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Reducing Stress With Video Games. Presented by Saljack Enterprises. Gaming. Media & Entertainment.

Playing video games can diminish your stress, reduce your depression, and make you feel better. That may sound untrue to you. But there are plenty of evidence available to support it. Adding a bit of game-playing time to your schedule could actually develop your mental health in many unexpected ways. There are plenty of studies and research involved on both the sides to build this case. But the final verdict is in favor of the benefits offered by video games, and they are so compelling that it would be  unfair to not acknowledge them.

Who Plays Video Games?

When you think of playing video gaming, you imagine a group of teen boys sitting in front of a big-screen TV and steadily jamming buttons on their controllers. This stereotype has been blown away by various researches. Many women have actually started playing the games more frequently, and the age groups that make up game players is totally changed. People of all ages are well enjoying while playing video games. The latest estimates put both men and women on equal footing as game players. People from all age groups have chosen video games for their entertainment. The reason behind it is that video games have become a stress relief in anyone’s life plus, they’re fun too.

Video Games and Mental Health

Recent studies show that both men and women who play video games seem to adopt mental skills for handling stress, becoming less depressed and getting less hostile during stressful tasks. Some studies have shown that video games could possibly be used as a form of treatment to help people find a method to “work through their frustrations” in their real life. The majority of people choose to play video games as a way to control the anger and stress.

Playing Video Games Will Help You De-Stress

Many researchers have found there is a strong correlation between the total number of hours spent in playing games per week, and the overall recovery from work-related stress that day. So, whatever the reason, if you have made the choice of playing video games after work, you can experience a faster recovery from the stress and you’ll be able to handle the stress in a much better way the next day.

Hence, clearly, video games have a direct and positive effect on the human brain.

The conclusion of the researchers is very surprising, yet helpful. According to them, gaming can help you in reducing your stress and can actually act as a form of therapy for people who suffer from various mental health issues. So playing video games is actually very good for your mental as well as physical health.

So have you ever played games to reduce your stress? If so, which ones reduce stress for you the most? Let us know in the comments section and let’s discuss!




24 thoughts on “Reducing Stress With Video Games

  1. Scarlet witch says:

    ha ha I can relate to that. Final bosses and levels can be stressful too . Case and point KIller Instinct Hard mode and shadow Jago

  2. Machwind2012 says:

    Someone mentioned how games can stimulate brain functions. I agree but not in all cases.

  3. Ursula says:

    Whenever I feel stressed I just stop doing what I’m doing. It’s good to play if you still have the energy, but what if your body is too stressed to play? For me, rest first then enjoy a game or two.

  4. Kim says:

    Playing video games increases your adrenaline. By doing this, you stress will be release.

  5. Ricky Malones says:

    Generally, video games have proved to be excellent stress-busters for very toxic people. Though I must admit that there are games that can also bring stress, especially if the “boss” of the stages seem to be cheating. Oh well, we really can’t stop playing, right?

  6. MIco Robin says:

    Unfortunately, games are not all peaches and cream. In some cases games can and will stress you out/ Particularly for those not a good sport.

  7. Miaka Yuuki says:

    A game room in the office that is super cool. I take it that its access are limited during working hours?

  8. Timmy Tom says:

    I’m already in my mid-30’s and I still make it a point to play video games regularly. I guess I’m a bit lucky, since my office shares the same views about video games, when our boss decided to build a gaming room for everyone in the office. Game on!

  9. Randall says:

    I hate stress. It affects your whole body. You feel tired and bored at the same time. Good thing, people create games to make your life enjoyable.

  10. Salvador says:

    Not only when you are stressed. Playing video games helps you fight boredom at the same time. Sometimes I get bored of doing something so what I do is I play online games.

  11. Ice Queen says:

    I agree with Tsukasa, games can keep your stress low but long hours is not recommended.

  12. Kadoya Tsukasa says:

    Video games are really tools of relaxation. AS long as it stays that way at times people tend to be competitive even in games.

  13. Hafish says:

    I totally agree to this! A quick game excites me and increases my adrenaline. That would translate to an increase in energy to do the work!

  14. Rachel says:

    True, game therapy relieves stress. However, if you work in an office or anything that involves looking at a computer screen for hours, playing video games would not relieve eye strain! If you really want a quick de-stressing, go outside and take a quick walk. It’s a change of environment and exercises your whole body therefore it improves circulation. Playing video games only relieve mental stress but physically speaking, you’re still stressing your eyes and your body is still hunched in that office chair.

  15. Maury Cheskes says:

    I think video games relieve stress because they build confidence and creativity. When I win a game of Madden against a team with a higher rating than me I know I’m learning how to strategize and pick effective plays. When I create my own roller-coasters and design a park in a game of RollerCoaster Tycoon, I feel like I’m improving my architectural skills and feel a sense of pride when I get good ratings. Like anything else, you shouldn’t play video games in excess because they’re are many other things you can do to be productive with your time like reading and playing sports.

  16. Weng Dale says:

    This is quite amusing facts and yet at the same time very helpful one. I wish someone from the upper management of a company could read and look unto this. A few minutes in an employee time if spend on this could actually help in his/her productivity.

  17. Tim says:

    I play Warcraft III everyday. It’s fun because you get to play with others. It is a good way to relieve stress.

  18. Peter says:

    It is so true. Playing video games helps you relieve stress. I always play whenever I feel that I overdo things or when I am bored. It is a great stress reliever.

  19. onejanedoe says:

    I absolutely agree that video games are stress relieving. They force you to take your mind of troublesome thoughts and concentrate on repetitive tasks allowing your subconscious or deeper self to sort out the more problematic stuff that is causing you to worry or become depressed and or anxious. I find playing a game at which I an fairly good and doesn’t take a lot of concentration on my part to win is a great right after work pick me up. It allows my mind to defrag a little. And if I defeat a new level while doing it? All the better. I know friends who play war or boxing games to diffuse they’re anger. I think these games are great for letting off steam or just plain old kicking back. Here’s to more game therapy!

  20. Mau says:

    Playing video games could indeed reduce stress and depression as long as you don’t overdo it. You wouldn’t want your grades to fall or your relationships to fall apart due to spending so much time playing. Also, doesn’t research show that video game players are mostly male in their mid-30s? I think it mostly has something to do with older people having more money to burn than teens.

  21. maria says:

    I always believed that video games are stimulating and improve your dexterity and reflexes.. Back in the day, we would sneak (during lunch time) when the boss was not around, to play Digger and Pacman on the computer. My only problem is games are highly addicting and I don’t stop until I have passed all the levels. Which means that with today’s video games – I will be hooked forever.

  22. Eduardo Bernal says:

    Finally the world is starting to notice it! Video games are the best cure for stress and depression, I play video games myself and they’ve been helping a lot with my stressful life. Now I’m living with my mind more calm and positive, I think video games had that effect on me. I reduce stress playing fighting games, shooting games. But also I play with my family, like dancing and singing games. Give it a try, you’ll have a great time plus a stress killing!

  23. Rubi says:

    Video games stimulate the mind! If you’ve been staring at a computer screen for hours, take a break and play a quick game just to break the monotony. That way you won’t feel the long hours in the office.

  24. Valerie says:

    This is sooo true. Unfortunately, not many companies allow this! Any tips on how to sneak in a few minutes of game time in the office?

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