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Hello again! We’re back with the next tutorial about Primitive Forms with Project-X Champion Jonni. The tutorial is presented by our lead artist Marcos. He continues using the free GIMP software in connection from the last tutorial. If you have any questions please contact us through our blog on or you may tweet us @essjay_ent. More art tutorials to follow. We hope you enjoy this video!

We have English CC available in all our videos.

Our next video will feature Project-X Champion Analia.

All art images in the video are Copyrighted to Saljack Enterprises, LLC with All Rights Reserved.

Music by: Silent Partner



38 thoughts on “Art Tutorial 6: Primitive Forms with Project-X Champion Jonni

  1. Rebi says:

    Wow great tutorial! I didn’t know about it if this is a story but it’s really good to share this tutorial to everyone who is reading the story! good job

  2. Jao says:

    You’re a great help to art students everywhere. I have a hard time drawing the male physique but I learned so many drawing tips thanks to this tutorial. I think I just need more practice so I can get better at it.

  3. Kitz says:

    Wow! This is such a piece of art. It seems to be easy… but probably it is easier than when I’m doing it. There are lots of styles to learn from this video.

    1. Alberto says:

      I don’t think drawing is easy. I bet you have to be talented to do that. And also have patience in learning all of the techniques.

  4. onejanedoe says:

    I’ve never seen the use of primitive shapes to form the basis for the human form so this was a real learning experience for me. I was fascinated how using these shapes help you get a third dimensional feel to the drawing by ensuring that the correct volume is associated with each limb and major body part. I’ve used lines to accurately proportion heads and faces before but never a whole body. I’ve always been frustrated however with all the erasing that is involved when doing this on paper. I haven’t yet mastered digital art and still prefer the feel of a pencil in my hand so mostly this video was for viewing pleasure but it still gave me some ideas. Thanks.

  5. Eustaquio says:

    GIMP is kinda hard to use! Ugh! Any other suggestions guys?

    1. Hi Eustaquio, yes there are a few different applications that we will be using in future tutorials. Great idea, maybe we will post a list of free/paid drawing software so people may choose which one they prefer to use.

      1. Rannel says:

        That’s a great idea so that we can also try those software. Thank you for posting this.

  6. Rahmann says:

    I still have to master coloring and shading. Like how to make six-pack abs look realistic. This guy Jonni makes me sweat!

  7. Klaus says:

    Wow! Project X champion Jonni looks so life-like. Major props to Marcos. He’s really excellent. You’re so lucky to have him.

  8. Kristel says:

    Great tutorial! And the guy looks so hot as well. I will try this myself and I hope I’ll be bale to follow it. I hope it is easier than how it looks.

  9. Badongzkhie says:

    Nice drawings. When will the next videos be? I’m excited.

  10. Fe says:

    That’s funny Danii. How to draw a hot guy should be the title hehe. I want to see coloring tutorials too.

  11. Danii says:

    “How to draw a hot guy” would be a perfect title for this tutorial! LOL! It looks so easy yet so difficult to do! More practice for me!

  12. Lorraine says:

    Well who knew that primitive forms can create a beautiful works of art? Another great tutorial and I did learn a lot this time! Brava!

  13. Jenny says:

    Awesome video! I like this tips and tricks when it comes to drawing. I’ve never been good with drawing so this helps a lot!

  14. Esperanza Khan says:

    Amazing video! I love tutorials like this

  15. Enid says:

    Marcos is a funny guy. I’ve been watching his tutorials but it’s the first time he made a joke. I thought he was a serious guy…lol. Anyway, he’s a really amazing artist.

  16. Excellent tutorial! There is nothing like seeing masters at home. What is English CC which you said was available in your videos?

    1. Hi Rruchi, it’s the closed captions available (to read along) for anyone who is having difficulty understanding what is being said. Thank you for asking! 🙂

      1. Thanks for explaining.

  17. Myles says:

    Another masterpiece. I enjoy all of your creations. I hope this is not the last one okay?

  18. Ricardo says:

    Can you please create a character with super powers? That will be interesting to watch.

  19. Maury Cheskes says:

    One could benefit from an in class tutorial as well as the ones online just so they could get some feedback. This video definitely teaches strong methods in creating an action hero of your own.

  20. Top says:

    Awesome! I finally learned how to draw abs. I can’t wait to practice drawing abs on GIMP.

  21. Good use of shapes and lining. When making in depth illustrations its key to map out what your drawing and I would think this especially comes in handy when making action comics.

  22. Mau says:

    The end product looks awesome. It’s awesome to see how to make a 2D drawing into 3D with just the right shadings.

  23. Kelsey says:

    OMG, that snowman joke tho. Anyway, I never knew that spheres, cylinders and cubes are very important in art. I will use these shapes when drawing a person.

  24. Salvador says:

    The sword is kinda weird. It is like a fencing sword. Its too light-weight for him.

  25. Mark Anthony says:

    Another great character. Most of the characters here do martial arts and have weapons. Do want to consider drawing a character that have special powers?

  26. Ice Queen says:

    call me kill joy but I would rather see a fight than a tutorial. but where are those?

  27. invisible woman says:

    yeah he looks like a model than a fighter. Where is his story though?

  28. Wanda says:

    YASSSS! I’m so happy right now. Thanks for granting my request for Project X champion Jonni. He’s so hot. I wish he was real lolz…

  29. Aubrey says:

    Great video! I wish there’s a tutorial on how he colored the sketch, too.

    1. Those videos are also on their way!

  30. Chica says:

    Now this looks more real! Is this what you call hyperrealistic? Marcos is very good!

  31. Jeanette says:

    Great tutorial! He makes Jonni sooo hot 🙂 Thank you!

  32. biyushaolin says:

    This guy is hot! Fantastic job!

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