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Book 3, P9: A War is Coming – The Plan for Travour. Presented by Saljack Enterprises. Gaming. Media. Entertainment.

Travour quickly scowled again at Mr. Smith as he watched from the front row, and used his other hand to grab his opponent’s throat.

Hello! Today we continue with the ninth part of book 3. Hope you enjoy!

As the plane touched down along the eastern shoreline of Plum Island Brajjit was still in awe of the events that had just transpired.

“So, you…” he stammered.

“Yes” replied Shailan.

“And he is your…”

“Yes again dude.” Shailan was grinning ear to ear at the apparent confusion of his buddy.

“Oh man. I’m going to lose my deposit on the car!” Brajjit blurted out, and both men laughed at how bizarre the statement was given their current situation.

“Hey look sweet beach!” Shailan said excitedly.

“Calm down nephew” Mr. Smith cautioned, “the only way you and that beach are going to be seeing each other is when the mission is over. Focus on the issues at hand. I am dropping you off and heading back to New York in the chopper. You two get familiar with your new surroundings, and when I get back, we are assembling in the west hanger to set some ground rules. Brajjit keep my nephew in line, would you? ”

“Brajjit nodded, “Umm yes sir. So you are a….”

Shailan patted him on the back, “Come on dude, My Uncle is on a schedule. I will fill you in as best I can when we find our quarters.”

Mr. Smith called Simon and arranged to meet at the chopper, and the two men headed back to New York.

“You may want to enlist the services of a couple of our freelancers on this one Simon,” Mr. Smith said over the radio, “Travour is an awfully big target, and he isn’t what I’d call the trusting type. Better safe than in a hospital I always say.”

“I don’t really believe you have ever seen the inside of a hospital, sir” replied Simon, “but I will get a few men just in case.”

Mr. Smith’s mouth curled up in a wry smirk, “That Simon is because I plan ahead. The plan is to appeal to his sense of decency and pride by offering him a deal he shouldn’t refuse. When he does refuse it we solve his problem. That should at least get his attention, and he will be willing to sit down and hear us out. At that point, we appeal to his sense of the greater good. If that fails we tranq him….I’m just kidding about the last part.”

“Of course you were sir. Very funny indeed” Simon muttered as he began calling the brawniest freelancers on his contact list.

As Travour and his backer entered the fight ring, Mr. Smith casually walked up to them and offered $20,000 in cash if he would throw the fight.

Travour scowled at him and entered the ring. After letting his opponent get a few punches in, he ducked under a roundhouse kick and grabbed the man’s leg that was still planted on the ground. He quickly scowled again at Mr. Smith as he watched from the front row and used his other hand to grab his opponent’s throat. In a swift and seemingly seamless motion, he lifted the man above his head and threw him against a concrete column. The fight was over.

“Part one of the plan complete as anticipated” Mr. Smith whispered to Simon as they headed towards Travour.

“Travour, if we could have just a moment of your time, please? You see, I knew that there was no way you would throw a fight just to earn some money to send back to the gym in Philly. You just don’t have it in you” Mr. Smith began.

Travour looked over Mr. Smith’s shoulder and counted five rather large men behind him with their stares fixated on him. “I’m listening,” he said.

Mr. Smith continued, “That is why prior to coming here tonight the people I represent bought the building that the gym is in and have informed the owners that as a goodwill gesture they will be upgrading and renovating the gym. Furthermore, your friends have been informed that they will enjoy a rent-free period of two years for any inconvenience that the renovations may cause their business.”

“Who are you?” Travour asked.

“In a nutshell, we are a group of people who are banding together to try and save the world as we know it,” Mr. Smith said bluntly.

“Why didn’t you just say that in the first place?” asked Travour, “I’m in.”

As they headed for the helicopter, Mr. Smith leaned towards Simon, “Part two and part three completed as anticipated. Now the real work begins.”

(To be continued…)

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13 thoughts on “Book 3, P9: A War is Coming – The Plan for Travour

  1. Celine says:

    Dang! I was expecting Travour would take on those burly bodyguards. Would have been rad to see real action poses here. Maybe next time?

  2. TeAnna says:

    I wanna fast forward this storyline to the real action! It’s a bit dragging already.

  3. miaka Yuuki says:

    The only part of interest are the TRavour parts. I so hope that he is finally in. Come on guys let us get the plot moving.

  4. Mico Robin says:

    Have we finished the issues with Brajit and Shailan? I think not. If so why are we jumping on Travour?

  5. Mau says:

    Would like to read the next part. Glad to see the gang is pretty much rounded up.

  6. Zeke says:

    Mr. Smith is channeling his inner Godfather by offering Travour a deal he can’t refuse lol. I feel bad for Travour’s opponent. He probably won’t be able to fight anymore.

  7. Rain Santos-Ocampo says:

    I’d want more than $20,000.

    Rent free doesn’t sound so bad though.

  8. Dark Vader says:

    Next part please. looking for some real fight scenes here.

  9. Rebi says:

    I’m waiting for the real action!

  10. Vivi says:

    Finally! It seems like forever since the last part. A little bit of action here I see. A bit disappointed actually that Travour didn’t put up a fight. Next!

  11. Mathew says:

    Wow that wasn’t hard to convince Travour as anticipated. Looking forward to the next part! Hurry up please!

  12. Queenie says:

    I don’t know what to say. I guess this is not the drawing that I want.

  13. King says:

    I don’t like this drawing. Why are they hurting themselves.

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