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All About Video Game Concept Art. Presented by Saljack Enterprises. Gaming. Media & Entertainment.

Have you ever wondered how video games become such stunning with the realistic characters, landscapes, and convincing settings? One of the most amazing jobs in developing these masterpieces is the concept artist. Concept artists actually pave the way for the game we get to see today. The concept art behind a game generally pushes the artistic style of the game.

Do you know what Video Game Concept Art is?

Video game concept art allows insight into the nature of a video game’s art direction. Concept art is an essential but undervalued aspect of gaming. The character and landscape concept art of today becomes the in-game content of tomorrow. The very best concept art results in the best and most impressive games. For the regular gamers, video game concept art provides impressive wallpaper choices and an interesting look into the game’s artistic style. However, for the hardcore gamers, concept art produces insight into the graphical and artistic scale of the game. The concept Art narrows the envisioned play styles, game mechanics, and genre of a game into a credible product. Concept art ranges from the character art to landscape. Some websites focus on weapon design and character art, while others focus on the interior design of buildings. Below is the list of the websites that will provide you all the basics required for the concept art:

ArtStation: ArtStation is a great resource for video game concept art and many greatest concept artists in the world use ArtStation. The selection library is unbelievable and heavily game-oriented. ArtStation puts a lot of effort in collecting the best and high-quality works available online. ArtStation is not confined to providing excellent graphic resources for fans and artists, but also provides a magazine feature dedicated to advances in digital art and design. ArtStation Magazine’s content includes tutorials, guides, artist profiles, and news. ArtStation also provides job leads for graphic designers and artists, thus becoming a useful resource for both fans and artists.

Concept Art World: It supports the trend of all-around concept art information and news. Along with providing inspiration and training, Concept Art World’s news category presents a great resource for concept art surrounding recent games and movies. The quality of official work presented on Concept Art World is remarkable.

DeviantArt: DeviantArt is possibly the most successful and famous artistic work platform, used by both beginner artists and experts. Expert gaming concept artists use DeviantArt often to preserve and display their work.

Creative Uncut: If you are finding concept art based on game categories, then Creative Uncut is perfect for you! Though the library is somewhat limited when compared to other websites, there’s no question that you will definitely get high-quality work.

Video Games Artwork: With its name, it is clear that Video Games Artwork provides high-quality video game artwork. It’s the same resource as CreativeUncut; where users can find images based on video game titles. They provide several pages of graphics for most supported games, but the library is limited.

Hence, concept art is not just a loose combination of sketches and artistic pieces. It is the template where in-game worlds are created. If you have never bothered analyzing a game’s concept art before, browsing these sites will provide you a glimpse of the masterpieces behind your beloved video games.

So are you a fan of gaming concept art and which game’s concept art impresses you the most? Tell us in the comments section!




24 thoughts on “All About Video Game Concept Art

  1. Jhei says:

    I simply love concept art! I’m a bit of a fan of concept art from RPGs. Many of them are just too epic to forget.

  2. Hannah says:

    I used to like DeviantArt but I have switched to ArtStation recently. I feel like ArtStation looks more professional than DeviantArt, no offense meant.

  3. mrstark says:

    of all the games that i have played since i started gaming… what i love most are the ones with deviantart… it is dynamic… very appealing and pleasing to the eye… it makes gaming more fun for me… and i hope for games to have more of this concept art…

  4. lovemenot says:

    well… whenever i want some creative juice to flow in… i always revert to deviantart… it’s easy to look on them online… alot of available inspiration online… in this day and age of google… it is so easy to just type deviantart and surf the available works of art…

  5. Dae says:

    When I run out of creative ideas, I always check Concept Art World. I get inspired by the works of great artists. It also keeps me updated on the latest news in animation, gaming etc.

  6. John says:

    The first time I became interested with video game concept art was when some were featured in a magazine I subscribed to back in my teens. It was for some games made by Square, the one who made the Final Fantasy series. Awesome stuff! inspired me to attend art classes.

  7. 666 says:

    well i do love playing video games but i have not paid much attention on which art direction they are using. For me, as long as the game is amazing then i guess im ok. But i do appreciate deviantart. I think it is the best among the ones listed above.

  8. bill says:

    well the only thing that rings a bell with me is DEVIANTART… i think it is the best among the ones listed… i have seen much of deviantart online and i must say that they are just amazing… these artists are really good… i hope to see more from this art form…

  9. Athan says:

    It is great that sites like the ones on this list exist. I, like many others out there, appreciate the contribution of concept artists to video game development. Basically, that’ what video games are – images that can be controlled to perform what a person is allowed to command it to.

  10. Chris Father says:

    Wow I did not know that there are sites that provides art concept. These will be useful for game designers out there.

  11. Anthony Ruby says:

    I have a high school friend, I think he works in DeviantArt. He is a fantastic artist! His drawings are so detailed and very catchy. I’ll check DeviantArt’s website.

  12. Mia says:

    Aspiring video game concept artists can also use Behance to showcase their portfolio. They can connect with fellow artists on Behance too.

  13. ezzrayyan says:

    As mentioned, to develop the concept for a video games is not an easy design task. A lot of research need to do. Whenever the designer develop the concept, they also need to look into a few criteria which will help the games more interesting. Agreed that DeviantArt is one of the awesome website for the video games concept design.

  14. Ash says:

    DeviantArt is so cool. I love looking at amazing artworks done by amateur and professional artists all over the world.

  15. Toni Fontello says:

    Contemporary video games are works of art – so different from video games from even a decade ago! Never realized what a great career opportunity it would be for a talented artist – and fun, too!

  16. Jeff says:

    Great education on video game concept art. I’m really learning something here. This site is great!

  17. Mau says:

    As mentioned above, I’ve heard of deviantArt (I’m a member actually) but never heard of the others. Good information for those people who wants to do concept art or have a gaming career in general!

  18. Maury Cheskes says:

    Concept art is a good skill to have for gaming and for T.V. and movies if you wanna get into storyboarding. Also applicable if you want to create your own animated short film.

  19. Roger Fogg says:

    Hooray for concept art! Yes, the game itself is still the main event but there is no doubt that phenomenal concept art adds more excitement for both casual fans and professional gamers alike.

  20. alfred says:

    This is really one of the best kinds of art that I know. I’m really into this kind of topics. Thumbs up to this article!

  21. Scott Summers says:

    most of the names listed here are unheard of . The only name that stuck out is deviant art.

  22. Alex Summers says:

    I agree deviant art is good I have seen lots of their design. Art work is vital in drawing the crowd in.

  23. Eledys says:

    My favorite designers are using Deviant Art, i really love the quality of draws and the presentation, is my favorite actually.

  24. I think video game concept art is just marvelous. It essentially brings together reality and fiction (in most cases) and creates such beautiful pieces of artwork.

    Personally I love dystopian artwork. It paints a world in which we could never imagine occurring in real life…

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