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Is it Hard to Get a Game Design Job? Presented by Saljack Enterprises. Gaming. Media & Entertainment.

So have you decided to become a video game designer? You love playing the video games and can’t think of anything rather than developing the next generation of fun? Hundreds of other people think just like you.

There are plenty of video game developing companies out there, but the number of qualified candidates looking for work continues to rise as well. Hence, a college degree and passion won’t allow you to get the job. You need to present yourself in a way that stands out from the crowd, as this is a very competitive career.

Becoming a Game Designer: The Pros

Independence: You can imagine and create your own game. The market requires creative and unique talent as this field is very competitive and more people are studying game design. While waiting for your dream company to start hiring, you can start building your own game.

Your Game can affect millions of people: Nowadays, games are not just for entertainment. With these games, people are getting educated, getting training and relaxing their whole day stress. So you get paid for being creative, and you can play these games as well.

Becoming a Game Designer: The Cons

The hours: A designer’s life completely revolves around the game until it is fully designed and ready for the final release, he ought to spend almost all his hours in the office. So you need to manage all your work according to your job.

Communication: If you are not able to express your thoughts properly, you can create a stumbling block in anything that you attempt. It may be even more difficult to design a game in the language you don’t know.

Education: Your education background plays a vital role in getting the attention of various video development companies. As all game design programs are not equal while some are more detailed and require education from grassroots and other programs are assumed that they can be completed by anybody.

Location: Think of the place where you live. Some states have a bigger concentration of game developing companies while others don’t have. So keep your location into consideration.

Overcoming These Challenges

Move: Make that move if your location doesn’t have the design companies. Relocation is the best way.

Engage: Get familiar with the language of your game development so that you can at least participate in the conversations related to programming, art, and storytelling. You may understand what you have done well enough, but you should learn how to express yourself so that others understand your ideas the way you want to convey to them.

Offer to work for free: In any career, landing as a fresher and getting that first position is normally the hardest. Be ready to take anything that you’ll be able to use on your resume later.

Keep learning: Do not go to college just to get your degree. Choose a program that will deliver you the advantage over other designers. Growing your knowledge base is the more effective way to get ahead of your competition. Keep up to date on the latest software and tools. Try building your own games from home.

So what have you decided regarding your career in gaming field. Let us know in the comments section!




22 thoughts on “Is it Hard to Get a Game Design Job?

  1. Casper says:

    I find game designing very difficult because I’m not that creative. I salute those people that is in the game industry because they are very creative and hardworking. Making a game is very difficult and requires a lot of attention.

  2. Kyo Kusagi says:

    You have to look at game companies for this. Something that is impossible here in third world nations.

  3. Kadoya Tsukasa says:

    Its possible to get a job in these field. Howver your education must be fit for it. That is just one of many factors.

  4. Miaka Yuuki says:

    I agree Mico times are changing and even jobs are digital now. There is still competition but at least its a lot less.

  5. MIco Robin says:

    This is why I love online jobs. So many people are going corporate with realizing the alternative.

  6. Dae says:

    Getting a job in the gaming industry is really hard these days. The economy isn’t good and there are only a few jobs available so the competition is really tough.

    1. Joy says:

      I agree. Your game must be that creative and playable for you to gain profit from it. The game must also have a lot of players on it.

  7. mystique says:

    The buddy system where you need to kiss someones behind? Here? I Know its for hard labor but not in jobs like these.

  8. Magneto says:

    Its hard to get a job no matter what field. However its harder if the job is rare just like this one.

  9. Hannah Mae Cortes says:

    I think it will be hard to get a game design job straight after graduating from college. Graduates must work for a few years to build their work experience before finally landing their dream job.

  10. Safwan Awang says:

    Nice and great advice. Nothing is impossible if we have a willingness.

  11. Mau says:

    If you are really, really interested in video game designing, then start doing little things to attain your dream. Studying on your free time, doing work for free, etc — all of these add up to a good resume! The great thing is I’m pretty sure there are a lot of online tutorials to get you started.

  12. Stephen Vhargeese says:

    I have a few relatives who work in programming and to be honest and it may sound bad but its also about who you know. If you have a good network it is easier to land your dream job then for someone who is new. It is unfortunate but that is how the world rolls.

    1. martha says:

      Not sure if I agree? then how will any body get a job if we have to know people. Sure this what you say happens but not all the time.

  13. Great advice! I would also add that if you are on a PC, get your feet wet with the modding community. With PC and console gaming, I’d also suggest beta-testing games if you can (again, starting free). If companies can see your creativity, passion, and detail-oriented mindset, they’ll take notice! Good luck to all new designers!

    1. evan says:

      Good point Athena. I have beta tested plenty for Blizzard and was offered a job as a community manager for their forums a couple years back. So what you are saying is true for those who are dedicated and hardcore players!

    2. martha says:

      Could be yeah? But not sure if this apply to international countries? Maybe for American gamers only. I know many here in Russia who play also beta but not any who have job or receive. It can happen in few places I am sure but not so much around. I hope you understand my weak English.

      1. Hi Martha! You are right, it can be difficult to get a job in the industry: many people want these kinds of jobs, and there are relatively few job available. So, people really need to stand out. Another person left a comment here about having to know someone in the industry already, which is also true. But either way, the market is flooded with potential workers, which makes it difficult to find work. I’m not sure what this is like in other countries, but even in the United States I know people who beta test and are very active members of the gaming community, and yet are not able to find a job as a designer or play-tester.

        I think it’s like any entertainment industry: everyone wants to be part of it so it’s difficult to break into! Do you beta test games?

        1. martha says:

          No mama I not I was before but not now. I not have to much time like before, is different life when have children yeah? =) My cousin plays now she is single =) But I play many before and I know many game. You? You beta tester?

          1. I can imagine you have your hands full with children! As much as I love video games, family always comes first 🙂

            No, I’m not a beta tester. I unfortunately don’t have the time to devote to what would be a job without pay – I read about what it takes to get into the industry, and it’s just not something I think I’d be able to do right now. But I have my blog and soon I’m hoping to start up a let’s play channel on YouTube, so maybe one day!

            What’s your favorite game? (or a few games – I know that’s a hard question to answer sometimes!!)

        2. martha says:

          I like the old quake games 🙂 you remember that? Grappling hook and hide on wall haha but so many cheats now. Also the halo and unreal tournament. What about you?

          1. I do remember Quake! And Doom… I was pretty bad at them, to be honest, but i really liked them! I like the Metal Gear Solid games, and I’m a fan of role-playing games. I have completely fallen in love with just about anything BioWare releases, from Baldur’s Gate to Dragon Age and Mass Effect. But Zelda and Mega Man definitely hold special places in my heart as they are what got me so interested in gaming in the first place.

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