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Tips To Crack Your Gaming Job Interview. Presented by Saljack Enterprises. Gaming. Media & Entertainment.

Are you a college graduate looking for jobs in the gaming industry? The competition in this industry is only increasing day by day.So if you are going to give an interview at a game studio, you should be well prepared. Below are some of the best tips for any aspiring game developer on the hunt for their next job in this competitive and growing industry.

  1. Don’t Overdress: Unlike most other tech-dependent companies where employees have their desks, game developers normally have a laid back culture. But this doesn’t mean people work for their shorts and nothing else, but you’ll hardly see anybody wearing a suit and tie. So, showing up overdressed will show that you’re not acquainted with the industry, which is never a good thing.
  2. Research About The Company Background: You’re not likely to be hired by a developer if you’re not even familiar with the type of work they do. This doesn’t mean you have to be an expert at it, but you should be prepared to prove that you do have an interest in the developer’s current games.
  3. Sell Yourself: No matter what type of question you are asked by the interviewer, always take it as a chance to prove why you’re the perfect choice for their job. This means connecting your answers with your education, career accomplishments, or relevant experience and projects. The whole motive of the interview is to get to know you, so try talking about yourself without overdoing it.
  4. Prepare For A Test: The recruiter will usually tell you if the interview will include some test. Tests are usually given for game design, writing, and programming positions, so do your online research to understand out what they consist of.
  5. Relax!: The best way to be more confident and relaxed is by preparing well, so you’re not hit with any unexpected questions that may make your body language reveal your nervousness. Feel free to take a deep breath and assemble yourself whenever necessary.
  6. Don’t Lie: Making games is quite challenging, which means people will assume you to work well under pressure if you say you excel under it. So being honest is normally the safest route.
  7. Be On Time: Prefer going fifteen to twenty minutes prior the decided time. This particularly applies to the gaming job hunters since it determines that you are both timely and responsible, which are the two important virtues in the fast-paced and schedule dependent world of game development.
  8. A Sincere Interest In The Company’s Games: If you are applying for a company whose games you have already played and enjoy them, you’ll surely stand out if you can express your true enthusiasm for them. If you’ve never played their game titles before then, pick one up and play it before the interview or at least watch gameplay videos online surely.

Have you recently gone for a gaming interview? Share your experience with us in the comments section!




28 thoughts on “Tips To Crack Your Gaming Job Interview

  1. mmball says:

    Researching about the company background is a must. It’s hard to sell one’s self if you have no idea what services the company is providing and what the industry is all about. Besides, it will also help you gauge if you’ll enjoy the job.

  2. Venn says:

    I agree with the writer. Honesty is definitely the best policy. It’s okay to go the extra mile to impress the interviewer but always remember to stick to the facts.

  3. Milagrosa says:

    We all get nervous with job interviews, You have to keep in mind that it is you who will set the tone of the interview, If you come in overconfident and eager to please your interviewer, he/she will press for more questions, and harder ones too! But if you come across as relaxed, chill and laid-back, your interviewer might engage you in an informal discussion of anything under the sun!

  4. Ogolu says:

    These are very helpful tips! And in the comments as well, more helpful ones too! I’m a junior software developer and I can say that I had the most nerve-wracking interview ever. I was prepared with game development questions but I was caught off guard when the interviewer asked for my opinion on hardware design! Damn I didn’t know there are disciples of Jony Ive in the gaming industry! LOL!

  5. Tatiana says:

    I think the gaming industry is more laid-back (or the tech industry in general). Unless if you’re applying for an executive post, interviews can be informal. What you need to do is impress them with your programming skills. And show them something original, your own creation. That will get them hooked.

  6. Imogen says:

    Hey, think about what questions they will ask you! Make a list of possible questions then answer them!. Even better, compile your answers, put them in a paragraph, and voila! You now have a terrific response to the generic question, “Tell me more about yourself” and your interviewer will find that you have already answered most if not all of his follow-up questions!

  7. Moz says:

    Preparing a portfolio is also a very key tool for success. I think having prior knowledge of the company’s goals and target audience is also very important.

  8. Lola says:

    When I was fresh out of college, I used to be really bad at gaming job interviews. My mind would go blank and my palms would become very sweaty. However, I became better at it as time passed by.

  9. Kitz says:

    It is just so cool that in this environment, nobody overdress. It just feels comfortable to be with this people. Be yourself, relax, and sell yourself. Great tips from this article.

  10. Fiona says:

    What are your mad skills that the next interviewee don’t have? Companies look for out-of-this-world talent, others will look at your experience. Although not necessarily part of the question-and-answer portion, your interviewer might ask you to demonstrate or test your abilities. Other companies will set this at a different time.

  11. Veronica says:

    I think most people tend to forget this question: What can you bring into the company? You should cover this point when you talk about yourself (Tip #3 Sell yourself). The company will want to know why they will hire you. So aside from discussing your long list of accomplishments, you might want to discuss how your talent and skills can be of use to the company.

    1. Darwin says:

      That’s a great point. I think that is one of the important questions that should be answered by an applicant.

  12. Maury Cheskes says:

    That sounds like some pretty sound advice. Yeah, I feel like I’d feel really lame trying to pretend I’m a gamer if I’m dressed in slacks and corduroys. I feel like having some role models might be a good thing to talk about in the interview also.

    1. Summer says:

      You got a point. If feels like if you are in a suit, you definitely have the vibe that you are not a gamer hehe.

    2. Malone Bowen says:

      Great point Maury.

  13. Rebi says:

    Wow great tips! if I would be applying one day this is very helpful in the future!

  14. Rakanishu says:

    One tips from me if you want to stand out among the other candidate, choose the game that the studio create, and list the bug that the game has. Criticize the game politely and show them how you plan to fix the bug if you are the one who is entrusted to do so. I don’t guarantee this will get you the job, but in my opinion this is the fastest way to show the studio that you are really interested in helping them, and that you are not just in it for the money.

  15. amy19 says:

    These tips are really helpful. I would like to add two more:-
    1. Have a game idea/ theme ready, as they could always ask you for one. It could even be a technique that could make current games even better
    2. Ensure that your game or idea is different and has something new to offer.

  16. Mau says:

    I agree with the pointers above. It’s always a good thing to have a sincere interest in the games of the company and the gaming industry in general. Otherwise you’ll not enjoy working under the company for long and this not only affects you but the company as well.

  17. Mae says:

    Very helpful tips not only for the gaming industry but across any industries. It would also help if you will just be yourself during the interview. It will make you less agitated and nervous. Also prepare a few questions for your interviewer. It would also show you’re really interested with the company and the position.

  18. Jao says:

    Thanks for sharing these tips! I have an interview next week and I’m really nervous about it. I hope I will do fine.

  19. Rruchi Shrimalli says:

    Good tips but not that great actually, except for the first one perhaps. These job interview tips are good enough for ‘any’ job, not just the gaming industry. For the gaming industry related job interview, I would want to know some real interview questions asked to gamers while getting hired, and their probable answers too.

    1. baloobear says:

      Yes but you will be surprised how many people still don’t know these common sense things. I’m glad they put this list together even though yes, most apply to any job in general.

  20. Kristel says:

    Wow! This really contains good information. I’m pretty sure this is helpful to everyone looking for a job… even when it is not related to gaming… still this is helpful. Knowing what to do and being prepared is very much important in interviews.

  21. Ricardo says:

    I like that in gaming companies you don’t need to over dress. That is the kind of place I want to be in.

  22. Myles says:

    The tips are just like what you do with a normal job hunting process. Thank you for informing us about it.

  23. Raleigh says:

    Job interviews are all the same, regardless of the industry. Just be prepared for job-specific questions. In this case, it would be related to gaming: development, programming, storyboard, market conditions, etc. It is very important that you be honest, especially with your experience. An examination or demonstration of your skills will follow so you have to be consistent and honest.

  24. Saleh says:

    Great tips! And I can say these things apply to ANY job interview. Remember: they may be “getting to know” you in the interview, but you should also do your research first before going to that interview. Know more about the company as much as you can so you will know what to expect.

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