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Choosing Between a Gaming Laptop and Desktop. Presented by Saljack Enterprises. Gaming. Media & Entertainment.

Confused what to buy for playing video games? A gaming Laptop or a Desktop? Almost all gamers know that large PCs are much faster than smaller ones. Quicker chips need more power, produce more heat, and have more transistors, which adds up to more space. Very few people believe that a laptop can beat an equally expensive desktop established in the same year.

Many gamers still fight when choosing between the two. We know the fact that laptops are slower than desktops, but how much slower can be hard to mention, and many gamers find themselves considering the reduction in performance against the price tag and its handy nature. Here’s what you need to know to make a good decision between the two.

Processor Performance: The latest computer processors rarely provide the limiting factor in video game performance. Outstanding mechanics like artificial intelligence and physics engine run on the CPU, but the load is placed on hardware and is trivial when compared to 3D graphics. Still, the CPU does add to the speed of all the software, and it can on rare occasions be necessary. A big difference in performance between desktop and mobile parts might be seen, but the two are somewhat similar. Though there are some desktop parts that completely destroy notebooks, these are exotic options like the advanced processor that stand outstandingly.  The desktop processors are a bit quicker than the mobile peers, but it’s not the victory you’d expect.

Graphics Performance: High-end graphics chips are a true challenge for laptops to handle. They use far more power than a processor and demands a burly cooling system to stay operational. This is the reason why gaming laptops manage to be larger and heavier than the conventional models. Mobile GPUs regularly trail their desktop peers. The desktop’s edge of victory is narrower when budget video cards are examined. The desktop video card still wins, but the laptop chip is quick enough to run games with the same detail settings and only a minor performance loss.

Practical Performance: Benchmark numbers usually don’t describe the whole performance. The key feature in real games is its performance, and when approached from a practical prospect, surprisingly laptops prove capable. The hardware you need is determined by the types of games you play, and that in turn helps you take your decision between a desktop or a laptop. Gamers seeking to play the most attractive action and demanding titles will usually find a laptop to be slower than the similar desktop, but they can easily tackle games with technically simplistic graphics.

Upgrade Options: Laptops and desktops differ in how they can be upgraded. The desktops with a few rare exceptions, needs every component to be either removed or replaced with the new hardware. In theory you can buy a desktop and continue your gaming  but replacing the hardware. While Laptops have many limitations. Most of them have a processor that requires ball grid array packaging. In this configuration the processor is joined with the motherboard and can’t be removed and the same approach is used by many graphics chips. Some developers even solder the RAM and use non-standard solid state drives, though the majority of gaming laptops allow easy upgrades for these components.

So what do you think about both of them? Which one do you prefer? Let us know in the comments section!




23 thoughts on “Choosing Between a Gaming Laptop and Desktop

  1. Elaine says:

    “High-end graphics chips are a true challenge for laptops to handle.” It let me think about that function between laptop and mobile app. When you play the games, more graphics might more attractive.

  2. Vic Magno says:

    For someone who used to own a small computer shop a few years back, I know for a fact how desktops easily beat laptops when it comes to performance. What I did was I kept a couple of my desktops and have been using them for gaming. I also have a laptop, which I occasionally use. But overall, I’d still go for a desktop with excellent specs.

  3. Hannah Mae Cortes says:

    As a gamer, I believe that a desktop is the best option. It’s faster and offers better gaming experience.

  4. Penny says:

    If you really are an avid gamer. Like you play almost all those games. You’ll probably choose desktop because you can upgrade the processor of your CPU.

  5. Leo says:

    So true. Graphics is a challenge for gaming laptops. My laptop overheats every time I play a high-end game.

  6. angel says:

    The way I see it Upgrades is the number one going for desktops. It is a plus yes but overall it depends on how and where you use it. .

  7. Miaka Yuuki says:

    For long hours of gaming Desktop takes it but for short period its laptop. Both have pros and cons but personally I use the two for work so both are vital to me.

  8. onejanedoe says:

    Despite the fact that I don’t generally use my computer for gaming, I found this post to be extremely interesting and informational. I had desktop computers solely up until about three years ago when I switched to my first laptop. Since I’ve switched to a laptop I have noticed that I sometimes have problems with even simple online games that I play and I never knew exactly why. I’ve been considering buying a new computer again soon and have been debating between a laptop and a desktop this time around and thanks to this article I will have new information with which to make my decision. Thank you for pointing out that desktops don’t necessarily need to be costlier than a laptop. My laptop is still in good condition so I can still use it for portability while enjoying the increased speed of a new desktop. Do you think it is always best to buy new or is it ever a good choice to get a newer used model that is superior to what you could buy new for the same price? Anyone?

    1. arakadi says:

      Really jane depends on your budget. It’s almost true what they say, technology becomes obsolete the moment you buy it. Some people like to buy the latest and greatest, and maybe they can afford to throw money away. But its also not always throwing money away, maybe they need the latest and greatest. Also remember that when you buy the latest and greatest, you are allowing yourself that much more buffer to the future before your next upgrade rather than buy the lesser/used model and then maybe having to spend money again sooner for another upgrade. So there are many things to consider when making this decision. I hope my reply was helpful.

  9. Ursula says:

    If you’re a hardcore gamer, you know this is a no-brainer. Desktop trumps laptop in all aspects of gaming. There’s so much you can do with a desktop, more titles to choose from, and customize to no end.

  10. Jonathon says:

    It depends on your gaming behavior. Or your lifestyle. If you’re the type who moves around a lot, or your job requires you to go from one place to another and you can’t help itch to play games in between, then laptop is the clear choice. But if you wanna play in the comforts of your bedroom, like to tinker on things and customize, then desktop is your best bet.

  11. Raphael Fabella says:

    If anyone wants to play with a pc, then they should definitely spend the money on a gaming desktop. It may not be mobile or easy to carry around, but it is superior in every way in my opinion.

  12. Bill says:

    I will choose desktop because I play a lot of games. What if I saw a very nice game but I did not meet the system requirements? I will upgrade the desktop then.

  13. Holy says:

    If you’re a hardcore gamer I’m sure you’ll do desktop because it can be upgraded. I like laptops because you can bring it anywhere.

  14. Kyo Kusagi says:

    Desktop all the way however laptops are handy too. and not to mention can go anywhere, It will depend on how and who is using it.

  15. Kadoya Tsukasa says:

    Yes laptops cannot be upgraded as a desk top. However a laptop is more handy and portable.

  16. John says:

    The blog has a good point. Eventhough laptops are the same with desktop when it comes to gameplay, the downside is that laptops cannot be upgraded compare to desktops. But what I love about laptops are portability.

  17. Peter says:

    I agree with Maury, how I wish there is a portable charger for laptop. I have a gaming laptop and I love it, I will never replace it with anything else. Laptop is portable not like desktop. I love playing games with my laptop. The downside is it heats fast.

  18. Mau says:

    I’ve always preferred desktops but what was mentioned above is a good point: The hardware you need is determined by the types of games you play, and that in turn helps you take your decision between a desktop or a laptop. Not all games have the same requirements and choosing laptop or desktop boils down to the game requirements.

  19. Maury Cheskes says:

    Laptop conquers all. It’d be nice if there were more portable chargers for laptops as well.

  20. Cody Jones says:

    I love video games and back in the day, I always made sure that I get the best when it comes to speed and graphics. But now that my job demands that I should be on the go, I am left with no choice but to go for a laptop, a good one at that. I guess it’s just about enjoying the most of what I can with my laptop.

  21. Chuck says:

    For a gaming experience, there’s really no point in comparing the two. Desktop is definitely superior than any gaming laptop. Upgrade-wise, I say desktop is also the clear winner. The only advantage of a laptop for me is its portability.

  22. Marcus says:

    Desktop for me. I don’t always upgrade right away. When new games arrive that require more from my desktop, I don’t usually go for them right away. I wait for a few more months or even a year and see if the recent releases are really worth the upgrade.

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