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So in our previous blog, “Why Should Gamers Start a Blog?” we talked about the reasons for gamers to start their own blog. OK, so have you made your mind to start a gaming blog? Thinking what to write about? We have a list of ideas and concepts for game bloggers that apparently only tips the surface of the broad range of topics we are sure that you will be inspired to write about once you get started.
One feature of game blogging that many new bloggers might not realize is that starting a blog is your chance to give your in-game character an opportunity to have a voice and you can grow upon the character you have created and love. Here are some recommended topics for your game blog:

Lists: Lists work best for blogs. What are your all-time favorite games? You can write about the best games for the month, year, or a specific period. These all make great lists to write about.

Walk-through: A walk-through is an accurate description of the gameplay with coordinates, screenshots, and maps to help new gamers in navigating and figuring out how to play. If you write a post of a walk-through of your favorite game, it can help other players not to get frustrated with the game easily, or get defeated too easily. New players really acknowledge walk-through because they might have given up on their game without your guidance.

Help Other Gamers Decide: You can choose to write a blog that helps other gamers decide what type of game is appropriate for them. They may not have the experience in playing different games like you. You can elaborate your experiences about what it is like to play on different platforms, consoles, and devices.

Free vs. Paid Games: Are the games worth their price? This can make an excellent blog post because mostly all gamers want to know about the worth of their games before paying as there are so many free games out there. You can write about the best free games. You can write separate posts for free games on different platforms such as video games, mobile games, or online versions.

Is Participating Worth It?: Some online games have various hunts for you to go on. Other online games give your character a chance to claim or participate in the game to gain levels, points, or in-game currency. You can write about if it is worth it to participate in such activities or not.

How to Join a Community: Many online games have communities that you can join. Community members can become friends, play together and can help each in their game. You can write about topics related to communities such as  “Best Games for Playing in Communities”, “Benefits of Joining a Community”, or tell your stories about the relationships you build with your community members.

Remember that a blog need not be written only in text. Add screenshots, images, and video of your gaming experiences so that your blog becomes rich with media and can engage your readers.

Do you have any inspiring ideas to start blogging? Let us know in the comments section or tweet us @essjay_ent!



19 thoughts on “Ideas for Game Bloggers

  1. Easton B. says:

    I have been meaning to start a game blog myself. These tips are really helpful. I’m still thinking of whether I will be sticking to one genre or multiple, one platform or varied…

  2. Wally W. says:

    Awesome advice! I’m not a game blogger but I have friends who are. These tips are definitely gonna help them out. Just to add, a game blogger must be able to make a unique online identity. I mean, there are already so many out there. Once you find one that you are comfortable with that really stands out, stick with it and roll from there!

  3. These are all very good ideas. Having one of these blogs would look good on a resume and be a good way for someone to stay active on social media.

  4. light Yagami says:

    Photos are definitely needed on this one. I mean its hard to imagine things as complex as this. I hope it will be modified.

  5. Jiffy Rando says:

    I am thinking of starting a blog while at school. This is really a big help thanks!!!!.

  6. Jumega says:

    Walk-throughs are very helpful, especially the screenshots. Sometimes I just have no idea what to do, I get stuck. I look for blogs with walkthroughs and study their strategy.

  7. Satish says:

    Cheat codes please! LOL! And lists too! Very helpful.

  8. Mau says:

    Great tips! And I agree that images and screenshots help a great deal especially on step-by-step guides. Things will look bland without them.

    BTW, I noticed that the link for “Why Should Gamers Start a Blog?” is wrong.

    1. You are a life saver! Thank you Mau.

  9. Maury Cheskes says:

    Very cool. I bet many people could benefit from walk-throughs and community invites. I think a blog could also do polls and questionnaires open to discussion on game preferences and interests.

  10. roisterous says:

    These really are good suggestions. Many people value the opinion of others, especially when the other is more knowledgeable about something than they are themselves. Sharing ideas, therefore, is profitable.

  11. Shiera Zero says:

    The ideas listed above could be a very good start for new gamer bloggers. I frequently uses walk-through to help me with obstacles and I do appreciate it a lot.

  12. iis says:

    The Lists..!!!
    It definitely will help. Because for me, I get bored of the same game after playing it for 3-4 months in a row. So I’m gonna need a list of game that I’d play for one period, say 3 months. I usually play 2-3 games in a period, before get rid of them. I’m not an addict player, i’m not addicted to any game. I play just for fun though, to kill time. So only free games would work for me. But joining a community would be good choice too, I know a bit of many games.

  13. Rain Santos-Ocampo says:

    It’s good that you have these tips for budding game bloggers so that they are aware of how to start one that would entice readers like me. I do agree with your list and I like reading blogs that have good points in them.

  14. Rebi says:

    Very helpful article! This website really gives worth reading articles!

  15. Therese Marie Y. Baguio says:

    I totally agree about placing images, maps, and actual videos on your blog to help your readers. I most agree on starting a community to start building relationships with gamers and other game bloggers to exchange information on popular games and game-related topics.

  16. Godofredo says:

    Thank you for these tips! I’m thinking of starting a blog, but I am in no way a long-time hardcore gamer. So I think lists will be ok as I will also be soliciting ideas from my readers. Thanks again!

  17. Yusuf Al-Wasabi says:

    I think a walkthrough will work for me. Because I myself am looking for blogs for game cheats and shortcuts! LOL!

  18. I only made my mind about starting writing (again) this year, so I’m very very rusty.
    This is was an interesting read for me and I’ll take some things into account 🙂

    Good job!

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