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Earning While Playing Video Games. Presented by Saljack Enterprises. Gaming. Media & Entertainment.

Are you passionate about playing video games? Make money doing what you love. You can go for YouTube monetization. Till now, many questions must have arisen in your mind. All you need to do is play video games, chat with your viewers, and upload your videos to YouTube. But from where does all the money come from? Here are some of the ways for monetizing Video Games on YouTube:

  1. Pre-Roll Ads: You must be aware of those ads that show up right before you watch a video. By clicking on any of these ads you are helping both YouTube and the video creator. Both of them split the revenue. So if you have millions of viewers, you can seriously make lots and lots of money. The more viewers you have, the more people will click on these ads, and the more advertisers will be willing to pay for your ad space and hence each click will lead to more income.
  2. Verify Your Channel: The very first thing is to verify your channel. Pre-roll ads sound a great way to make money, and they surely can be. But before you can get into uploading your gaming videos and making a number of viewers you need to earn the cash required to verify your channel. Verifying your YouTube channel opens a few doors and tools that you need to succeed on YouTube, such as the facility of uploading videos longer than 15 minutes, uploading hangouts on air, appealing content ID disputes, and much more.
  3. Taking This to the Next Level: Once you level-up your video account and are able to meet certain criteria, this is when you’ll be able to earn money from ads and hence then you can join the YouTube Partner Program.Some of the main criteria for joining are:
  • The main point to look out for is the availability of YouTube Partner Program in your country as it’s not available everywhere.
  • The content you upload must be original.
  • The video must be advertiser-friendly.
  • Have a proper look over YouTube’s copyright education materials.

As long as you are posting content that’s not offensive and that helps video game companies promote their games, you are on the track. Almost 15% of YouTube is dedicated to video gaming channels. If you are serious about earning from what you love, it is definitely possible by making money on YouTube as a video gamer. All that requires is a bit of luck, patience, passion and the right monetization strategy.

So are you thinking of earning money while playing video games? Let us know in the comments section!




20 thoughts on “Earning While Playing Video Games

  1. Alex Summers says:

    If anyone would like to try making money online or gaming. I suggest do not make it a primary job at least not right away. Build on it put in the work so that you can make it a job later , for now think of it as a sideline.

  2. Scott Summers says:

    Joining gaming tournaments is all good but it is only seasonal. Money making and games can work but you have to either be madly skiied or extremely lucky.

  3. Gardo says:

    What other ways can we gamers earn money online? This is a neat way to earn extra bucks but I hope you guys can come out with another article on ways to earn money while playing video games. Cheers to you guys and looking forward to it!

  4. Celine says:

    I’ve been thinking about doing this but I don’t think I should be relying on this to be my primary income. I know some people get a kick out of doing this stuff but they had a good headstart and already quite known, hence more views and more ads.

  5. Wildstriker2012 says:

    I am not aware how you monetize Facebook. Good Idea though.

  6. invisible woman says:

    Yup I agree if anyone wants to make money here patience is vital. Due to the fact that it is a grind it quickly gets old.

  7. Satish says:

    Is Youtube the only one’s doing this? I’ve heard about Youtube’s policies and it doesn’t sound good to me. I’ll probably do it on Facebook.

  8. Gian says:

    Sounds like a good idea. If you’re good at something then you should earn from it. Aside from joining competitions, this is an excellent opportunity for some gamers to earn big bucks while doing what they love — playing games! I still have to check out Youtube’s T&C’s tho..

  9. Xandra says:

    It needs a lot of patience to earn money through video games. Playing your favorite game over and over again will dull the excitement very quickly.

  10. Toad says:

    Money in games can only and will succeed if people are patient enough. Youtube is one way if you can tolerate and meet its strict standards.

  11. Itachi Uchiha says:

    That playing for a fee is sounding more like Beta Testing. I am aware that companies do that to test the waters but it few, far and between.

  12. roisterous says:

    Making money while playing video games almost sounds too good to be true. The one thing that concerns me is that people who love gaming enough to turn it into a paying “job”, might begin to look at gaming as being “work” and may therefore lose some of the enjoyment they once had

  13. Marco says:

    My friend wants to try this but he’s not sure how to go about it. We read some articles but they’re all confusing. Thanks for clearing up the issue. Great job!

  14. Hamid says:

    This sounds so easy but it’s really hard and takes a lot of patience. If you want quick cash, I suggest you find another platform. Youtube’s stringent policies turnoff lots of gamers.

  15. Hashim Khan says:

    How long does it take to actually make money doing this? I like playing video games too much but this seems like its gonna take quite some time before I can break the piggy bank and see more to it than a couple of quarters.

  16. Tanysha Woelfl says:

    Just like anything you do, making money requires effort. If you are thinking of earning while playing video games you have to be passionate about it. This requires also discipline and dedication to keep your public interested and viewing the material you post on You tube. Nobody says its easy, but I´m telling you it´s not impossible.

  17. Kadoya Tsukasa says:

    Youtube comes to mind in monetizing this. However, it seems that each year doing demonetization in Youtube is becoming a nightmare as new policies are in place.

  18. Maury Cheskes says:

    Good way to make easy cash. Lot more opportunities to make money on the internet now.

  19. Kyo Kusagi says:

    PTC’s and some traffic exchanges have GAMEFIED earning. With one backlash patience because its a grind refereed to as PENNY PINCHING.

  20. Mau says:

    Aside from YouTube, I’m interested to hear if there are other ways to earn from video game playing. Any thoughts from other readers out there? One of my co-workers said he used to play for a fee before, like there are other people who are too lazy to play on their own or do not really have the time to play. So they pay him to play for them so they’ll get to higher levels. It was a legitimate business. I was flabbergasted!

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