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Video Games and Artificial Intelligence. Presented by Saljack Enterprises. Gaming. Media & Entertainment.

Artificial intelligence in video games helps in bringing virtual worlds to life. It lurks under the surface, discovering the way a player associates with the game. As the brains of a game, Artificial Intelligence engages our brains. As video games are slowly converging with the general Artificial Intelligence techniques and concepts, AI is changing the way games are played, and even the way they’re developed.

For the video game developers, the challenges of artificial intelligence are associated with the player experience. Artificial intelligence requires operating in a way that conveys an experience providing fun, drama or enjoyment. In games, it often works as a tightly-controlled and authored experience.

Most video games artificial intelligence is formed to be exactly as intelligent as it needs to be in order to give the player a good experience. This means that the AI should behave in predictable and  intelligent ways. With Artificial Intelligence, those games are made that closely mimic true biological intelligence.

Players these days experience either pre-scripted Artificial Intelligence where the player have to either follow a predefined set of actions or react in a very predictable way. One of the most important benefits for the player is that the game will continually change and, therefore, will become challenging and entertaining. The new and advanced AI system provide its video game studio the opportunity to innovate. This continues to replay the value, and help in the overall enjoyment of the game. We can educate our AI to learn behaviors and patterns to make the better decisions and create a greater challenge for our players. It is  really incredible.

So, the need of the hour is to invent true artificial intelligence machines or software that can act and think independently in a wide variety of situations. What are your views on Artificial Intelligence integrated with the video games? Tell us your views in the comments section!




16 thoughts on “Video Games and Artificial Intelligence

  1. Weng Dale says:

    Artificial Intelligence itself is already revolutionary. Putting that aside, the furtherance of this technology is quite amazing to non-IT people. It is quite amazing in the sense that a strange codes that is programmed together could developed such technology.

  2. Lance says:

    Adding artificial intelligence in video games are cool. You get to play games that doesn’t require to play with others. Examples of it are consoles like playstation and x-box, but I think they can be connected to the internet now to play with others.

  3. Parker says:

    I love playing video games. If they will add artificial intelligence on it, it will be very interesting. I play a game that uses AI, sometimes I beat it, sometimes I don’t. It really depends on the situation, eventhough it is AI, they can be challenging.

  4. Eduardo Bernal says:

    I’m a gamer myself, I’ve played a lot of video games in my life, and every new AI projects just got me really excited! It’s like a new full experience with every game I played as the technology keeps advancing. It always got me surprised. So the AI makes the video games indeed more challenging and fun, I wonder what the future holds for the gaming industry.

  5. Scott Summers says:

    Hi there Havoc, he he. Nice to see an anime and comic fan here. Anyway, I am with Alex on this one Artificial Intelligence is not this scary thing. It is only media depiction that made it as such and if you really think about it even those things Alex mentioned like Gundam still needs a human pilot so, we do not need to be wary humans will always be the top of the food chain here.

  6. Alex Summers says:

    The notion that AI is this grand end game where machines will replace humans is totally improbable. This topic may turn into a debate but to me the idea of the type of AI like humanoid type or a self aware Ironman suit is still on a very distant future. Hell, we cannot even make a full size robot how much more the likes of terminators or Gundams.

  7. Mau says:

    I still can’t wholly imagine AI being integrated into video games. It’s a neat concept though. Any existing games out there which uses AI?

  8. Jeunnesse says:

    It would be nice and very challenging to have AI on video games. It gets boring and predictable at times to play the same strategy over and over again. Even if there are many ways to play a video game, you can already know what its next move will be. How far are we to have AI on mainstream video games?

    1. I wonder this, too. My only hesitation, as I mentioned, would be that a true AI would still be able to process information more quickly, learn faster and more efficiently, and execute actions more flawlessly than any human, so I’m not sure how much fun that would be in a game when we have “just” our flawed human brains to work with… But hopefully I’m wrong!

  9. Kathy says:

    Wow thank you for differentiating the difference between virtual and artificial intelligence! It is confusing at times, when companies flaunt about having AI in their interface when in fact it is virtual intelligence. I still have yet to play a game that has AI.

  10. I’m going to sound like a complete geek, but I think we also need to talk about the difference between virtual and artificial intelligence. Virtual intelligence is programmable and predictable, whereas artificial intelligence is capable of learning and abstract thought. Video games already have VI, but some of our technology is beginning to flirt with AI, like invisible woman said above. For instance, Google and Facebook learn your preferences and tailor your experience to fit your tastes. If you start changing how you behave on these sites, they adapt (or learn).

    Some video games to “learn” from your actions, particularly the Arkham series and Shadow of Mordor, which adds a layer of difficulty to the games. Having enemies learn from and react to you is starting at first, and can be frustrating because you can’t just spam the programming in some way, but because the AI was still not as “smart” as I was, it was simply a little more challenging. I was still not being out-thought by a computer’s flawless processing abilities.

    For this reason, I’m not sure how I feel about machines capable of abstract thinking, yet. I don’t think we as a species have evolved our ethics enough to begin trying to create human-like thought and behavior patterns to this degree of AI.

    1. Hi Athena, we’ve received your email and will be getting back to you shortly. Don’t want you to think that we’ve forgotten about our conversation 🙂 Thank you for your feedback.

  11. invisible woman says:

    Artificial intelligence is already upon us. However not the type that is depicted on media.

  12. Wildstriker2012 says:

    Artificial intelligence is a far fetch concept yet. However video games are embracing the idea

  13. Rubi says:

    I do not know much of AI and video games. Are we talking about Deep Blue..the super intelligent machine that can beat chess grandmasters? What other examples of AI in video games are there? Thanks!

  14. Valerie says:

    Artificial Intelligence is creepy. We may be talking of AI in video games here but in reality, technologies are currently developed to replace humans with AI. Or AI to rule or lives. Have you heard of Technological Singularity?

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