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BOOK 2, P2: The Procurement Plan - Suzy’s Strange Sanity. Presented by Saljack Enterprises. Gaming. Media & Entertainment.

But tonight she had no one to play with, just some little man in glasses sitting in the corner eating a piece of pie and keeping to himself.

Today we continue the main story-line starting with the part 2 of book 2. We’re also changing the book 2 title from ‘The Binding Ties‘ to ‘The Procurement Plan‘. I hope you enjoy it!

Suzy loved the graveyard shift. The double entendre always made her giggle. There were always fewer people scurrying about at 2am and the ones that were she found far more interesting.

The Diner always had a few customers in it no matter what time of the night it was. Suzy found it amusing that at any given time in the middle of the night there was someone in New York that needed a cup of coffee and a slice of pie.

In her hunt for men that deserved to die Suzy had developed a ranking system to help her make her nightly choices. Each type of man ranked also had a different approach to killing that Suzy had perfected over the years. Each one designed to appeal to that type of man’s weaknesses. Men were, for the most part, simple she thought and getting them alone was easy.

Suzy had her favorite ways to kill and her favorite men to kill as well. At the top of her list was the loudmouth. The loudmouth ranking was reserved for the man who would wander into the diner at 2 or 3 am after a night of drinking looking to sober up before heading home to lie to his wife about where he had been. Inevitably while chugging coffee and stuffing pasta into his belly the loudmouth’s phone would ring and on the other end would be his wife or girlfriend wondering where the hell he had been.

As the conversation escalated the loudmouth would get louder and louder with absolutely no regard for anyone else in the diner. Airing his profanity laced tirade for all the patrons to hear.

Suzy would let it go for a while just to be sure. Then as the abusive, derogatory and overtly sexist comments began to flow more frequently and loudly Suzy would make her move.

After undoing an extra button on her uniform and quickly teasing her hair just a little she would walk over to the man’s table, lean in and whisper to him, “Hard night cutie? Need a little extra coffee?” The loud mouth almost without fail would stop yelling into his phone immediately and begin to eye Suzy intently. His next move would be to hang up on his significant other and turn his phone off. He would then begin to flirt with her. It was always the same. Suzy laughed at how simple it was. She made him feel in control and desired. Just what he needed at that very moment and before long she was twirling her hair with her finger and handing him her number telling him to call her sometime so they could get to know each other better. The man would then offer to walk her home which of course she would decline and say she wanted to be at her best when they met and that it should be another day.

The loudmouth never could stay away for more than a couple of days. The call would come and Suzy would arrange to meet him somewhere out of the way so they could be discreet. She always waited for the man to suggest his car, they always did, it seemed to be some sort of cheap fantasy. After Suzy had met the loudmouth at his designated time and place she would get into his car and ask for a kiss. When he leaned in she quickly stabbed him in the neck with a syringe full of poison.

Suzy always laughed at this point. The weird look of desire mixed with shock and confusion that came over the loudmouth’s face amused her. Within seconds it was over and the loudmouth would collapse over his steering wheel.

Suzy would then walk over to her own car and grab her fully charged reciprocating saw and relieve the loudmouth of his right hand and throw it in the cooler in her trunk and drive away.

She loved it when a man who fit into that ranking walked into the diner it always made her night. But tonight she had no one to play with, just some little man in glasses sitting in the corner eating a piece of pie and keeping to himself.

“Oh well, there is always tomorrow to add to my collection” Suzy thought to herself.

(To be continued…)

That’s it for today! The next story from book two will be published towards the end of this week. We will continue publishing two new stories every week leading up to the anticipated Project-X announcement.

If you’re interested in reading the individual background life summaries or viewing updated artwork of our Champions and Villains then please follow the links here: Champions and Villains. The main story that ties all the characters together in Project-X, will be updated at the following link as stories are published: Story-line.

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22 thoughts on “BOOK 2, P2: The Procurement Plan – Suzy’s Strange Sanity

  1. Hannah Mae Cortes says:

    I wonder why Suzy is like that. I’m sure she must have had bad experiences with men in the past.

  2. Buddy says:

    They are both evil. Yet Suzy won the duel. Stabbing you is painful. Kids don’t try this okay?

  3. Kenny says:

    I did not know that diners are 24 hours. Does she gets any sleep at all? Maybe that’s the reason she’s kinda psychotic.

  4. James says:

    When will the next page will be. The story is getting exciting! Suzy is psychotic…

  5. Ydnar says:

    The drawing is amazing and that pie looks delicious. Suzy have a tattoo, I feel like people with tattoos are bad-ass.

  6. ben says:

    Suzy is like Dexter, they have their own twisted reasons to kill people. But to some extent, there really are people who you want to kill, at least metaphorically.

  7. kurt says:

    “Men were, for the most part, simple she thought and getting them alone was easy.”
    I beg to disagree… but I guess that’s how most men are viewed because of the few who are.

  8. Fil Canlas says:

    Wow! it’s the first time I’ve read about Suzy and it got me hooked! The way she observed the guys walking into the Diner and how she planned everything from the unbuttoning of her blouse to the moment she stabs her victim with the syringe. Sweet!

  9. Maury Cheskes says:

    Great buildup. I’d like to hear the backup story a bit on the creepy guy. Good detail on the illustration too.

  10. Hannah Mae Cortes says:

    Even though Suzy is so messed up, I find myself rooting for her. She’s a total badass. You go, girl!

  11. Erica says:

    The drawing is very cool. The two characters looks very mean. It’s like just waiting for the time for them to clash. Suzy won though.

  12. Justin says:

    She’s so evil. Why is she doing that in the first place? She’s kinda psychotic.

  13. roisterous says:

    It’s pretty messed up that she keeps relcs with which to remember victim. I do wonder if she’ll eventually do something with them.

  14. Kadoya Tsukasa says:

    So she is poson Ivy with a touch of Harley? What a comination

  15. Kyo Kusagi says:

    Again that proffessor guy is in there? Will this lead to something?

  16. Jennifer says:

    She is so evil. Why is she doing that in the first place? It’s kinda scary to experience being stab.

  17. Peter says:

    Woah the story is scary. Stabbing you in the neck? That’s is so awful.

  18. Mau says:

    Love the artwork as usual. We need more backstory though. Looking forward to the next installment.

  19. Ruthie says:

    I like this girl’s strategically-placed tattoo. Really shows her character. I wonder how she will get tangled with the man in black.

  20. Edward says:

    Ooooh the Professor making an appearance again! Why is Suzy acting this way? Anyway, I don’t find anything interesting in her story. Killing for the thrills. So cliche.

    1. Jen says:

      Suzy has a medical problem. I think she needs to seek a professional treatment. Nothing exciting with the story yet, though.

  21. naotaoka says:

    I know she is villain but i really like the suzy girl.

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