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How to Play Video Games with MAC? Presented by Saljack Enterprises. Gaming. Media & Entertainment.

We all think that to play video games we need a Windows PC. Usually, a purpose-built gaming rig uses Microsoft’s operating system as it is the dominant non-console platform.

Macs have fewer options as compared to Windows PC and it doesn’t have hardware that is designed with modern games in mind and is very difficult to upgrade.

But this doesn’t mean that you can’t play video games if you have a Mac. You just need to look it in a different way:

Pick the Right Games: If you have a MacBook, you will probably have difficulty in running the latest games because their hardware requirements are going to hinder the capabilities of your Mac. The key to play games on your Mac is wisely choosing the games. The games nowadays are huge with massive maps, monumental battles for fight games, and insanely big worlds for MMOs. These games are going to tax your system, especially on the graphics side. Their size may pose a challenge for your hard drive or solid state drive, too. A Google search provides you with a lot of low-spec games.

Don’t Ignore Emulators: And, of course, there are emulators. This is the current method of choice for playing great games on your MacBook. You can download the emulator of your choice as it will allow you to keep all of your games for different systems in a single app. You can even plug in a PS4 controller to a USB port on your MacBook and use it with the games you are emulating with no setup. With a few ISOs or ROMs and a controller, you can play a huge variety of great games that provide valuable experiences without mind-blowing graphics. And of course, you should not download any of these games if you haven’t at one point owned the console or currently don’t own one because of piracy.

Tweak Your Settings: After choosing some games for your Mac, you’ll have to adjust the settings, both on your MAC and within the game to make it easier for your machine to deal with. To make sure that your MAC always uses the more compelling discrete processor, go to System Preferences > Energy Saver and deselect the Automatic graphics switching. In general, if your computer isn’t a purpose-built game machine, you’ll apparently have to turn things off or down quite a bit. It is better to keep the graphics requirements to a minimum.

How do you make sure that your favorite game is running on Mac or not? Let us know in the comments section!




34 thoughts on “How to Play Video Games with MAC?

  1. Many thanks for a great article, it was very interesting and informative.

  2. Marcus says:

    I had a Macbook Air before, and it never crossed my mind to use it for gaming. I’ve always had consoles so I didn’t feel I was missing something. If I go out, I bring my Macbook with me but I wouldn’t think of playing. I play at home. Now I have a bezel-less Dell which I’m thinking of using for some “light” gaming in the office hahaha!

  3. Giovanni says:

    Mac isn’t built for gaming. Apple doesn’t market it as such. If you wanna push it, you’ll have to go through a lot of stuff just so you can play a decent game on your iMac or Macbook. I’ve tried it. Installed lots software, a host of plugins, eventually decided to use Boot Camp to install Windows, etc. I was so happy to be able to play Windows-based games on my Macbook. But when I tried my buddy’s Alienware laptop, my jaw dropped, It’s as if I’ve missed out on a lot of things! Eventually I decided to remove everything I installed for gaming on my Mac. It wasn’t worth the hassle. Now I’m saving for an Asus…because gaming is life!

  4. Maury Cheskes says:

    I feel like Macs would offer an even better quality gaming experience than PC with the faster running time. If game developers tried to build an iconic, standout game idea like Mario only for Mac computers it would really kick start the business for Apple.

    1. Staci says:

      But. Will a game even if it is kickass make people go out to buy a new computer especially one they will not be familiar with?

  5. Dom says:

    I never thought that playing games with Mac seems to be a lot easier that how it is! I always have trouble using my Mac and I prefer to play games with my Windows. I’d rather be patient now and give it a try.

  6. Jhay-jhay says:

    What do you guys think about the touchbar on the new Macbooks? I think it’s cool. People have already used it to play a piano and play games. But I haven’t seen it being used as a game controller. Somebody please make a game using the touchbar!

    1. Anthony says:

      I love that idea. That should be implemented to Windows too! It will be more easier for users of Mac and Windows in using their laptops.

  7. Teban says:

    Somebody commented about their preference for a touchscreen laptop. What use would it be for gaming? Even the great Apple genius, Steve Jobs, once said that touchscreens won’t work for laptops as it is not ergonomic. Won’t your arms get tired? And pray that your laptop won’t topple from all that pointing and pushing on the screen as its back is unsupported.

    1. Elisa says:

      Touch screen laptop is also for gaming. There are people who uses their android device to play games which are touch screen. Same goes if you’re gonna play on your laptop. For example playing Plants vs Zombies 2 on your laptop.

  8. Rebi says:

    I don’t have Mac but if I would have one, this is really a good article. Very helpful.

  9. Raphael Fabella says:

    Unfortunately for me, my current Macbook is too old for any games ( I think ), but since I have plenty of consoles and a handheld of my own, I never lack any of the benefits and fun gaming has to offer. It would be nice to try playing on a laptop for once though. All I used to play with my Macbook back in the day was online flash games.

  10. Jao says:

    PC games are fun but I want to play video games on a Mac. I guess I have to check the web for tutorials on how to run PC games on a Mac.

  11. Kitz says:

    I prefer playing video games on Windows cos it’s always easier and playing games on Mac is always difficult. Navigating Mac is always a pain in my ass but I would give it a try after reading this article. Maybe it will change my mind.

  12. roisterous says:

    I used to spend a lot of time with someone that had a mac book and was also very fond of playing video games. Rather than play video games on their mac, they would play video games using a television and gaming console. It is nice to know, however, that they very well could have played on their mac if they felt so inclined

    1. Summer says:

      Base from that it looks like that Mac isn’t really favorable for gaming. I wonder why Mac doesn’t have gaming capabilities in the first place?

  13. Luis says:

    Hey I agree to the comment above..why don’t you come up with a list of games for Mac? Games that don’t need a lot of tweaking. That would be very helpful thank you.

    1. Mark Anthony says:

      Yes that’s a great idea so that we can see what games are available out there. Great tip Luis!

  14. Jude says:

    An iMac or Macboook isn’t built for gaming. That is a fact. And I mean hardcore gaming. You can do all the tweaking you want but you can only get a third of the experience of playing on a Razer or Asus gaming laptop.

  15. Klaus says:

    I haven’t played video games on a Mac but it seems like a lot of hard work. I will stick to Windows for now 🙂

  16. Mau says:

    I’ve always wanted a Mac but I am hesitant since I’m sure I’ll always have some sort of compatibility issue not just in terms of gaming. Glad to know there are some ways to overcome these issues.

  17. ambrosio says:

    is it just me or is it my age? i can only play online games! i don’t know how to install a downloaded game… my daughter said that it’s quiet easy to do… i just seem can’t

  18. mellie says:

    that tweaking your settings part is challenging for me. I don’t really know where to go and what to check/uncheck… I always get help from my son with that… He’s amazed at how I enjoy playing games on our computer.

  19. Kristel says:

    This is great! I always find difficulty in playing games in Mac or even doing anything. Now i will try what is suggested here and will cross my fingers that I’ll be able to play.

  20. Joe-Ben says:

    So cool laptops now are touch screen. I wanna have one! What are the famous games for Mac?

  21. Remedios says:

    Do you know any websites about tutoring us on how to install emulator softwares? Not just for Mac but for Windows as well.

  22. Myles says:

    Can you make an article about games available for the Mac? They say that Mac is more for video editing.

  23. zen says:

    OR you can always install two OS in your mac. My friend actually have windows OS in his macintosh that he used for gaming.

  24. Dora says:

    Sometimes I just don’t see the point of buying an iMac or Macbook. Current Windows PCs and laptops are way ahead of the pack, both software and hardware. But it’s good to know that there are still ways you can play games on your Mac. Cheers!

  25. Rafi says:

    Macintosh and gaming are two words that I haven’t used in a sentence for a long time. They just don’t mix well. But thank you for writing this article, at least the 10% of computer owners in the world will know that they can still enjoy gaming, albeit to a lesser degree.

  26. Maury Cheskes says:

    The good thing is that Macs have a lot of cheap games as well as expensive better quality ones so it depends what your looking for. That’s cool you can connect a PS4 controller if you want the optimum gaming experience.

  27. I wish there were examples shared like Mario, Pool, DOTA or other games. I am not as tech savvy but I would love to explore. I think Windows is more popular other than MAC and options might be limited. I wonder if the system is quite efficient for the hardcore gamers

  28. Joy says:

    I recently got a MAC and I am not sure how to start but I realize that a lot of the options are really simple and after reading your article I will now be more comfortable Game options. Thanks!

  29. Wow i’m actually very glad you typed up an explanation for iMac gaming. I have a Macbook Pro from 2012? and I LOVE gaming on it. Yea it’s totally hard and you HAVE to tweek the settings if you don’t want your macbook exploding in your lap. Along with the App Store for games specifically from the Devs of the system, I ALWAYS go to Steam. I know everyone goes there but the reason I like it, as an Apple guy, is you can filter all the games that are for PC or Mac or both. Good update.

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