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Strategies For Unique Video Game Ideas. Presented by Saljack Enterprises. Gaming. Media & Entertainment.

Want to start your first game? Let’s go! What? Don’t you know where to start? Trying to design your very first game can be quite daunting. But, it is also one of the finest ways to get better at your craft.  Here is a list of six approaches you can take to help generate great video game ideas.

  1. Pick a Genre and Work with It: There are a collection of genres out there. Some have been around for a long time, and for a valid reason. Think about your favorites. Whether it’s FPS, RTS, or a racing genre, you have many options! Try sticking to a particular genre and running with it. You will definitely come up with good ideas when you restrict yourself to one game genre.
  2. Pick a Niche and Make a Hit: Have you tried the genre exercise? So was it enough? This option will take your exercise to the next level. Instead of picking a game genre, select a niche too. Instead of just RTS, it can be a fantasy-driven RTS. Maybe instead of a racing game, you may think of a sci-fi racing game. See what happens when you limit yourself even more!
  3. Observe the World: The world is an incredibly amazing place. And there are a lot of unusual people in it. And sometimes these people can give you really good ideas! Watch out what’s going on around you. Start paying attention to people’s interactions with the world. Does anything stand out? Would any of it make a good game?
  4. Ask people what they like to play: Sometimes you need to ask for help. Don’t be so scared of losing your idea to anyone, if you come up with something all on your own. Ask people about their choices in video games! They might have some really good ideas, and if you can deliver it for them, you’d be a hero.
  5. Ideaphoria: Close your research and take out some time to write down every single idea that pops into your head. Don’t control it. If you think it, write it down. Don’t judge it! Don’t consider it! Just put everything that’s in your mind down on the paper. Every single word, every single idea, every inkling of thought must find its way onto your page. Then review it once you are done. They might be pages with golden ideas. At the very least, you’ll have a direction and some space for something serious in your brain. Hence, you can do some real thinking.
  6. Game Time: The last one is action-oriented and straightforward. Start making your games. Even if you aren’t in love with an idea behind it, you will be able to see what works and what doesn’t. You’ll be challenged, inspired, pushed, and irritated through several points. But the main thing is you’ll be creating. And once you start creating, you gain involvement in a process that you can’t pick up or learn from the sidelines.

Have we left any point? Let us know your game plan in the comments section!




22 thoughts on “Strategies For Unique Video Game Ideas

  1. Marie says:

    Great post! Game design is very challenging but it can be a fulfilling hobby. Thanks for this.

  2. Leila says:

    Since Pokemon and Super Mario have made the leap to mobile, I’d like to know which 80s or 90s games would you like to reinvent, given the chance? And how can you make it unique using the tips above?

  3. Kath says:

    There’s probably a million games out there — mobile and console. So how do you stand out? R&D might be such a big concept to grasp, but it’s the same as tips 3&4. Once you’ve already gathered data from your market research, you can now tweak your game to make it unique!

  4. Lola says:

    I can so relate to this. I have several ideas for a zombie survival game but I’m too shy to share them with my friends. They might just laugh at my ideas.

  5. Kristel says:

    I like the tips here. Creating anything really needs patience and imagination. Always start it even with the smallest idea you have and keep a track on it. Write it down whenever you think of something or observe something.

  6. Mark Anthony says:

    Thank you for the tips. Those tips are very helpful for you to start doing your unique video game. I like this article.

  7. Amapola says:

    A good place to start would be creating a simple mobile game app. Or recreate that very famous Nokia game — Snake!

  8. Fe di Cure says:

    I have a Hobonichi planner which I carry with me all the time and put down everything that comes to mind. So it’s called Ideaphoria huh? Cool. What’s a great game idea? Racing or something that involves running. We like our games fast moving, overcoming obstacles, right?

  9. Maury Cheskes says:

    Wow, I never thought about all that. The creative process must be a fun experience in video games. It’s basically thinking about the coolest things you’d want to do in real life and leaving it at your finger tips.

  10. Rebi says:

    This is all for when you want to develop your own game. Great tips for any one who want to go for business like this.

  11. Lister the tormentor says:

    Picking one particular genre to generate a good idea is a nice start. But personally if i am to create my own game, i wouldn’t hesitate to combine the genres to create a more refreshing and creative game. Take Fallout 3 for example, it successfully combine FPS with open world RPG. What i am saying is genre combination can be a powerful tool as well to pique your customer interest if its done correctly.

    1. Darwin says:

      That’s a good point. You can create a game with two or more genres so that more players can enjoy it.

  12. Mau says:

    Asking people for ideas works. Also, develop other interests aside from gaming. It will wire your brain to look at things in another perspective.

  13. Jao says:

    Great tips! I always bring a pen and paper everywhere I go. When I have a video game idea, I never fail to write it down. It’s very convenient.

  14. Now, this is what I would call a great article. You have actually offered me some great tips on how to fire up the creative faculties of my mind. Thanks.

  15. Kitz says:

    Observe, interact, and know what people like. Even with a small and vague idea, write it down and allow it to grow little by little. IN the end, you would be surprise that even your simplest idea would turn into something marvelous.

  16. Elisa says:

    Thank you for the tips. This is helpful for aspiring game designer out there. I’ll try this when I have time hehe.

  17. Renz says:

    I like the tip about instead of just doing plain racing, do a sci-fi type of racing instead. Great idea! Thank you for the tips!

  18. Another way is to think about a specific mechanic that you think is cool, and then figure out what about the story will make *your* use of the mechanic different. Great post!

    1. Peters says:

      Great point!

  19. Corey says:

    I still have to learn how to code. That’s the first thing to do right? I like Need for Speed…I’ll probably make something like that…but with a twist!

  20. Eric says:

    I’ll have to add: Start simple and small. Sometimes when we have all these ideas in our head, we get so overwhelmed. Jotting them down works however, if you have pages of different ideas you might lose focus. Or you’ll have this very complicated game in mind and you’ll have a hard time making it. So, start with the basic stuff. Two words for you guys: FLAPPY BIRD.

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