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Top 10 Vexation Of Game Designers. Presented by Saljack Enterprises. Gaming. Media & Entertainment.

Unless you are the chief King or Queen of Zen, the little things are going to come up every once in a while, which are going to make your ears squeak out some steam and your eye twitch. Find out some of the vexations that get the game designers and developers going:

  1. The Mystery Bug – This is when you are sure and absolutely confident that you have entered everything correctly. You entered every line carefully, diligently, precisely the way it was supposed to be entered, so why is it not functioning the way it is supposed to? Due to this, you start from the beginning again or just comb through every space and character of the code for more than one time so that you can root out the error. If you get lucky, you might find out the error, or else you would have to begin all the code from the beginning again.
  2. The Phantom Bug – Sometimes, you can get every single character of code correct and still have an issue. Sometimes the code itself is fine, but along with the other lines of code, it causes things to misbehave. You just don’t understand how to get it working.
  3. The Color Mismatch – The close enough approach does not work for programmers, they need to pick up the colors that right and find that one only when they are designing a game.
  4. People Talking as If They Know All – When a game designer puts something out, they are going to read the comments. And that is, all of them. Nothing grinds the game-design-gears like the non-game developers and the non-game designers complaining about the game design and the game development. After all, what do they know about creating a game?
  5. Nobody Else Wants to Play – You spend tens of hours minimally, if not hundreds, developing a little game baby that we know would be the perfect thing of all time. Except you keep putting a lot of time in and you start to wonder if anyone else would want to play this? So, you set up a demo game and get some people to test it. And No! No one else wishes to play it. In the end, you know you wasted your time on a game that doesn’t cut it on the fun scale.
  6. When You Don’t Feel Like Playing Your Own Game – Well, a much worse thing than others not wanting to play your game is you not wanting to play it yourself. You have put days of efforts in the game. But since you don’t want to play it you set it on fire. No! Well, it is still okay since you have to fail to get somewhere.
  7. A Code That Has No Comments – Sometimes you write a code down to finish it up fast without comments. But when you need to get it cross-checked or given further, that is where the trouble comes in. Code without any implication of what it does or why it is there is a dangerous waste of everyone’s time. At times the game is small enough by which you can easily get away with it. Other times, there is absolutely no excuse!
  8. Vague Instructions – “Listen, we’re thinking aliens. And they should be any color. And they should be a strong enemy. But not too tough! That is, not as tough as the robot aliens. Now, what are the robot aliens? You would know later on, but yeah, not as tough as them. But still, tough! And a color, too! Do not forget that color we talked about.” Instructions like these are virtually no help at all. A much clearer direction works much better. Stick with clear instructions.
  9. The Unmotivated – You got an awesome project and a lovely office. The office even has an office dog, which is cute! But you are the only one that puts in the efforts, so things move slowly and you are left picking up a lot of slack. You need to whip those slackers in shape!
  10. The Learning Curve – The new technology that comes out is always excellent, except that you are going to have to take some actual effort to climb your way up there, even if it is a mercilessly steep learning curve which comes with most new technologies! It sucks during the climb, but keep in mind how sweet it is to reach the top and be the master in the tech.

Are you a game designer or do you want to be one? Do not get frightened by the above pet peeves, but take it as a challenge to come out as an expert! Comment here on any other pet peeves that you can think of that was missed in the above points.




16 thoughts on “Top 10 Vexation Of Game Designers

  1. Amy says:

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  2. Karen B. says:

    Every cooked a dish that you did not want to ear? Sounds very similar to point number six 🙂 It does happen when you get very excited and then halfway through you’re like oh god what am I doing LOL

  3. Rasha says:

    These vexations are indeed very frustrating to all the game designers. I think everyone can agree that the mystery bug is the most annoying one.

  4. Reilly says:

    The mystery bug, yes the mystery bug! Arrrgh, I can totally relate to this one.

  5. They key is to breath. If you don’t like the project your working on right now, then you can always move onto the next one. Spreading out the work and having someone to collaborate with also makes a huge difference.

  6. Maripi says:

    I hate #1! I’m very OC and I won’t stop until I find that one kink that’s bugging my program! I end up writing it all over again.

  7. Britney says:

    I get it, developers get frustrated because nobody wants to play their games. There is a disconnect between what they like and what you can offer. Being the “maker” you should meet your potential customers halfway. Offer something that customers will enjoy even if it is something very basic like Tetris. Then you can up the ante by releasing a new version that’s harder or incorporate new challenges. That’s how Angry Birds developed.

  8. Venn says:

    I am an aspiring game designer so I can really relate to this. Sometimes, I get so frustrated that I feel like throwing the computer out of the window. 🙂

  9. Aleksandr says:

    I feel your frustrations! It sucks when you’ve devoted so much time developing/creating something and then nobody even takes a second look at it! So the question is: passion or profit? Are you gonna create something to make money or make different versions of say, Angry Birds, because you like birds even if nobody wants to play it anymore?

    1. Darwin says:

      That’s true if nobody takes time to look or play about your game. How would you profit then?

  10. Imelda says:

    Vexation…wow…big word! LOL! I hate going through codes line by line. It’s like finding a needle in a haystack! I would rather do it all over again!

    1. Mark Anthony says:

      I know right. What a big word. These are hindrance for game developers out there.

  11. Maury Cheskes says:

    I’m not a game designer, but I like the bit on the learning curve and I think that applies to every job. I also think it’s important to be motivated about what you do especially if you’re designing games. Games are all about having a good time exploring your creativity and letting your imagination run wild, so I think it would be pretty hard not to enjoy the work that goes in.

  12. Mau says:

    I am not a game designer but I know how to do programming so I could relate. One thing that bothers me sometimes is when other people report a bug but didn’t provide supporting details. It’s hard to troubleshoot when you couldn’t recreate the problem! Coding is hard work but you always feel proud once you finished project.

  13. Misha says:

    O man you dont know how many times I had the ‘phantom bug’ o god! I pull my hair out just like the guy in your picture. Sometime it make me feel like I am not the expert in the program language because it is so hard to debug. Sometime it feel like only a miracle can help me. But when it happen and I resolve then it feel soooooooo goood! Great article and please post more like this.

  14. Australian Guy says:

    HAHAHA nice one mate! Yes those are so true yet comic the way it’s put. Great job!

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