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Project-X Comic 4: The Art of Sweep Fu. Presented by Saljack Enterprises. Gaming. Media. Entertainment.

Comic #4 as presented by our Lead Artist Marcos. Hope you enjoy!

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27 thoughts on “Project-X Comic #4: The Art of Sweep Fu

  1. Bruhilda says:

    So, Fu is this lady’s name? Miss Fu is sweeping the floor intenstely! I love that dedication to her job. She should be rewarded.

  2. Maarten says:

    Just goes to show there’s more than one reason to learn martial arts! Oh I think that’s the reason why my parents pushed me to enroll in a class. They want me to clean the house! Help!

  3. Keith says:

    Reisha’s expression tho. I thought she was doing some intense martial arts workout, it turns out she was just doing some cleaning.. lol

  4. Francheska says:

    I like this idea of sweeping! It reminds me of Bostaff and it’s really funny too! Definitely can pass as Charlie’s angel

  5. Harry says:

    The house looks pretty neat. No wonder she likes to sweep the floor once in a while.

  6. Ulric says:

    Hahaha the drawing is so funny. I can’t stop laughing.

  7. Scott Summers says:

    This reminded me of Shaolin Soccer. I am not joking I Mean they use martial arts to bake or even park a car. Watch it guys.

  8. Alex Summers says:

    I thought this was Analia!!! Sorry it is Lurasia. My bad!!! Anyway, I can see wives doing this. I am being real here.

  9. Satish says:

    So this lady is the assigned Cleaner of the Day…too bad! But I think she is doing a great job! And she’s lovin’t it!

  10. Matteo says:

    I haven’t cleaned my room in a month. I think this will do the trick! But first, I’ll have to buy a long-handle broom! LOL! This is very funny!

  11. Dark Vader says:

    Very humorous and very creative ha ha…

  12. Rebi says:

    This is really funny! At least the entire house is now clean!

  13. Enrique Barrera says:

    This is a great kind of self-defense combat that I would be interested in learning. Thanks for the awesome illustration!

  14. Maripi says:

    Now that’s a good use for martial arts skills! Which character is this again? Analia? You guys really have some humour huh?! Hahahahahah!

  15. Vanni says:

    OMG! I can’t stop laughing at this! You are sooo good Marcos! LOL!

  16. Maury Cheskes says:

    Hilarious! I would have never guessed that fierce concentration was intended for sweeping the floor. I bet she’s finished in a matter of minutes.

  17. Raja Izan says:

    Haha.. This is funny – exactly like what my mum used to say when she had to clean the floors – this is all kungfu! Simple, yet excellent artwork!

  18. Kyo Kusagi says:

    I wonder who comes up with these silent concepts. Housewives take note. This girl shows her stiff.

  19. Doomsday says:

    Although this is just a comic, It is not really that far off from reality. I mean martial arts can serve another purpose other than fighting.

  20. Mau says:

    Looks like martial arts could also be used to do housework! I’m liking these comics more than the book installment nowadays. Maybe because the pacing and posting is faster.

  21. Kitz says:

    This is humorous! I think doing chores and Kung Fu at the same time is just so fun to do. I like the illustrations as well.

  22. Rain Santos-Ocampo says:

    Who would’ve thought you could clean your house with martial arts! Raised my eyebrows and got me interested.

  23. Sakura Kinomoto says:

    Whoa this totally caught me off Guard. At first I was sure she is doing training. But in the end part she is cleaning.

  24. captain Ussop says:

    This is Analia if I am not mistaken? Combining cleaning with martial arts? I could see that.

  25. Farhan says:

    Such fierceness! I love her facial expressions! I’ll try these kung-fu movements next time I’m going to clean my room! LOL!

  26. Georgina says:

    Ahahahah! This one’s very good! Nice moves…but only to sweep the floor! LOL!

  27. Gianna says:

    Cleaning and martial arts rolled into one, what a brilliant idea indeed. Housewives like me definitely need to try the sweep-fu.

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