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Are you keen to know the latest trends in video game design? Video Gaming is witnessing top trends in the game design. Here is the list of the top trends. Have a look!

  1. “Feeling First” Design: It starts with the emotions that the developers want players to feel. They design the mechanics along with the gameplay and story. It is a bit of a flip on the conventional approach to game creation. Funomena is the guide on this “Feel Engineering.” It is all about creating unique, moving emotional responses in players.
  2. Streaming: It was never this much easier to search the ways in which community gaming can be further integrated into the gaming experience. Streaming has made it accessible for everyone
  3. The Rise of Indie Studios: All kinds of developer platforms like Twine are available for aspiring designers to get their hands on. This software access, as well as extraordinary low barriers to entry, has meant a renowned indie game flood in the market. It does not only mean that more indie games will be done in front of people, but it also means it is harder to get your indie game in front of people. They’re overwhelmed with games!
  4. The Hype: Are shorter hype cycles, including in the future of games? What eager gamers theorized about the game took many expectations very far away from what the developers agreed. With the small team size, generating hype for a cool concept supports with funding and good sales. Are alleviating expectations with shorter hype cycles the trend of the future for bigger publishers and developers?
  5. Mobile Gaming: Trends also show that the top mobile games have remained on the top. Also, the new games haven’t been able to unseat the authorities. It is easier than ever to design games for many different platforms, but it is getting harder to reach enthusiastic gamers.
  6. Incremental Console Upgrades: This is an external game design trend, but a much expected one. The old cycle of consoles seems to be dead. Many companies are making consoles which have slight hardware upgrades and a sleeker body. This means there is a chance for some serious hardware upgrades.
  7. Inclusivity: This year has appeared like a boiling pot with an enormous amount of overdue spillover. Video games are an invaluable way to reach audiences of all kinds, especially young people. Featuring diversity and inclusive in games exposes everyone to the beauty of being different. Diversity could become more common in video games as sectors of all entertainment industries crawl towards equality.
  8. Virtual Reality: This year saw virtual reality’s entry with a vengeance. Virtual Reality developing look particularly promising. There’s Gear, which lets you play games like Minecraft in virtual reality. It will be interesting to see how social elements are tied in. Witnessing the avatars of your friends from around the world, all in the same room through VR? Now that’s a pretty neat possibility in 2017!

What are your views regarding these trends? Let us know in the comments section!




48 thoughts on “Top Trends in Game Design

  1. Don says:

    Cool thanks for good info . I want to make a game down the road.

  2. Mobile gaming the NEW hype today! I bet you’ll be more surprise about the games it has. You could even try playing new indie game, Iron Blood: Dawn in the Dark (

  3. Mobile gaming. Easy to create a mobile games. But to retain players, so hard to do so. Quite much effort to make them stay with freebies, events, community involvement and so on. Such like for Smashy Toys and Iron Blood.

  4. Reynaldo says:

    Virtual reality is trending nowadays. I think it will get bigger in the years to come.

  5. Cres says:

    Dazzler I think you’re right. Games this year are pretty quiet. I just heard that Dota 2 releases a new patch this month and that a new hero was added. I love Dota!

  6. dazzler says:

    To me this year game releases had been pretty quiet. I cannot even recall a game that went big this year. Does MK X qualify?

  7. Cannonball says:

    I am not big on gaming. However since the introduction of mobile devices. These became a phenomenon regardless of what year it is.

  8. Hadid says:

    Very few console releases this year. But I was excited with the Nintendo mini NES. Sooo cute! I grew up with NES and having the mini was very nostalgic.

  9. Verucca says:

    What are indie studios? I mean which games have they released in the mainstream? It’s quite interesting if they survive and really compete with the big ones.

  10. Anne says:

    Not really that much into video games lately, but your post on game design trends this year is interesting. I just hope you would expound more on the items in the list. Have you seen the second episode of Black Mirror season 3? Playtest a good watch and it’s a glimpse on the future of the gaming industry. It’s basically a virtual reality game that detects your darkest fears. Very terrifying, as with any other Black Mirror episode.

  11. Anoop says:

    For me, the one trend that made a mark in 2016 was Pokemon Go. It really made such a huge impact in the lives of people. Even non-gamers like me were curious about Pokemon Go.

  12. Duncan says:

    Streaming was really a trend this year. Streaming sites like Twitch were very popular with gamers.

  13. Scott Summers says:

    As years go buy gaming devices become so small that you do not need bulky consoles. Your phone is enough and it will continue next year.

  14. Remedios says:

    Spirale I think that is one of the cons of virtual reality as of now. The product is in the midst of testing. I think there will be a time when all of it’s cons will be fix.

  15. Chris Fama says:

    One of the most famous consoles out there is the PlayStation. PlayStation have been upgraded for so many times. Many people enjoy it nowadays.

  16. Alex Summers says:

    I can relate to that staying up long hours in front of a monitor can sometimes be a problem. That is why I make it a point to have interval breaks.

  17. Spirale says:

    I get dizzy with VR goggles. I guess I am not alone, right? Many people complain about it so I think it’s an issue that’s hampering the acceptance of VR. Gaming has more visual demands and I reckon it is more dizzying than usual.

  18. Boyax says:

    2016 is the year of mobile gaming. Can 2017 be the year of consoles…again? LOL! I play on PC too but consoles are the best, sorry. I’m wishing for new and more updated titles in the coming year!

  19. Maury Cheskes says:

    I think gaming with handheld devices are trending more than console and laptop gaming. It’s cheaper to buy games with your phone or I-phone than it is to buy an entire gaming system or cd-rom.

  20. Taki says:

    Mobile gaming was really popular this year, isn’t it? Almost everyone has a smartphone so they have instant access to games on their phones anytime, anywhere.

  21. maya says:

    i have stop gaming for few years now but feels like to start that hobby again since everything is settle now and looking forward to lots of improvement made by gaming company. sure i will check on all the trends as listed above

  22. Pam says:

    This makes me feel nostalgic. My favorite trend of the year was VR because it really generated a lot of hype and buzz. 2016 has certainly been a great year in gaming.

  23. roisterous says:

    It does seem as though people rarely sit in front of a tv or computer in order to play video games these days. More often than not, people tend to stray towards games that can be played on their phones mobile devices. They want to become emerged in a game, and yet they don’t want to be isolated or stop what they’re doing or half to do.

  24. Kadoya Tsukasa says:

    As platfoms get saturated the harder it is to design games. Whats only viable is exploit virtual reality. Hello there is ironman tech for crying out loud.

  25. Randy Z. says:

    I saw this virtual machine on TV. I hope the development of that device will increase and then be popularize.

  26. Marissa says:

    I love the fact that indie game designers now have a chance to showcase their created games to the public. We need to popularize this trend.

  27. Kyo Kusagi says:

    Speaking of platforms, What is next? I am still waiting on my yugioh solid vision game.

  28. Elaine says:

    “It is easier than ever to design games for many different platforms, but it is getting harder to reach enthusiastic gamers. What I think that, if game designers use different technology to design on different platforms, it might good for different types of users.

  29. Dora says:

    Streaming has really changed the game. Now it is sooo much easier to look for games. I wonder what will be in store for us next year?

  30. Giambattista says:

    Proof that mobile gaming is in: Super Mario Run. I downloaded and enjoyed the game! I guess we’ll be seeing more console titles crossing over to mobile next year eh?

  31. Maury Cheskes says:

    Interesting, I’d like to know more on how games are promoting diversity, but I definitely could see how streaming is getting bigger. It looks like 4D gaming will start trending in the following years as well as virtual reality.

  32. Kenneth C. says:

    The early attempts at VR games were ambitious. Sure, they have failed, but they did pave the way to what we see now. I was able to experience playing Nintendo’s Virtual Boy. VR Gameboy should have been the name. Now, we have Oculus, Vive, PSVR, and more… Tried them all and they were all awesome! Can’t wait for other genres to be made for this platform!

  33. Jordan says:

    The one I look forward to in this list are the indie Studios. I believe that a lot of talent out there goes untapped due to the technicalities of hiring processes. Indies allow the showcase of these talents. The next big thing is expected from the big shots. But the best doesn’t necessarily always come from them!

  34. Ethan says:

    Trend or not my favorite alwais be Pc’s game, also i want try virtual reality but not now…

  35. Zack says:

    Virtual reality is a boom this year, also mobile apps. Every day have a new game in android phones, but you can play if your smartphone is updated!

  36. Salvador says:

    I hope virtual reality will be boost or be upgraded. I want to see it boom because I want to experience it. I hope it’s gonna be cheap as well so that everybody can enjoy it.

  37. Ricardo says:

    I think nowadays the trend of playing games through mobile is the biggest. Most people are doing this because you can enjoy a game in a portable manner.

  38. Mai says:

    Aside from virtual reality, augmented reality was also a huge trend in game design for 2016. And this is thanks to the phenomenal success of Pokemon Go worldwide.

  39. Ellena says:

    I haven’t been playing games that much recently. I wanna get back into it!

  40. Alana says:

    I really wanna try out that virtual reality thing. I wonder how it really feels like. I’ve only watched some people using it on youtube.

  41. Kitz says:

    Such an informative article for gamers out there. Technology is getting more hi-tech these days and it is nice to be updated with the latest trend.

  42. Devin says:

    This list is totally spot-on! You have really captured the major trends in game design for 2016.

  43. MIco Robin says:

    indie studious? Like Netherrealms well with the rise of games so is developers.

  44. Miaka Yuuki says:

    With the 2016 almost over. I am not sure i am not sure of the timing of this. Good list none the least.

  45. Mau says:

    It’s interesting how game designing changes. I love the rise of Indie Studios. It gives normal people like me the chance to try their hands on designing a game.

  46. Leila says:

    VR isn’t exactly a new technology. It’s been around for a while but there isn’t much acceptance from consumers. Recently mobile phone manufacturers have marketed it as a new way to watch movies and stuff but I don’t think it helped. It all went pfffftt. So, looking forward to 2017, I’m not very much hopeful about VR.

  47. Saleh says:

    The reality is, more people are on mobile than those who own consoles or PCs. So it is expected that gaming companies will dip into that market too. That is diversity too, having games available in multiple platforms.

  48. Esperanza Khan says:

    wow this list hits a spot! and i totally agree with mobile gaming and virtual reality

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