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Becoming the Best Marketer For Your Video Game. Presented by Saljack Enterprises. Gaming. Media. Entertainment.

If there’s one thing that many indie game developers are trying hard to learn is to make their game success at the first step.  There is a reason why companies are ready to pay millions for YouTube ads and TV commercials. The same goes for video games, if people does not hear about your game, it is hard for them to discover about your game. Below are the five requirements, we feel every good game marketer need to try:

  1. The Marketer Should Know About the Game Community: The fact is, there are only a few industries out there that have active communities in video games. From writing reviews and to following social media pages and giving feedback, gamers are a very committed bunch. So, without an appropriate support from the gaming community, possibly your project will fade away into ambiguity in no time. Whoever is promoting your game needs to identify what works best to get people involved in your game along with being cautious not to bring in negative attention.
  2. The Marketer Need to Deal with Negative Feedback: No matter how thrilling and wonderful your game is, someone is going to tell you why they hate it. If your marketer has a hard time not taking feedback personally, they may not be the one for the job. Find or be someone who can set aside the feelings related to the game and instead concentrate on what the people are recommending or trying to say. Instead of leaving a bad impact of negative feedback on yourself and your team, see it as a valuable criticism that can help you to enhance your game.
  3. The Marketer Should Actively Promote the Game During Development: Game development teams that don’t begin with their game’s marketing at the beginning are at a severe disadvantage after its completion. Your marketer needs to do whatever it takes to spread the news about your game long before its release date. In this way, your game would already have a group of people predicting its release and probably telling others to pick it up as well. The marketer needs to make use of every possible tool available. A Facebook page isn’t enough anymore. There’s a lot of people you’ll only reach if you also have accounts for other popular sites and social media pages like YouTube, Twitter, Twitch, and much more. Promoting a game properly is busy work, which means your marketer should be ready to dedicate several hours a week to the task.

Have you hired a marketer for your game? Or Do you have any other tips to improve a game’s promotion? Let us know in the comments section or Tweet us @essjay_ent!



25 thoughts on “Becoming the Best Marketer For Your Video Game

  1. Solid Snake says:

    It would be ideal too if the marketer is a gaming enthusiast. It can’t be stressed enough how effective marketing will impact the sales of a business, especially video games.. with too many competitors.

  2. Kyo Kusagi says:

    Knowing your target market really helps. You may need to go outside of the box for it. Do surveys or what.

  3. Kadoya Tsukasa says:

    I am no fan of this method but it works. Kiss somebody’s behind!!! It is true though particularly if you need leverage.

  4. Go Hin says:

    “If your marketer has a hard time not taking feedback personally, they may not be the one for the job.” What I think that, the marketer must have thick face to accept criticism. Onion face person cry easily.

  5. Sharifah says:

    So, if you were the HR personnel, who would you hire for a video game marketing officer position: a fresh marketing graduate with excellent scholastic record but zero gaming background, or a college dropout hardcore gamer (dropped out of school to focus on his/her dream to become a pro gamer someday)? Simply put, if you can’t have both, which skill would you want: marketing or gaming?

  6. Mich says:

    Marketing a game involves creating a hype just like any software product awaiting its official release. But it better be worth the wait! Thanks for this article.

  7. Raine says:

    Marketers know that negative feedback is constructive criticism. So the more they get it, the greater is the chance for improvement.

  8. Samuel Bharti says:

    It doesn’t matter how much good thing you have. If you don’t know how to sell it then it’s useless Marketing is very essential about which above article explained.

  9. Tamiya Diego says:

    You really to find a specific target market for your game. If you create a game designated for a 5-year old, you need to make sure that it is educational plus entertaining so that the parents can notice your game, plus they can share the news with others.

  10. Cloud Dominic says:

    I think that you need connection when you want to market your game. Starting from scratch is never easy and having your game noticed by millions takes a lot of effort so you need an effective marketing strategy.

  11. Antony says:

    Marketing a game is actually making people believe the hype about your game and the hardest part is when your gaming franchise is new and no one knows them yet. Once your game got bigger and has a cult follower such as Diablo, Starcraft, then even the name of the game itself can be used as a powerful marketing tools.

  12. Mau says:

    I enjoy these kind of posts. It’s interesting to read not just about the games themselves but also the process on how to get those games into the shelves. By the way, I think the points above are applicable not just for games but for other products as well.

  13. Donald says:

    So true! Marketing is very important even in the gaming industry. Social media is a great venue for marketing your video game.

  14. Rebi says:

    Marketers are really active people. Such a hard thing probably to do

  15. Killa says:

    Marketing should be creative people who can make it possible.

  16. It takes a high level of class to be good at marketing. Especially in a field like gaming, I feel like you have to know the lingo and the foundation of the industry to really mesh with your buyers. Being passionate and energetic about what you are promoting will get you far in any industry.

  17. Olive says:

    I wonder what is the most popular video game today. I’m curious.

  18. Hunter says:

    I love people who do marketing because it is so hard. I salute them

  19. Maury Cheskes says:

    All good tips. In marketing you have to know your target audience and be ready for a trial and error process. I also completely agree that the marketer should actively promote the game outside of social media. Face to face promotion sends a potent message and leaves a much more powerful impact.

  20. miaka Yuuki says:

    When it comes to a marketing strategy look no further. SE is an example of this. THey put off the grid games out there back on the map.

  21. Mico Robin says:

    Word of mouth will come into play in this. However you must be sure that the game is at least good for it to work.

  22. Felicia says:

    Ah negative feedback and the trolls…that would take some savvy PR skills! But if your game is solid and is true to its purpose, then managing negative feedback and fending off trolls wouldn’t be a headache.

  23. Saleh says:

    This is Marketing 101. But no need for all these tips/suggestions if your marketer is a gamer who is also passionate about the game to be marketed. If he/she is so into the game, then he/she will use every opportunity to promote it be it in social or traditional media.

  24. Varos says:

    I’m glad you mentioned about video game creators being able to also take negative feedback. if you ignore the negative feedback and only relish is the good stuff you want to hear, then you will could possible be ignoring some of the greatest advice that you could ever get in order to make your game great. So best to take all feedback into consideration and continuously try to learn, improve and understand truly what makes the gaming community tick. If you’re not dedicated enough to to this, then you might as well change careers.

  25. Will D. says:

    Marketing is everything. You can have the greatest game invention, but if your marketing is weak, then there goes another great idea down the drain.

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