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Pro Tips For Video Game Designers. Presented by Saljack Enterprises. Gaming. Media & Entertainment.

Want to become a video game designer? Game developers hold a key factor in making a game successful!

To become a good a developer, you need to love games. And remember that enjoying video games is not just the love to play them, you also need to understand between the lines and through every bush so that you can easily break down every perspective of the video game down to its core. By doing this, you can examine further, interpret, and discover what quality and grade a game truly is.

Here are the list of things that a game designer needs to do:

Programming: If there was no programming, a game could never be made. Hence, the most important task a developer need to do is to take all the unrealistic expectations and find leeways in exceeding them.

Animating/Designing: Modern games today requires both structure and design. The designer should be able to animate and create the workarounds of the code lines.

Making Music: Music scores behind video games play a crucial role in enhancing the overall experience. Also, sound effects, audio enhancement and voice-acting of a game are critical, so if a game developer knows how to put a brilliant music score in his games, it’d be saving a lot of its production time.

Play-Testing: The play-testers search and hunt down errors while acknowledging all points of the play-ability of a game. This can be easily done by the developer himself to save on both time and cost.

Making It On Your Own: Some may work better alone while others work with the help of others. Whichever way you work, you need to work uniquely and differently in certain aspects only then your game will uniquely stand in the way you have planned it.

The feeling of being able to build a life out of basically an idea is empowering and amazing. You should be confident and feel proud of yourself that you are creating your imaginary world where everything in it lives and breathes with a prominent role in the production of a game. Being a video game developer, you are expected to be more than just putting lines of codes in a program. You should have the proper knowledge of the history, mathematics, media studies, art, and literature to deliver a living and breathing game entirely. The best way to be a real game developer is to start with less and make your way to the big leagues by programming and coding mobile and video games. So, pick your desired programming language and start working on small projects!

Let us know how you work to make your video game a success in the comments section!




27 thoughts on “Pro Tips For Video Game Designers

  1. Mike says:

    Those five elements is essential for a game to be created. So if you want to be a game designer. Better start learning those five.

  2. angel says:

    creating codes is for game developers and not designers. I am still confuse how to distinguish the two he he

  3. canonnball says:

    I agree these are great tips. However? I am way interested in the job lol.

  4. Melissa Porter says:

    I’m way out of touch. Reading these will help.

  5. I says:

    Good tips

  6. Terry Poage says:

    Thanks for the great information. I think it would be so fun to be able to write code for games as a living.

    1. Anthony says:

      True indeed. Working as a game designer is awesome. Not only you get to create, but you also get to play it.

  7. Adam says:

    Music is one essential element for a game. Without it your game will be boring to play with. You should make sure to relate the music from the type of game you are creating.

  8. Norah says:

    For me, these days is hard to create a game. Almost all types of game is available in the market. You really have to be creative when it comes to the game that you want to initialize. I wonder when can I see a game that is unique and playable at the same time?

  9. Kyo Kusagi says:

    Being a game designer is very stressful. manga creators takes breaks. How much more these guys? I salute them even more

  10. Kadoya Tsukasa says:

    I agree OST’s can be a huge plus. Who is doing it by the way? developers or designers?

  11. Migs Asis says:

    Oh, most certainly, programmers need to come up with epic music! I could remember playing God of War 1 for the very first time and I was really drawn into the game because of the background music, as well as the other sound effects.

  12. Miaka Yuuki says:

    You are not the only one bro. I think it is a topic for designers. Perhaps they are just glossing over developers.

  13. MIco Robin says:

    I read a previous topic discussing the geme designers vs. game developers. With that said its nice that this time we have in depth info.

  14. Leila says:

    I am also confused…are developers and designers the same? Because the article title says “designers” yet the article uses “developer” most of the time. I thought designers are responsible for the design process, while the developer creates the program. But these two should work hand-in-hand. So yeah, a person can be a designer and developer at the same time too.

  15. Maripaz says:

    Is it designer or developer? Anyway, design is the artistic side of game-making right? So this designer should be very meticulous and utilize all available new tech. Gamers now are very picky and can easily tell minute details that are not right.

  16. roisterous says:

    If a game is expected to be a real success, I would think that more than just the quality of the game would play a crucial role. I would think that in order for a well designed video game to become well known, it would need to be advertised well.

  17. Maury Cheskes says:

    It sounds like it involves a healthy brain in mathematics and creativity. I’d like to see a programmer in action and get a taste of what work goes in.

  18. Thomas says:

    I have read an article between the difference of developers to designers. Make sure to hire those great developers because they will make your game come into life.

  19. Peter says:

    I love playing games. These are very helpful helpful tips. I’ll definitely use it!

  20. Dae says:

    Great tips! A video game designer should also have a lot of patience. The job requires long hours of work. He/she must be prepared to sacrifice his/her social life in the process.

    1. gary says:

      I’ve noticed most of the time people who are single and young get hired to these positions. Because just like you said they can stay long hours, no social life outside work and home. I wonder if the management would be understanding if one of these single guys got married and had to spend more time at home or other places? Do you think he/she would last at a job like that in this situation?

  21. Hannah Mae Cortes says:

    Hats off to video game designers. Their job seems like a lot of hard work.

  22. Mau says:

    Looks like you have to be an all around person to be a video game designer or developer! But as you just mentioned, creating something from an idea is amazing so I’m sure all the hard work will be worth it. You just need to have a genuine interest in the video game end-to-end process.

  23. Renee says:

    It is truly amazing how technology can give opportunity to those genius individual that is creative and have knowledge of this kind of art. I can’t imagine myself developing my own video game.

  24. Sam Garcia says:

    That’s interesting from your childhood and now you’re doing it as your career. I really believe that if you love what you’re doing you always give your dedication and passion towards your goal and at the same time best part is you enjoy what you’re doing. Two thumbs up for you.

  25. Jakob says:

    Very nice thank you! Can you post something about what classes a student should take if they want to pursue this as a career? I would be interested in finding out.

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