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Playing Consoles on a Monitor or a TV? Presented by Saljack Enterprises. Gaming. Media & Entertainment.

Looking for something exciting to play your current or last-generation consoles on? Maybe you’re short on space, money, or you’d like to get more use out of your purchase? A computer monitor can do the trick.

Here are some reasons you can consider while buying a monitor for your gaming sessions:

Portable Monitors Occupy Less Space: If you are opting for a monitor, we have a portable and lightweight display that can be instantly moved onto the desk when not in use. If you want to play games, with the aid of a cheap but longer-than-usual HDMI cable, the monitor can be used flexibly while the TV remains in its usual place. The monitor is a great budget solution for playing two consoles at once. A smaller panel generally occupies less space with a thinner and lighter display.

More Valuable than a TV: Any day a good monitor is cheaper than a bad TV, particularly if you just want the panel for playing games and you’re not interested in the features that you won’t use. You need not to pay for a tuner or distended smart TV features, HDMI slots, network interfaces, USB connectivity, remote control and other connections that you’ll never use. Full HD displays are becoming much cheaper than they used to be, and the technology behind these panels is growing too. Most monitors provide better quality images than the same-priced TVs, with higher contrast ratios, faster response times, less ghosting, and less image interruption from disturbing manufacturer features.

You Probably Don’t Need a 4K Screen Yet: A logical upgrade these days is to invest in a 4K screen for your HD screen, but this technology is still comparatively expensive, and you can easily skip upgrading to it. Unless you have got a reasonably powerful PC, you won’t be playing console games in the “true” 4K resolution.

Considerations When Using a Monitor: There have a few things to keep in mind when you’re thinking of saving some space and money by opting for the monitor. Unlike TVs, monitors don’t usually come with speakers. If you want the best results, you’re going to have to sort out the audio for yourself. Plug into your favorite set of headphones and you are done.

Monitor or TV?

It totally depends on the preferences of the people. Some people may prefer the compact nature and the easiness to carry a monitor so that they can move around and use it for different purposes over a TV while others prefer the big screen experience. Some of you would have already invested in 4K, and in that case degrading to an inferior resolution does not make a lot of sense. But if you are thinking of purchasing a second screen, have space concerns, don’t forget that monitors are the best possible options.

What do you use for playing your favorite consoles? A monitor or a TV? Let us know your choice in the comments section!




18 thoughts on “Playing Consoles on a Monitor or a TV?

  1. Dae Lee says:

    It depends on the situation. I play games on the monitor when I’m alone. However, when friends come over, we play games on TV.

  2. Alex Summers says:

    In third wold places like in here TV monitors for games are rare!!! With that said I prefer the comuter for I can just to to cyber cafe and play.

  3. Scott Summers says:

    I do not get what is the ruckus about? its like comparing desktop and PC? meaning monitor or tv screen its the same only the size is different come on.!!!

  4. Mau says:

    I’ve always used TV but you have good points here. Sometimes habits are meant to be broken and I wouldn’t know for sure which is better unless I tried the other.

  5. Susanne says:

    Since this is about playing games. I prefer to you a TV screen because they have high resolution. However if you are in a tight budget, you should consider a monitor since they are not that far away from the graphics of a TV.

  6. Harry says:

    Hmmm… they seem to have their advantages. If your going to use TV, it have high quality resolution and can be use for so many consoles and devices. However, monitors are portable, don’t need a lot of space and is cheap to purchase.

  7. Jea says:

    However, OLEDS have a tendency to ruin pixels. I’d still stick to regular PC monitors over TVs ,, They are good though (TVS) for magnified viewing experiences .. technical wise they do mess it up a bit.

  8. Maria Cruz says:

    I prefer to use monitors for all the above reasons. Plus, hubby will not get mad for messing up the settings of his TV when the kids and I play.

  9. Eula says:

    I prefer monitor because its cheap and portable. If you use a TV as your monitor, what if other people in your household needs to watch? It’s going to be a problem.

  10. Peter says:

    They are both good products but I prefer TVs because you can do anything on it. You can watch TV shows, play music and even use it as a monitor itself.

  11. Great list! Another thing to consider is that some console gamers have more than one system (or older systems like the NES), and might want them all hooked up at the same time, which might require a lot of wires and other hardware depending on how old the system is… It’s possible to do with a monitor, I’m sure (haven’t tried it!), but the thought of hooking up multiple things to one viewing device is going to keep televisions at the front of gamers’ brains, at least for a while, I think.

  12. Rick Rhodes says:

    No doubt, going for a monitor is the more practical and space-efficient way to go. However, there are certain games that one can truly appreciate and marvel at, by using a giant TV screen. For me, I’d go for big TV if I have the space and the money.

  13. Hannah Mae Cortes says:

    I personally prefer playing my consoles on a TV because my TV has a bigger screen with a much better picture quality. There’s no input lag too. That’s just me though. Different strokes for different folks.

  14. Collin says:

    Hmm, maybe you have a good point. Monitors nowadays are cheaper compare to TVs and also they are portable and does not get that lots of space. But I prefer TV because it have two features. Use it as an ordinary TV or use it as a monitor for your laptop or desktop.

  15. Collin says:

    I prefer TV because nowadays they are cheap as a monitor in my place. What if you get tired of using your desktops or laptops? You can use your TV to surf stations and enjoy yourself for a while.

  16. Chelsea P. says:

    Monitors are, in some cases, a better choice, because you can have other uses for it, like surfing the net or doing jobs. Unlike the TV, you can just use it for watching and playing music. Monitors take less space and can be beneficial if you’re living in a small place or a small apartment.

  17. Maury Cheskes says:

    Alright, monitor. Those are some concise facts against T.V.s. Pricing and portability. Very fair.

    1. Jen says:

      Monitors have their advantages. So does a TV. I prefer the big sizes of TV’s though.

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