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Perks Of Buying Used Games. Presented by Saljack Enterprises. Gaming. Media & Entertainment.

Are you a hardcore game player or a casual game player? Do you mind playing with used games? Or you buy the latest game just after its release? For a casual gamer, it is very rare that he buys a new game. But still, many gamers think that buying a new game is a better idea. Here are some of the points that prove buying used games are not that bad!

  • Since the gaming market is growing at a pace, gamers are much excited to buy the game as soon as it releases. But if you wait a bit, you can buy it at a genuine price because many people buy these games and if they feel that they don’t like it or if they have finished the game quickly, they prefer selling it. So one can definitely get a great deal!
  • With used games, retailers remain to be interested in selling games, as there is a significant markup on offer to those who get it right. These retailers are also a source for new games, while they can bring people in with their used offerings, customers may leave having spent less money on new titles. If these retailers, prevent themselves from selling used games, they may go out of business entirely.
  • Do you think that people have just started buying used games? No, used games aren’t a new phenomenon. Instead, they have been in the industry for many years, and yet it’s only now that there is a sudden push to reduce them. Imagine if there were no used games, how you would have played retro games and how would your offsprings or siblings play the games you are playing?
  • The money saved from buying a new game can be used to buy a new game title. Those who think that people who are buying used games aren’t contributing anything to the good of the industry is totally ill-informed and illogical. Even those who particularly buy used games spend their saved money on peripherals and hardware, which is also contributing to the gaming industry.
  • Buying pre-owned games are often the best and affordable way of getting into playing long-running series. You can easily buy the older titles cheaply, and you will then necessarily want to buy its future parts as soon as you can, which obviously means buying the new title. So, used games enhance the chance of gaining new fans for a classic series, which cannot be done if used games market is dead!

Hence, if the used games market dies, then the gaming industry is going to lose many enthusiast gamers along with the money they plow into their hobby.

Let us know your views on this subject, whether you agree or disagree, in the comments section!




42 thoughts on “Perks Of Buying Used Games

  1. Drake says:

    The savings alone is enough reason to buy used games. However, I do buy new games if they are packaged as collector’s edition and comes with cool freebies.

  2. Chie says:

    Retro games will surely never go out of style! I’d love to have my own kids in the future and let them play the games I used to play.

  3. Virginia says:

    Just like any other gamer, who wouldn’t get excited when a new game is released? But thinking about it, you can definitely save a lot if you wait just a little longer.

  4. Eloise says:

    Goodwill is one of the best places to buy used games. It has a great selection of used games. Most people go to Goodwill to buy pre-loved clothes but I always check it for great deals and discounts on used games.

  5. james says:

    before i buy used games, i look their condition and compare it to the price, if it is reasonable given the condition then i buy it. Besides, there are lots of people who get bored easily and sell their games after just a few months, it’s worth the money especially when you are in a tight budget.

  6. pj says:

    i buy used games precisely because it’s a LOT cheaper. After some time, there are a lot of walk through’s of the game uploaded in the net or somewhere so i just have a lesser time clearing up a level.

  7. Carol B. says:

    For me, there’s no problem to buy used games, as long as it’s in good condition. It’s just a game! I’m just being practical. There are more important things to spend money over games.

  8. Qiu Qiu says:

    For me, it doesn’t really matter if the game is new or pre-used as long as it’s still in good condition. I just don’t want to pay for something that’s expensive when I can get it for a much lower price.

  9. Roman says:

    I’m just a casual gamer. But even if I’m a hardcore player, I’ll definitely purchase used games cuz they are just the same as purchasing a new one.

  10. Jenny says:

    I often just download my games in torrents. But now torrents are using payment methods. It made me sad.

  11. Danny Luei says:

    An interesting article to share .., I’m just a casual game player. I am more interested in the used game, especially if it can be obtained by downloading it for free: p. But also did not rule out the possibility to buy the latest games after the release, depending on what game it is … Soccer (PES or FM or TCM).

  12. Quark says:

    The resell market is very brisk. You’d be surprised that some not-so-old titles are very very cheap! Only rich kids buy ridiculously expensive games on the day of release. Be practical!

  13. Carla says:

    I’m all for sharing. Sometimes I buy on release date but only for games that I really, really like and those that I think are worth buying. But after that I wouldn’t mind sharing it with my friends. And they do the same!

  14. Chloe says:

    I bought most of my games used. It’s not like the game changes from their arrival on store shelves. I only buy new ones when there are good freebies included with such purchases.

  15. Ash says:

    I mostly buy used games but if there’s a new game that I really like (for example Pokemon Sun and Moon) then I’ll buy it brand new. I love the smell of a brand new game. LOL.

  16. Eugene says:

    Yes Jenny, torrents have so many games to choose from! I bet that will save you lots of money. They should try it.

  17. Jenny says:

    I was planning to purchase Star Craft II. And then I realize that I can just download it on torrents. I saved a lot of money!

  18. MIco Robin says:

    i have no qualms with buying games or be selective. However, old or new as long as the quality of games is good I would still play it.

  19. Miaka Yuuki says:

    This article applies to hardcore gamer. Me for example old or new its all the same for me.

  20. Dylan says:

    I don’t see the point in buying brand new. And I don’t buy the yearly updated version. Such a waste of money really. There is an online community that lets gamers exchange stuff and I learn a lot from it (what to buy and not to buy, peripherals, etc).

  21. Verucca says:

    Hey guys what do you think of the new Nintendo NES mini? I bought one and it’s super cool! Wait, does that make me an early adopter? I don’t think I’d enjoy it if I were to buy it second-hand. There are just some things you have to buy brand new and on the release date!

  22. Josh says:

    It’s not like an old game changes. The games remain the same no matter when one buys it. Thus, buying a used game is simply the practical choice…

    1. Martha J says:

      No not alwayz practical. Sometimez you just need to be ahead of the curve ya kno? Can’t do that with used games.

  23. Mika says:

    I’m just a casual gamer so I don’t really need to buy new games. In fact, I always check eBay for used ones to save money.

  24. Jamir Rian says:

    I will never purchase a new game. But if it is a game that I’m addicted to, I will purchase it as fast as I can hehe.

  25. Ydnar says:

    You can save a lot of money in used games. Actually I recommend used games because not only that they are cheaper, they also have the same quality as a newly purchase game.

  26. Mau says:

    I am only a casual gamer so I agree. If we couldn’t buy used games, then a lot of people will not play anymore. New games aren’t exactly cheap.

  27. richard says:

    Thanks a lot! This is really a good buying strategy. It would be better if I just waited for the demand to become low.

  28. alfred says:

    I think this is the best solution to my game problems. Anyway, it wouldn’t make any difference if I buy a brand new one.

  29. Scott Summers says:

    Yes Bragging rights but to some its much more than that. Its a chance to belong.

  30. Alex Summers says:

    Its a good strategy . Why buy games on release date if you can let it die down a bit that way it will be cheaper.

  31. Chuck says:

    I have a Youtube channel and it is very very important for me to be always on top of my game. I usually pre-order new games and still get a discounted rate! I don’t buy on the release date though.

  32. Veronica says:

    The only thing you can get from buying new games on day of release is bragging rights. That and a significantly less money in the bank. But if you’re super rich, then this shouldn’t be an issue for you.

  33. Carlos says:

    Ebay is my favorite place for buy used games, if i see good pics an a good review i buy it. I have many of my games in excellent condition almost new

  34. Ethan says:

    I think that buy a used game is better, save my money and still pay a good game and after finished i can sold and purchase another, it’s a good way for me

  35. Maury Cheskes says:

    Why not? Cheaper price with the same good value. Just make sure the game isn’t scratched before buying one.

  36. Great article! Buying new versus used definitely has pros and cons on both sides. I usually buy used games, but if it’s part of a series I love and a “new” copy comes with some perks (download codes and things like that), I’ll purchase the game new. Pre-sales are great, too, especially if you go through a company that gives you a discount for pre-ordering! But I agree with Pip above. Purchasing has to be practical!

    Trying to suppress the sale of used games is futile, and I don’t think the gaming community will let it happen. Look at what happened with the Xbox 1; fans were so enraged with the sell-back/borrowing nonsense that the Xbox changed its policies and programming.

  37. Corbin says:

    The only reason to buy new ones is to experience them as soon as they are released. Problem is, one will only know if a game is worth keeping after that purchase. Used games? Yeah, that’s a better deal. Game stays the same. Plus, one would know whether or not something is worth the purchase.

  38. Pip says:

    As a gamer, it’s best to be practical. Why buy a brand new game when you can buy a pre-owned one for a much lower price right?

  39. Thank you so much for this! I’ve always thought that buying new games is the better option. Thank you for sharing another perspective.

  40. Salvador says:

    I too puschase used games instead of new ones. But if that game is very addictive and I love it so much like Warcraft, I’ll definitely buy the new one!

  41. Ricardo says:

    I like this article because I myself do this. I try to purchase used games instead of new ones because it’s cheaper and the game is still as it is. You can save a lot of money and enjoy your game at the same time.

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