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Finding Out The Best Video Game Ever. Presented by Saljack Enterprises. Gaming. Media & Entertainment.

When we compare the history of video games to movies, books, and other entertainment mediums, it has been arranged with some releases of incredible quality. As such, it is natural for a gaming fan to wonder what are the best games ever made, or at least what the specialists think are the best. Since it’s subjective, and several people will have different opinions on the matter, but it is fascinating to take a trip down memory lane and see what is out there for the fans.

  1. Game Rankings: Game Rankings will be one of the first places you will come across while searching information about the best games of all time because it gains its rankings based on total scores from several video game publications. While some lists that are directly based on websites have collective opinions of their own writers, this list casts a much wider net.
  2. Metacritic: Just like Game Rankings, Metacritic aggregate scores from different outlets to decide the best games. Also, it does not go all the way back to the old stuff, as reviews were harder to find back then, and most of the reviews were contained in print magazines, and many of them are lost to time. But, it’s a fabulous site to come if you want to know about the best games, and if you want to know about the worst games ever, you can use either of the aggregate sites. You know, if you’re a masochist or something!
  3. GameRadar: It is a fantastic website for more offbeat gaming content. The folks at GamesRadar have recently put out a list of the best 100 games. With that many games, it’s a fairly comprehensive list, and it covers games from all the different time periods and genres. It’s difficult to compare a game released in 1980 with a game released in 2013, but they do quite a good job, and you can fairly choose on. If you want a genuine place to go when your friends try to claim that Y game is better than Z, then GamesRadar’s list is a great resource.
  4. IGN Top 100 Modern Games: If you are not interested in knowing about the retro games and keen to know about the games played on the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3, then you are going to love this list because it contains only the modern games and nothing out of it is included. If you are new to gaming, and perhaps have acquired a last-gen console, this list will give you an ideal starting place for great games to play.
  5. VGChartz: Are you interested in the concrete numbers? Well, there is only one best place to turn that sales numbers. And if you want to know about the numbers, VGCharts has you covered it’s database with the best selling video games. The numbers may not be 100 percent accurate because not all companies release their detailed sales data, but the list will give you a fabulous ballpark of what games were sold the best in the history of gaming, and it’s just interesting to see what games really brought it in terms of making the big bucks.

So what are the best games of all time for you? Jump to the comments section and tell us your favorite games ever!




28 thoughts on “Finding Out The Best Video Game Ever

  1. It’s tough to choose one game from this list. All of them are great games. Thanks for comprising this list

  2. Eledys says:

    To make a good choice of games I always go to GameRadar I have never been disappointed with their recommendations, they are always the best option in video games!

  3. Qiu Qiu says:

    I am into scary video games so Silent Hill is the best game for me. Five Nights at Freddy’s is also great. It’s best to play it with friends, if you know what I mean LOL

  4. louie says:

    for me the most popular games are not really the best because some of them are only popular because the company who made it have the money for more propaganda. Most of the time games with too much propaganda don’t really live up to the expectations. I only believe it when my friends attest it.

  5. maggie says:

    it’s actually hard to choose the best video game since all gamers have a genre and game type that they prefer. I guess it comes down to the most popular as one of the best if not THE best.

  6. Rizal says:

    My best game that i ever played was probably DOTA. This game collect all the skills you need, creativity and teamwork. I think IGN still the best website for review a game.

  7. Fajar says:

    I think God Of War still one of the best game that i ever played. The second is Onimusha Dawn of Dreams. Btw, i’m always check on IGN, this website is really good and informative though

  8. Cannonball says:

    DOTA is really hot right now. I wonder if we will see a full CGI movie?

  9. angel says:

    That could eork visit review sites. But its better to test it for yourself first before deciding.

  10. Kris Kramer says:

    Reading up on these different rankings will certainly help gamers, especially the younger ones, select the games the should play before they die. I, for one, will revisit these games and see which ones I can still get hold of. Exciting!

  11. Christian Joy says:

    Thank you for providing those websites. Me myself is looking for a game right now. I feel bored when I don’t play a game in one day. This article sure helps.

  12. Mika says:

    This post brings back so memories. For me, the best games were the old Nintendo 64 games. I remember hurrying home from school every day as a kid so I can play Super Mario on my Nintendo 64 console.

  13. Piper says:

    IGN Top 100 Modern Games is dope! I am so glad they chose Mass Effect 2 as the #1 game. I love Mass Effect 2. Mass Effect 1 was a bit meh for me.

  14. Marco says:

    DoTA!!! It’s the best game and I’m addicted to it! I’ve tried other games but DoTA is the only game that I got hooked. No one else comes close!

  15. Claudette says:

    I checked out these sites and I can say that Game Rankings is the best. Great layout and content! The best video game for me would be…Final Fantasy VII.

  16. MChesk says:

    Gaming is taking off. One day your favorite game will quickly be replaced by another.

  17. Dae says:

    The best game for me has gotta be The Legend of Zelda. I’ve been playing it since I was a kid but the magic is still there.

    1. Jakob says:

      Oh man that was one of my favorites too! Good one.

  18. Hannah says:

    It’s hard for me to pick the best game ever because I have so many favorites. However, if I have to choose one, I would pick Katamari Damacy. It’s so cute and quirky.

  19. Mau says:

    It’s so hard to decide on the best game. I’ve played several throughout the years and I’ll probably frown on some of my favorites before if I get to play it now.

    I’ll just go for Tekken since I was REALLY addicted to the game years ago.

  20. Michelle says:

    Cool sites! Thank you for this blog. Now I know where to look at those incredible games.

  21. Kadoya Tsukasa says:

    If I were to choose the best game. It is got to be Final Fantasy franchise. Hell FFVll had a movie that says alot.

  22. Kyo Kusagi says:

    There is no such thing as a perfect or best game. Cuz everything has its flaws. However the classics are some of the best games ever.

    1. Parker says:

      I agree. One of the best old game for me is Warcraft III. I love playing Dota.

  23. roisterous says:

    As far as console games go, I would vote for fable. As far as pc games go, I would vote for the sims.The only commodor computer game I’m aware of is prince of persia, though I’m sure there are others. There have been more technologically advanced games I’m sure, I just was never personally exposed to them.

  24. Maury Cheskes says:

    I don’t think graphics or numbers should decide which is the greatest game. I think there should be some online survey where everyone can cast their vote on which is their favorite. I think if you asked more older people they would tell you Mario Kart. I think if you asked more younger people, they would tell you Call of Duty.

  25. Lilibet says:

    It’s hard to pick just one best video game. There are loads of them! Thanks for listing down these sites. I will check them out and see if my faves made the list! Cheers!

  26. Britney says:

    Super Mario Bros! I’m all excited it’s coming to iOS next month. Not sure for Android though.

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