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BOOK3, P6: Just Another Day at the Park. Presented by Saljack Enterprises. Gaming. Media & Entertainment.

Reisha pivoted around on her right foot and with a sweeping leg kick knocked Brianna down gently, controlling her fall by holding on to her hand.

Hello! Today we continue with the sixth part of book 3. Hope you enjoy!

Jonni and Analia sat in the helicopter facing Simon and Mr. Smith as the blades began to rotate. They were shocked at what they had heard and more than a little trepidatious, but in the end, they both knew that there was only one thing to do, the right thing. Mr. Smith had done his homework on them both. After explaining the dire situation about to unfold, he appealed to Jonni’s need to break free from his suffocating life and Analia’s yearning to re-enter the world of combat. They had been assured that their loved ones would be apprised of a situation that had required them to be away for an indeterminate amount of time and not to worry, they were in good hands. Not the real situation of course but a carefully prepared cover story to protect the mission.

As the helicopter lifted off the roof, Mr. Smith motioned for them to put on their headsets. As they did the pilot’s voice came over the speaker. “Where are we headed to boss?”

“It seems like a lovely day to visit Central Park, don’t you think?” Mr. Smith said casually, “We have a few more people to pick up before we head back to base.”

Central Park was almost empty most of the time and had been for years. It had become a place that most people feared to enter as more and more criminal gangs had made it a makeshift base of operations. Due to City cutbacks, the traditional police mounted on horseback were long gone and the foot patrols had all but stopped entering the park because of concerns for their safety.

But every Saturday morning a group of women walked into the park and did yoga. It had almost become a joke in the criminal community, and they allowed it to continue for their amusement. The first time they had entered the park they were promptly stopped by a man wielding a knife and demanding their wallets and jewelry.

Reisha just laughed at the man. “My dear boy.  You seem to have overlooked two very important factors before attempting to rob us. Number one is we are dressed in Yoga clothes and not carrying purses. Where do you suppose we have hidden our cash and jewelry?”

“Okay, you may have a point there. But what is the other thing I should have thought of?” said the thug with a stupid grin on his face.

“You should have brought back up.” Reisha laughed again as she lunged forward and punched the man in his Adam’s apple with a force that surprised the group of women and the man who was now on his knees gasping for air.

“We will be here for an hour, and then we will leave. It would be nice if you just let us be. Thanks so much, Ladies follow me.” Reisha led the women past the man and headed to a sunny clearing in the park.

Word had traveled quickly amongst the gangs that called Central Park home, and they left her and her friends alone most of the time. Occasionally other thugs would take shots at Reisha, but things usually ended poorly for them. The regular women in the group joked that Reisha should teach them how to protect themselves as well and call it Combat Yoga.

Reisha was waiting by the gate for her usual participants when Briianna walked up behind her and tapped her on the shoulder. Reisha reached over her shoulder and grabbed Briiana’s hand and pinned it tight. She then pivoted around on her right foot and with a sweeping leg kick knocked Brianna down gently, controlling her fall by holding on to her hand. “Now, if only I had a tower of soup cans around here!” she chuckled.

“OK, ok I give. I guess I deserved that” Brianna looked up at Reisha smiling.

As Reisha was helping Brianna back to her feet a few more of the Combat Yoga veterans had started to arrive, and they started for the gate.

Just as they were about to enter the park, a young woman wearing striped yoga pants and a lime green polka dot yoga top came running up to them. “So sorry I am late, I heard that this was the place to come for yoga. You must be Reisha.  My name is Iurasia mind if I tag along?” she said.

“Not at all hunny, the more, the merrier, let’s go girls” with that Reisha lead them into the park.

(To be continued…)

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16 thoughts on “BOOK3, P6: Just Another Day at the Park

  1. harleene says:

    ha! good for those crooks! if this were to happen in real life i would have cheered for real. Why is it that gang members are always portrayed as being violent?

    1. Parker says:

      Because gangs are known to be violent, so it makes absolute sense to portray them as such. What else would you portray them as…intellects?

  2. dale says:

    okay so gangs here are generally stupid. in fact, they all are. i mean if world travels fast then shouldn’t the other gangs be wary of those women doing yoga, especially Reisha.

  3. Mau says:

    Maybe Reisha will use Combat Yoga against Mr. Smith and others. I assume they would be wary of these people at first.

  4. light Yagami says:

    What are the exact order of these narratives? Iam genuinely confused. I mean I do not know where everybody are now!!!

  5. Cannonball says:

    Yoga and Taekwondo? Interesting? How will it work though will it become like Tai Chi? anyway its nice that the story is back now.

  6. Sarah says:

    Wow.. Reisha is so amazing. You go girl! She definitely taught those thugs a very painful lesson.

  7. Mahmoud says:

    Is combat yoga really a thing? Oh em, I wanna sign up! Love the artwork! Reisha looks so fierce!

  8. Hafish says:

    Here we go! Glad to read something new about Project X! It gets more exciting!

  9. Wow, don’t mess with them yoga girls. I think doing a mix of yoga and martial arts is a really good way to train your body in relaxation and self-defense. Cool story!

  10. Elaine says:

    The regular women in the group joked that Reisha should teach them how to protect themselves” What I think that, sometimes, when a woman is walking by a silent park, she might be more self-awareness herself.

  11. Misziele says:

    Great idea with the combat yoga, kinda like Shaolin Soccer. It would be great to have combat yoga classes in my city. Women need to learn self-defense.

  12. roisterous says:

    ‘Hunny’ might as well be spelled out correctly as: ‘Honey’. Also, some sort of punctuation belongs in the run on sentence in which Iurasia introduces herself. Otherwise, it’s an interesting plot.

  13. Javaria rashid says:

    cant wait for the next part!yoga is definitely refreshing and energizing.and thats true too the more the merrier!!

  14. Rebi says:

    Nice story line you have there!

  15. Rain Santos-Ocampo says:

    Combat yoga is so fresh! I never thought of it that way. I like the concept and I like the fact this one tackles ladies who can fight!

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