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3 Dangerous Video Gaming Injuries. Presented by Saljack Enterprises. Gaming. Media & Entertainment.

Imagine that you can no longer grab a can of soda without your wrist, feeling like it wants to explode. This is what a game console can do to you. If you are playing video games continuously in wrong postures, you will witness the pain and suffering that extreme gaming can cause to your body.

1.Carpal Tunnel- A Gaming Injury You Don’t Want:

It’s the most popular injury among gamers. It goes by various names – Nintendonitis, Nintendo Thumb, Gamer’s Thumb, and even WASD Wrist. When you are continuously playing video games, the possibility of having your mouse-hand immobilized and declared incapable of working with the mouse is a scary thing. The cause of the worsening this situation can be due to various repetitive actions which includes:

  • Keeping your hand at an odd angle for a long time over the keyboard to press the movement key causes swelling in the wrist which pinches the nerves.
  • When constantly pressing a particular button on the game controller with your thumb, you will experience some inflammation at the base of your thumb.

Using an appropriate mouse can help when it comes to it, causing the wrist issues, but it does not help much with keyboard or game controller issues. The most reliable way is to avoid repeated motion injuries like the carpal tunnel is just to pause the game, get up, walk and make sure to do lots of carpal tunnel prevention stretches regularly.

 2. Eye Strain

Don’t have an underlying eye problem? That’s amazing! But while  staring at a computer or gaming screen for a prolonged time, you can suffer from eye strain. So you need to follow these eye strain prevention tips:

  • Keep the screen 50-100 cm away from your eyes.
  • Lit the room softly so that there isn’t such a direct contrast between the surroundings and the screen.
  • Avoid bright overhead lightings like sunlight or fluorescent that can cause bad dazzle on the screen.
  • Always keep the head of your screen at eye level so that you can look somewhat down at the screen. Never position the screen, so you have to look up.
  • Turn down the contrast and brightness on the screen to a level that is convenient to your eyes.
  • Keep the screen clean of smudges and dust otherwise you can have glare and contrast problems.
  • Take frequent breaks within hours of playing. Continuous screen use causes you to blink less, which leads to dry-eye. Breaks can help mitigate this problem.

3. Posture – Sit Up!

There are two general gaming positions for enthusiastic gamers. First one is the “couch slouch”, where the gamer is chilling with the feet up on the coffee table and lounged back into the couch. Secondly, there’s the “full-on” position that involves leaning forward, elbows on knees, head tilted forward, and all attention focused on the screen. These positions are not good at all. There’s extra pressure on the elbows as well as the legs; the wrists are twisted, and thumbs are stretched unnaturally, and worst of all is your head is now pulled forward – placing the strain of holding it directly into your spine right between your shoulder blades. This is the posture that drives to the other gaming pain complaints such as back pain, sore shoulders, elbows, and thumb. If you’re a keen gamer and are used to spend many hours on gaming, then ditch the couch and opt for a comfortable and correct gaming chair that assists you in all the right places. And the best thing is to sit up straight and keep your head balanced squarely on top of your shoulders which will lighten many of those pains and aches.

So have you suffered from any of these problems? How did you get rid of them? Tell us in the comments section!




27 thoughts on “3 Dangerous Video Gaming Injuries

  1. 8bztgaming says:

    I guess when VR really kicks in we won’t need to worry about these kinds of injury… more people walking into roads. I wonder if VR driving will ever be an issue

  2. Rhianna says:

    Have a very comfortable chair if you’re gonna be on the computer for a long time.. you also need to lay down.

  3. MarkJohn says:

    You should never be on the computer for a long period of time.. you need to take a rest eventually to rest your eyes. It’s good to lay down once in a while to relax your back.

  4. Piper says:

    Slouching is really bad for your back. According to experts, you are adding an additional 10 pounds on your poor back when you are not sitting properly.

  5. Hiro says:

    Eye strain were very common when the monitor of the computer was CRT. But nowadays since it is LCD, it decreases the effect of eye strain. So thank you to those people who invented LCD monitors!

  6. Paolo says:

    Most gaming injury is in their neck because of focusing too much on the monitor. Always make sure to take a break once in a while.

  7. richard says:

    Thank you for the information. Now I know that there should always be a limit to having fun. You can enjoy but always give yourself a break.

  8. alfred says:

    I have experienced having neck and back pains for playing a lot. It’s true that you should have breaks so your muscles can relax. Thanks a lot for the tips. This would really help a lot of people who are into gaming.

  9. Terry Poage says:

    Thanks for the great tips. It’s amazing what can happen when you repeat something for to long.

  10. Miaka Yuuki says:

    People tend to neglect these> Even I am guilty at times. I tend to be so absorbed with what Im doing but, Thanks To this I will be more aware.

  11. Chantal says:

    You are actually at a very high risk for stroke if you’re in one position for many hours. I think that’s more dangerous than eye strain or wrist problems or back pain. Overweight gamers beware! You double your risk if you slouch on that couch all day!

  12. Martha says:

    All these injuries not only concern gamers but all people who work with computers all day. The slouched posture, repetitive wrist movement, and the constant glare of the monitor affects office workers as well. So give yourselves a break! Move your body to improve blood circulation.

  13. MIco Robin says:

    Me too Sometimes you get so caught up with gaming that posture is neglected. THanks for this though bookmarked.

  14. I feel like eye strain might become more imminent with 4D and virtual reality coming along. Best to be conscious of how long you’re playing so you don’t overdo yourself.

  15. Everything in moderation. Taking mid-game stretches is a good way to relax your body and avoid injuries.

  16. Sloane says:

    Gamers should avoid sitting while playing for long hours of time. It’s not good for the body and can cause poor metabolism and circulation.

  17. Kasey says:

    it’s a good thing my seat is so comfortable. I try to sit straight as much as I can. I usually rest after 3 hours or something.

  18. KelvinLee says:

    Nice tips and advice. Which is why I take breaks whenever I play games myself.
    My eyes and neck tend to hurt if I do it too long.

  19. Dae says:

    Carpal tunnel syndrome is also very common among writers, typists, and data entry folks. I try to avoid it by doing hand stretching exercises every 30 minutes.

  20. Jamir Rian says:

    It’s scary that you’re gonna be disabled just because your playing games or always in front of your computer. These are very helpful tips. Thank you so much.

  21. Chris Fama says:

    Cool tips. Thank you so much for sharing this. These are very important tips because this is about your health.

  22. Mau says:

    I work with computers and I definitely feel eye strain from time to time. So this post is not just for video gamers but also for those who work excessively in front of computers. The best advice is to make sure to take a break from time to time and stretch.

  23. Barnardo says:

    I’m curious… do posture correctors (or brace) keep you from slouching? I’ve been seeing some folks wearing one and I think they’d offer a degree of help.

    If they do, I’d defo get myself one the next time I’ll play with friends!!

  24. Tristan Maclean says:

    I have had CTS (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome) and it’s no fun at all!! I often feel pain running from my wrist to my elbow once in a while. It sucks, really.

    The worst part? You don’t only get it from playing video games. You can even develop this scary condition when your work requires you to work in front of a PC all day!

  25. Marco says:

    I think I already have an eye strain. And the muscles on my shoulders and upper back feel heavy and tight. I badly need a massage! I know this is due to bad posture but how can you even think about posture when you’re in the middle of playing?

  26. Saleh says:

    Carpal tunnel syndrome is serious, so make sure to have intermittent rests if you plan to do a marathon., It compresses a nerve in your wrist due to repetitive action. So stand up, take a short walk, stretch a bit. Even for 5 minutes. That should do the trick.

  27. I tend to have awful posture when I play, but i have an old wooden chair I’ve started using when I play. If I lean back, my back is still fairly “straight,” which is very helpful.

    Also, to springboard off what you said about eye health, I asked an eye doctor about this and he said even looking at something far away for about 30 seconds every 20 minutes will help reduce eye strain (i.e., look out a window).

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