are specific with web design and economics so if you have a focus you can pursue it with the appropriate classes.

  10. Yuri says:

    I’m really interested and it’s great that there’s an option to get a course certificate rather than a graduate. This helps to those who would like to get in the program for a lesser cost.

  11. kimbieflores says:

    I wonder what the criteria are in choosing these 4 universities as top providers of video game courses. Franklin University is interesting knowing that it only provides 2 years for the course unlike the others that offer a 4-year course on video game design.

  12. Antony says:

    An informative article. Alright how’s gonna enroll now in one of this 4 university after reading this ? hehe

  13. Ria says:

    Wish I can enroll to any of these. It would be nice to design my own video game. Nice read!

  14. Neon says:

    Glad to know that institutions are now offering online courses in video game designs. This is what’s in demand right now so anyone who wants to harness their skills in this field are on for a more convenient way to gain knowledge and information.

  15. Mau says:

    I wonder how effective these online courses are compared to face-to-face schooling. Since video-game related courses are technical, wouldn’t it be advantageous to have an instructor present to monitor your work?

  16. Chuck says:

    If I were a student, I’d definitely choose Full Sail University. It offers a great curriculum plus it’s very affordable.

  17. Killa says:

    This is convenient because you can learn from home.

  18. Rebi says:

    We also have schools here but the tuition fee, I must say the education here is really a good quality.

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