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BOOK 2, P7: The Procurement Plan-The Hooligan’s Hell. Presented by Saljack Enterprises. Gaming. Media & Entertainment.

The Hooligan broke the man’s arm in two then used his baton to break three of the man’s teeth with a blow to the side of his face.

Today we continue the main story-line starting with the part 7 of book 2. Next week, we’re going to be introducing 2 new key characters before starting book 3. I hope you enjoy it!

The Hooligan was positively smattered. He looked around the tiny Stechford pub at the carnage he had caused.

“The wankers had it coming,” he said trying to justify to himself that it was okay that he had completely trashed his favorite pub. He looked down at the bloody face of the tosser that had started it all by taking the piss out of Aston Villa and spit in his mangled face.

It started like any other night that Aston Villa was playing Birmingham City. Each team’s supporters filled into their favorite watering holes and cheered the men on loudly. More often than not the fans wandered off legless at the end of the night after a bit of chin wagging and passed out.

There had always been rules in Stechford on these nights, the most important one being that you stayed on your side of town. The cops knew it; The Hooligan knew it, and these minted gits knew it too, but tonight they decided that their twigs and berries were bigger than they were.

The group of five Birmingham City supporters came smashing into the pub near the end of injury time and proceeded to sing the Birm City anthem. At first, the men in the pub tried to ignore them assuming they were off their trolley from one too many pints but the men got louder until one of them threw his beer at the TV just as Aston Villa scored the winning goal.

“Bollocks!” he screamed. Then his mates chipped in as well and a chorus of “Bollocks! Bollocks! Bollocks!” reverberated around the bar.

The patrons in the bar were positively gobsmacked.

The Hooligan reached under his barstool and grabbed his police issue baton. He never left home without it. “I think you boys may want to head back to your side of town now,” he said as he flashed his badge.

He nodded to the other Villa supporters and glanced towards the door. “I’ve got this under control,” he said.

As the last patron left the Hooligan locked the door and turned to the tossers that had ruined his evening. He threw his badge on the bar took a swig of his pint and looked the biggest of the crew of idiots in the eye.

“Come ere you!”

“Sod off” the man yelled as he rushed the Hooligan arms outreached in front of him looking to plant his hands on the Hooligans’ neck.

The Hooligan stepped to the side and grabbed the man’s right arm twisted it, so his palm was facing upwards and with a powerful elbow broke it in two. He then used his baton to break three of the man’s teeth with a blow to the side of his face.

The remaining four men lunged toward him. Each one fell with a scream and settled in a pool of blood.

The Hooligan turned to walk out the door as the bartender called to him.

“Hey Mac, you forgot your badge,” he said.

“Don’t be dodgy, Neville. Everyone around here knows I got thrown off the force years ago. Keep it as a memento. I don’t think I’ll be needing it anymore.” He said as he looked around the pub.

“I think I am going to make myself scarce for awhile. Maybe do some traveling. Seems like a good time to visit the States” he said with a laugh.

“See you around, Mate. The real coppers will be ere soon enough. Be sure to tell them the usual rubbish. ” he said and wandered off into the night.

(To be continued…)

That’s it for today! The next two stories from book 2 will be published the week of 11/28/2016, next week. We will continue publishing two new stories every week leading up to the anticipated Project-X announcement.

If you’re interested in reading the individual background life summaries or viewing updated artwork of our Champions and Villains then please follow the links here: Champions and Villains. The main story that ties all the characters together in Project-X, will be updated at the following link as stories are published: Story-line.

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11 thoughts on “BOOK 2, P7: The Procurement Plan-The Hooligan’s Hell

  1. ted says:

    i am not getting the story… too slow paced for me… we need more action guys… more characters… more of the fight scenes… and pls do have the stories longer so that we can read more of the story…

  2. Lola says:

    it is quite an interesting story… a bit too brit english for me but it’s ok… i would love to know more on what is going to happen next… pls do make it more fast paced… and more on the gore side pls… i do want this to be more like FightClub…

  3. Zed says:

    So the Hooligan is an ex-cop? Interesting. Now I know where he’s got his moves.

  4. Margaret says:

    The Birmingham City supporters got what they asked for. I hope they learn from their painful experience.

  5. Nothing like a good bar brawl. Kerblow! I’m glad even though that guy was an ex-cop he can still throw down and be an action junkie.

  6. Scott Summers says:

    Recruitment plan for what? and who is the guy in back? professor x?

  7. Mau says:

    I’m always looking forward to the artwork. The story didn’t caught my interest as much but I thought the image was amazing.

  8. Alex Summers says:

    I agree the art has improved so much. But in terms of Facial features I have a problem particularly on the girls.

  9. alfred says:

    Great graphics and awesome animation! I like how the way they do the face. It’s really amazing.

  10. Maury Cheskes says:

    Great imagery with awesome detail. I like how you can see the cracks shattering on the T.V.

  11. Athan says:

    Nice story progression. Adding more details on the fight moves and injuries might make it more interesting though. I especially like the fact that the characters use the location vernacular.

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