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BOOK 3, P2: A War is Coming- Our President Elect. Presented by Saljack Enterprises. Gaming. Media & Entertainment.

“Next up we have…” Mr. Smith stopped in mid sentence as a tall, slender man in a blue suit and white cowboy hat entered the room. Warren Goldstein jumped up abruptly from his chair and headed towards the man.

Hello again and thank you again for the superb feedback! You, our fans, are helping to shape the Project-X stories and our final product. Today we continue with the second part of book 3. I hope you enjoy!

Mr. Smith focused his steely blue stare at the group seated around the table in front of him. Even in a room filled with the brightest minds in their fields, he possessed an air of authority that demanded their wholly undivided attention.

“I know that you are all here because you are the very best at what you do” he started. “But even the best of the best are only as good as the tools they use to accomplish their goals. Give a championship racer a junk heap of a car and he will finish last. Give a world class chef a piece of rotten meat, and he will prepare you a bad meal. Give an elite group of people trying to save the world a bunch of run of the mill recruits, and they will fail. Every time.”

Mr. Smith surveyed the room.

“The recruits that I have chosen were selected on three distinct criteria. Number one is an ability to fight. Each one is a master of a different martial arts discipline which will act as the cornerstone for further training. Number two is moral fiber. Each one has the essential character most of us, even in this room, would only hope to aspire to. Their sense of responsibility to themselves, and to the world as a whole, is beyond reproach. Number three is a will to survive. Perseverance and fortitude will be tested going forward, and we need recruits that know what it means to never give up.”

He turned to the screen on the wall and continued.

“I have been researching the following people for the last three years without them being aware of it and feel that they are the best possible recruits to help us achieve our goals. The first recruit is Travour.”

The groups’ gaze shifted upwards to the picture of a massive specimen of a man in the center of a ring towering over the bruised carcass of an even larger opponent.

“Travour is 250 pounds of pure beast. He is hungry to succeed for all the right reasons, most importantly, to help those he cares about. He has had it rough, and he has persevered incredibly well. The strength he brings to the team is, quite simply, his strength.”

The next recruit popped up on the screen.

“Iurasia is not only a gifted martial artist, but she has an incredibly eclectic personality. She is well rounded and knowledgeable in several areas. Her background as an orphan has given her a unique perspective on the world and taught her to be a survivor. The strength she brings to the team is her ability to think outside the box and come up with unique solutions to almost any problem or obstacle she faces.”

Brajjit’s face was next to arrive on the screen.

“Brajjit was born with an inner strength that few have. He lived hand to mouth from his infancy and was raised by a single mother who instilled a commendable sense of morality. The strength he brings to the team is his lightning quick speed combined with his formidable size.”

Reisha graced the screen next.

“Reisha is a highly decorated TaeKwondo champion with a heart of gold. She will provide a steady hand to the team. Her experience as a mother and slightly more mature demeanor will serve as the teams guiding hand if things go south during one of their assignments.”

“Next up we have…” Mr. Smith stopped in mid sentence as a tall, slender man in a blue suit and white cowboy hat entered the room. Warren Goldstein jumped up abruptly from his chair and headed towards the man.

“President-elect Carver, we…ah…weren’t expecting…umm” he squirmed to find the words.

“Relax Warren. I just thought I would pop in and see what you folks were up to out here” he said in a thick Georgia drawl. The President-elect scanned the astonished faces around the room. “Howdy. I am of the belief that all of you here share a common goal with myself. To make our country great again. Its time to take our country back and it seems you are starting here in New York. As of now, I am the only one in my newly forming administration that knows that you even exist and I plan on keeping it that way. If word got out that I was supporting a group of newly trained crime fighters in their attempt to rid New York of the seedier element that has taken over, people might think I was acting a little heavy handed, and we certainly don’t want that” he said with a wry smile.

With that, he motioned to Mr. Smith at the front of the room. “Well come on Mr. Smith, as they say on the farm, giddy up. Let’s see who we have and who we are up against.”

(To be continued…)

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20 thoughts on “BOOK 3, P2: A War is Coming- Our President Elect

  1. I think in this day and age we could use a meeting like this. Let’s hope our CIA officials have some kids and vigilantes with mind bending super powers.

  2. Raphael Fabella says:

    From what i’ve read so far here, this seems to be a decent story in terms of plot. Can’t say too much about the characters because I could not read their personalities by just a brief summary from some dossier file. It seems kinda like the Marvel’s The Defenders, which is definitely a good thing.

  3. Venn says:

    Why did they keep the President elect in the dark? Are they afraid he might not like their plan? The President of the United States deserves to know everything.

  4. Rebi says:

    I wanted to read this whole thing from the start. I probably am late now.

  5. Doreen says:

    Well, not much action in this story. Let’s move on where we see our champions kick some ass! As the new president said, giddy up!

  6. Mansoor says:

    Howdy! LOL! I wonder if this President-elect is better than Trump! Anyways, why are you guys floating the idea that Jonni is gay? Nowhere in the back stories did I read about his sexuality. I wouldn’t mind if he is, though.

  7. Maury Cheskes says:

    Can’t wait for the next chapter. I feel like there’s gonna be an earth battle of epic proportions. I like that Mr. Smith picked out his crew based on their moral fibre as well as their fighting capabilities.

  8. Shao Kahn says:

    The gathering of crime fighters called the champions to fight a group of villains…? Honestly reading this story reminds me of mortal kombat lol. I got a feeling that this story will used as the base story of a fighting game 🙂

  9. Mau says:

    Now I’m curious why they are rounding these people up. Why exactly are they being recruited and who are they up against. I’m pretty sure they’ll be going against The Professor’s team but some pieces are still missing…

  10. Tippi says:

    So far, we have known four of the recruits. I hope the rest of the recruits will be revealed in the next installment. Also, I like President-elect Carver. He seems very supportive of their plans…

  11. Peters says:

    Is Mr. Smith his real name? I’m fascinated by this guy even though he isn’t a hero or a villain. I feel no one really knows who he is, and we’ll later find out he’s a major player in these stories.

  12. gimp says:

    i love war stories is this a game?

  13. baloobear says:

    Nice artwork! Interesting story building up for the good versus evil action. You guys can definitely make this into a manga!

  14. jia p says:

    great build up i likeeeeee =} i want read the hero in action

  15. Steve says:

    Man I am torn between Travour and Jonni. Jonni isn’t straight right? I mean he’s gay right? That’s how I understood him from his story with Analia. I like both the guys but I’m leaning more towards Travour for his size and beast mode hahaha.

    1. baja h says:

      baloni lol Reisha has the more power! she will destroy all the male hero and villain because she is power of yoga. You will see it!

    2. aj says:

      Waaat? Jonni is gay?? I guess it’s possible since he’s so good looking. Many good looking guys are gay or bi.

    3. Malone Bowen says:

      Wait wait wait, no where in any story does it say that Jonni is gay. That’s your opinion and you should state it as such.

  16. Shawnee says:

    Great job on this story and now I am hooked too lol I like the reference to real day politics too. Let’s see where the story is going!

  17. ted says:

    Very interesting story!

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