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Book1, P4 modified artwork. Presented by Saljack Enterprises. Gaming. Media & Entertainment.

Modified artwork on the right reflects Briiana’s actual age.

Hey everyone, thank you once again for your helpful feedback. We’ve renewed the artwork to demonstrate that we listen and to present what we hope reflects Briiana’s actual age. She is not thirteen! Can anyone guess how old she is?  *Hint* she is still a teen.

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20 thoughts on “Artwork Update: Modified To Reflect Briiana’s Actual Age

  1. Kathy says:

    I would guess Briiana to be 17-19. She gives the impression that she has a maturity that makes her feel comfortable in her own skin. She is dressed like a teen, but her features, her hair and her posture make me feel she is an older teen.

  2. Kadoya Tsukasa says:

    To be honest I am invested in the plot more than the age revision. I guess I Have to wait a bit longer for it and I hope the age revision is plot based if not it will have no meaning.

  3. Kyo Kusagi says:

    I wonder what are they talking about? Anyway depending on the plot they could go from sisters to mother and daughter. My opinion

  4. Genoveva says:

    They’re like mother and daughter. One is very sophisticated and the other looks streetwise. Nice contrast.

  5. Beth says:

    She looks not more than 20 years old. She looks very intent on listening to the lady, very eager to learn new information. Typical teenager.

  6. Yuen Ling Elaine Au Yeung says:

    “She is not thirteen! Can anyone guess how old she is? *Hint* she is still a teen.” What I think that, she is around 17 to 18 years old. From her sitting postures, she leans forwards and pays more attention to the lady’s talking

    1. Good job and great observation!

  7. MIco Robin says:

    To be honest the age change does not bother me. I do not even know that there was a fuss about the first art. Anyway the age change for me has to do with legal portrayal I mean you cannot have a 10 year old fight for her life despite of being fictional is it not?

  8. Miaka Yuuki says:

    That is the question I ask myself? What is so controversial that they update the age? I mean this is fiction so we can roll with it. Unless she clearly does some shady stuff then yes but age of all things? I do not get that.

  9. Waldo says:

    I see a more curved back and some skin. Makes her look older? Hard to tell, her face looks the same tho. Honestly people, what’s the fuss with her age?

  10. Rosebud says:

    Oh was there a ruckus with the original pic? Honestly, I don’t see a big difference, apart from the shirt. You could’ve stated in the backstory her real age so people won’t have to speculate.

  11. Mau says:

    I remember commenting that Briiana looks young but didn’t expect that you’ll update the artwork. I appreciate that you listen to people’s thoughts. That being said, I do think Briiana looks like an older teen now.

  12. Linkelou says:

    I would never have taken the girl in the first picture to be only 13. The body alone has the maturity of a fully developed woman and though girls mature younger now, they still don’t get the fuller hips and breadth of body that they will when they reach fulll maturity at about 18 to 20. The face as well is not that of a 13 year old. I think what has thrown people off is the childish posture and facial expression. A girl closer in age to the age of the darker haired woman, would not feel it necessary to show so much subservience in her body language. My guess is like the others so far in that I think she looks anywhere from eighteen to twenty-two, but as you said she is still in her teens I will adjust that to seventeen to nineteen. A girl who would not hesitate to throw a possible assailant into a stack of cans would not however, posture herself this way however, she would meet the woman’s eyes head on and keep her back straight so as to show a sense of equality in physical stature and prowess.

  13. captain Ussop says:

    These changes are very subtle? Makes me think what brought about this revision? Complaints? Comments etc? Either way the updated art is lighter and drawn cleanly as suppose to before.

  14. Sakura Kinomoto says:

    A vast improvement between her before and after. The previous art facial wise makes her look like an old lady to be honest. The after is at least age appropriate.

  15. lailani52 says:

    I would say that she’s on her late teens, 16-19, the way she dresses and the structure of her body. The way she listens with eagerness to the lady, she must be 16 to 19 years old.

    1. The most accurate answer so far! Good job.

  16. Giannina says:

    I actually didn’t think she was 13 or something. I didn’t see the need to update the image. However, if you want to make her look older, you could’ve defined her face (make-up), or hair, or change her outfit altogether.

  17. Utenciano says:

    Sorry, I don’t understand. There is only very little difference between the two pictures. She looks the same,

  18. maria says:

    I would say she is 15 or 16? the way she dresses indicates of course that she is a young lady. Hoever, it’s her facial features that tell me she is definitely not a 13 year old.

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