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BOOK 3, P4: A War is Coming - The Foes Among Us. Presented by Saljack Enterprises. Gaming. Media & Entertainment.

“I cannot stress enough that these offspring of the now departed superheroes possess great power and in the wrong hands could prove catastrophic to our plans.” continued Mr. Smith.

Hey everyone! Today we continue with the fourth part of book 3. Hope you enjoy!

“We are fighting to save the city and the hybrids from the devils we know and the devils that we don’t know” Mr. Smith began. “Each of these groups will be actively trying to capture and use the hybrid we have here at our facility and any others that they become aware of. Our latest Intel is aware of at least one other hybrid that until recently was detained at the government facility at Groom Lake. As of yesterday he escaped and his whereabouts are unknown. It is paramount that we find him and bring him here before he is found by someone else. I cannot stress enough that these offspring of the now departed superheroes possess great power and in the wrong hands could prove catastrophic to our plans.”

President-elect Carver leaned over and whispered in Warren Goldstein’s ear, “Your man isn’t much for sugar coating the situation is he Warren?” Warren looked at the soon to be leader of the free world and simply stated, “We don’t have time to beat around the bush Ron. Crud is about to hit the fan, and we don’t want to be caught in the downdraft, besides Mr. Smith is only telling it as it is.”

Mr. Smith pointed to the four pictures up on the screen.

“First the devils we know. The five families. Each has a vested interest in acquiring the hybrids and taking over the city. We know the heads of each family and most of their lieutenants but not the full extent of their operations and manpower. As always, we need to keep an eye on them as they are bound to try to take out our recruits if given the opportunity. The second devil we know is the Triad conglomerate; again they will relish the chance to stand in our way at every occasion. We currently have the heads of each gang under surveillance and are assessing their full capabilities. Thirdly we have the Inner Circle. This is a group of current and ex-military, politicians and big bankers not unlike us in some ways. The main difference is that this group represents the status quo. Even in a crumbling country those in power want to keep it and have been known in the past to achieve that goal by any means necessary. We don’t have all of their names as of yet, but we can see them being a deep possible threat to our mandate going forward.”

Mr. Smith locked eyes with President- elect Carver.

“Sir, with all due respect I am uncomfortable with your attendance here today and suspicious of how you became aware of us in the first place. I do however take solace in the fact that until the election you have never been a part of the power regime that has run this country for the last two decades. If you support our mission, I want to know I can count on you to help fill in the names of the blank faces that make up this group without letting them know of our existence. It is like the old saying, ‘Keep your friends close and your enemies closer but be sure that your enemies don’t kick you in that ass when you’re not looking.’ I trust that we are in agreeance on this point going forward?”

The President-elect rose from his chair, “Please, call me Ron. As I said when I walked in, I am only here to help. How I got wind of this rodeo is not important. What is important is that everyone in this room is on the same page of the same playbook. You need me to gather intel; you got it. You need me to keep a lid on this operation, and I need to be sure that if the need arises, I can deny any knowledge of your group, so it seems to me like a win-win. Please carry on Mr. Smith…by the way now that we are on a first name basis, what’s yours?” President- elect Carver asked as he sat back down.

“Thank you, Ron, for your support, you can call me Mr. Smith.”

President- elect Carver once again leaned over and whispered in Warren’s ear, “Dang your man is headstrong isn’t he Warren, I kind of like ‘em, though” he chuckled.

Mr. Smith continued with his presentation.

“Now for the devil, we don’t know. There have been rumblings in the intelligence community for several years now about a psychotic scientist and his equally psychotic wife, but to date, they have not been found; only the bodies they are leaving behind. Now generally a deranged serial killer or two is not considered a sizable threat to an operation such as this. A psycho usually has no set agenda other that his or her personal goals and typically work alone and in the shadows. What is truly terrifying to me is the idea of a coalition of psychopaths. There has been chatter that this evil genius, scientist, whatever you want to call him has been working towards amassing a sizable army of some of the worst deranged human beings that grace the planet. If one serial killer can do as much damage as they do, just imagine what an army of them can accomplish. We don’t know how or why he is doing it, but we know he is. To add to our concern, it is believed he is genetically experimenting on humans and may have successfully paired animal and human DNA. We also have it on reasonably reliable authority that he is actively seeking to obtain a hybrid to aid in whatever his plan is. Honestly, I believe this may be our largest and most severe threat going forward. I have sent out an advance team to locate our recruits and will be joining them at 06:00 tomorrow morning to bring them all in. We don’t have the luxury of time on our side ladies and gentlemen. It is time to get to work.”

(To be continued…)

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13 thoughts on “BOOK 3, P4: A War is Coming – The Foes Among Us

  1. Maury Cheskes says:

    Looks like the plot is really thickening. Can’t wait to see how the next chapter unfolds. Good job.

  2. Reina says:

    Wow! I didn’t know that Lucas and Dylan are sons of departed superheroes. That explains why they have extraordinary powers. I wish I was the daughter of a superhero lololol…

  3. Rina says:

    Our champions are having a full plate! What with all those groups trying to kidnap Dylan the hybrid. Good luck to them!

  4. Jennica says:

    Are we getting a backstory on the other evil groups as well? They sound very interesting! But I want some action ASAP too! This is getting boring…

  5. Cordelia says:

    Wow aside from the mad scientist there are other evil groups? This is very, very exciting! Can we move on to the next story please?

  6. Griffin says:

    I like Mr. Smith, he is very reliable and honest. However, I wonder why he doesn’t want to reveal his first name. Why is he keeping it a secret even from Pres. Carver?

  7. Mau says:

    Hoping to see more action from the heroes and villains soon! I like this installment; the plot is coming together nicely.

  8. Ji Sook says:

    Uh-oh… it looks like Lucas has escaped. What will happen to him? I hope he doesn’t fall into the hands of the enemy.

  9. roisterous says:

    This is truly interesting stuff, as far as the general plot is concerned. I did notice one typo, though it’s not painfully distracting or anything like that.

    1. Thanks to you we were able to correct not one but two typos! 🙂 Thank you roisterous for your feedback!

  10. Amanda says:

    Wow, I’m really starting to like Mr. Smith. I’m surprised the President didn’t say anything when he replied back like that.

  11. Rebi says:

    That’s a new revelation. There are two psycho and they are couples! This is really good if converted to games. Mystery and problem solving.

  12. Aggie says:

    Very gripping narrative! I wonder who the psychotic scientist and his equally psychotic wife are? Are they Nathan and Dr. Zu?

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