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Importance Of Video Sound Design. Presented by Saljack Enterprises. Gaming. Media & Entertainment.

Video game sound design is very necessary while creating the game. It is the art of producing and adding audio elements to a video game. This means building entire libraries of custom sound effects to deliver the game a sense of uniqueness and realism. The sound effects must then be executed properly to the images that will be viewed by the player. Those who had experience with the game’s audio that does not work correctly, such as a dialogue or a silent explosion, knows the importance of sound effects.

The Importance of Video Game Audio

It only takes a few seconds while playing your favorite game on mute to understand how important sound is when it comes to imagining a captivating experience. Sound effects are there to make the virtual characters, stories, and worlds we are playing come alive. Much like television shows and films, music is also crucial in video games and is often one of the most relevant elements of our favorite titles. After a long time just hearing the soundtracks of games that made up our childhood awesome can fill you with joy and nostalgia. Music is a very powerful tool when it comes to stimulating emotion from players, whether it’s an atmospheric horror title, or a dramatic story moment.

Roles & Responsibilities of a Video Game Sound Designer

A sound designer is a person who produces and manipulates audio components for the game. The role of a sound designer in the gaming industry is very much similar to that of the television production and filmmaking. If there were no one to create the sound effects for a game, everyone would have to use the current sounds.

The purpose of the sound designer is to work together with the animation and design team to design rich audio that completely fits in the virtual experience that is being developed. Games are interactive and thus do not have fixed music and sound.

This means that the sound designer needs to create several layers of audio that match the player’s preferences and movement. He needs to make sure that each music track and sound effect is suitable for what is taking place on-screen.

Video game sound designers also need to collaborate with composers to help produce and edit music for the game. Since many composers are outsourced, it is the sound designer’s duty to make sure they understand the concept of the game and what music direction is needed for the particular game.

The primary responsibility of sound designers includes the testing of the game during the last stages of development to develop any audio mistakes or bugs.

All the work of a sound designer is done on computers. Various computer applications and programs are needed to manipulate, create, and store sound effects for games. Nowadays different tools are available for sound designers to take advantage of. While most applications cost money to use, there are a plenty of free tools to use out there.

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19 thoughts on “Importance Of Video Sound Design

  1. spliced2017 says:

    Foley is loads of fun to do. I spent half of last year replacing the sound in a well known game with my own recorded Foley and music for a university assignment. I combined various sounds and ended up with fantastic results and it had the added bonus of being an amazingly fun creative process. Currently I use two programs to managed and integrate sound into game engines – FMOD and WWISE. Both are powerful tools which are incredibly versatile and produce great results. Interesting thing with video game sounds is that it is very different to film as it is non linear and adaptive. Film follows a very predictable linear time line – game play does not. Sound can honestly make or break a game in my mind.

  2. Maury Cheskes says:

    You’d be amazed at what they use to make punching noises in movies or video games. I saw this documentary for Lucasfilm and they’ll take the noise of a whip plummeting a bunch of other objects or the sounds a fist makes when it pounds raw meat.

  3. Fifi says:

    Hats off to video game sound designers. They’re doing the Lord’s work. Their job seems so hard but they do it with so much love and passion. I really salute them!

  4. Carlton says:

    Sound makes the world go round. What good is a game without any background music or sound effects. Sucks!

  5. Marla says:

    I made a one-minute video on Instagram with matching background music and omg it took me more than half a day to finish it! It took me a long time because I have to match the beat of the music to the movement of the people in my video (some parts of it were dance). And the time it took to look for the perfect background music…what if you have a thousand songs on your playlist?!? I had to edit the video frame-by-frame! Ugh! So I have so much respect for sound design engineers…you guys are the bomb!

  6. Koreen says:

    Yeah, video game sound effects ain’t different from tv or movies. but I think video games are harder because the player’s every move has sound effects. In tv or movies, the sound effects are fixed when you view it. But when you play a game, you can have different sound effects with our every move!

  7. Sina says:

    So how much do sound engineers get paid? I might want to enter into this field being that I found out I have perfect pitch!

  8. Elaine says:

    “Video game sound designers also need to collaborate with composers to help produce and edit music for the game” What I think that, the importance of video game sound designers might strengthen sound track of video games. It might increase the motion of the games.

  9. Rodney says:

    So is it best to create the music yourself or should you license the music, sample the music or flat out buy the music?

  10. DaMan says:

    I think the most important sounds in video games are the sound effects, not so much the music. Sure music really helps to set the mood, but if you’re own a low budget you might be able to get away with just using some well-timed sound effects.

  11. Thomas Miles says:

    “While most applications cost money to use, there are a plenty of free tools to use out there.” Can you recommend any free tools? I sure would appreciate it:)

  12. Monica P. says:

    The sound is what creates the emotional undertone of the scenes and characters. Just like in the movies. A game would be a drag without good sounds.

  13. Mau says:

    I’m sure there are games which are ok to play without sounds but sounds always give an additional something to video games. In general, it helps to move the stories further along and it also gives players a more memorable experience.

    1. Terry says:

      I don’t name of any video games without sound. Name one.

  14. Whitney says:

    You’re right! Video sound design is really important. After all, visual imagery and sound go hand in hand.

  15. Rebi says:

    I wonder how to create a sound in games. Where do they get their resources. there’s probably lots of applications to use though.

    1. For most sound designers their main resources are a quality audio recorder, a good ear and a creative mind. That and a bunch of random objects to make sounds with. A great deal of sound design is taking simple recordings of things and layering them or manipulating them in various ways to create unique sounds. For example to make the world famous lightsaber sound from Star Wars, Ben Burtt recorded the hum of a tube transistor / transformer and layered it with a few other electrical sounding elements. And to get the doppler effect whoosh when they wave the sabres around they took the layered electrical hum sound, played it through a speaker and recorded the sound by waving a microphone around the speaker matched with the movement of the sabre on screen. A bit of processing and the end result is one of the most iconic sound design elements in cinema.

  16. Kitz says:

    Very informative! Sound is really very important to video games as it makes the game more interactive. And it should synchronize with the action in the game or else it won’t make sense.

  17. yisiung says:

    SFX is super important in video games imo, I am a gamer that favors action, fighting, hack and slash genre, and I know that I will be super pissed if the hit detection does not sync well with the SFX sound. For example usually in fighting game I don’t just depend on the visual to pull off a good combo, I also listen to the sound of me hitting my opponent as my next cue, especially those fighting games that requires a perfect timing to pull off a hard combo. And sometimes SFX can added the satisfaction when landing a hit on the opponent too. For example I am pretty sure those who have played the Art of Fighting 1 will recognize the joy when you play as Ryo, landing that dragon punch and hearing the blow connects perfectly.

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