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BOOK 1, P4: The Ties that Bind-Reisha’s Reclamations. Presented by Saljack Enterprises. Gaming. Media & Entertainment.

Reisha sat down next to Brianna and took her by the hand. “With moves like that I would rather you be on my side than against me” she chuckled.

Today we continue the main story-line with part 4 of the first book. I hope you enjoy it!

She had always had it good and she knew it. Loving parents, loving husband, loving children and uncanny ability to take care of herself, regular yoga afternoons in the park She had a good life there was no doubt about it.

Paying it forward meant a great deal to Reisha and she continually sought out those who maybe hadn’t had such an easy path in life. She tried to help them anyway she could. Whether it was a couple of dollars or a sandwich to one of the vagabonds who warmed themselves on the subway grates downtown or stopping for a conversation with someone who looked as if the world had simply passed them by, she always did what she could.

Time was Reisha’s only enemy with training and children she found it hard to find the time to care. It usually was limited to trips to the gym or the grocery store when she had a chance to nurture her philanthropic side. Today was no different.

As she stood in line waiting to pay for her weekly groceries she was startled by the sudden yelling.

“What do you mean I can only buy three of these?” said the young blond haired girl. “ You put them on sale! What gives you the right to limit the amount I can buy? That is just stupid! It’s not my fault I got here first!”

The patrons in the store either pretended not to notice or shook there head in disgust. ‘Teenagers” they thought.

Reisha walked over to the young woman and put her hand on the girls shoulder to calm her down. In the blink of an eye Reisha felt her hand being twisted and pulled behind her back as she was sent careening into a mountain of soup cans.

Startled but not deterred she approached the girl again who was still yelling at the grocery clerk. This time she introduced herself but did not extend a hand towards her. “My name is Reisha” she said in a soothing voice. “I was just trying to help, I am sorry. Quite the reflexes you have there, where did you train?”

The young girl stopped yelling and looked at Reisha puzzled. “Crazy lady” she thought “Why is she apologizing to me?”

“I am so sorry” the young girl surprised herself by blurting it out.” I really didn’t mean to do that it was just a reaction and I am having a really really bad day.”

Instead of anger she only saw warmth in Reisha’s eyes and a small smile on her face. “ My name is Brianna” said the girl.

As store security started towards Brianna, Reisha stepped in front of them. “I am not hurt and I will help you clean up the mess. Please just let her go. We all have our days.”

After a little coercing the security guards agreed as long a Brianna left the store immediately and promised to never return which she did.

Reisha finished paying for her groceries a while later and started down the street to her car. There on a bench sat Brianna waiting for her. “Why did you help me after I threw you into the soup cans?” she asked.

Reisha sat down next to Brianna and took her by the hand. “With moves like that I would rather you be on my side than against me” she chuckled. “You know, with a little self control you could be really scary.”

Both of them shared a laugh and decided it might be a good idea for Brianna to meet Reisha in the park next Saturday for a little yoga and meditation. As a black Ducati slowly drove by the women said their goodbyes.

(To be continued…)

That’s it for today! The next two stories will be published week of 10/24/2016, next week. We will continue publishing two new stories every week leading up to the anticipated Project-X announcement.

If you’re interested in reading the individual background life summaries or viewing updated artwork of our Champions and Villains then please follow the links here: Champions and Villains. The main story that ties all the characters together in Project-X, will be updated at the following link as stories are published: Story-line.

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18 thoughts on “BOOK 1, P4: The Ties that Bind – Reisha’s Reclamations

  1. Miaka Yuuki says:

    My theory is either that ban in the bike is the villain or the Nick Fury of the verse. I mean he can recruit these guys for a tournament in accordance to the game set up.

  2. MIco Robin says:

    I share the same sentiment as the other guy. I know this is fiction but a little bump into the grocery story and bam? That will only work if they already knew each other before but its not . It is like me talking to a person for 1 min. and then we are best buddies. Never the less I will take it

  3. Doreen says:

    Looks like Brianna will be under Reisha’s influence huh? She can really use some anger management through yoga and meditation.

  4. Scott says:

    They complement each other — Reisha is calm and mild-tempered while Brianna is very rash and angry. I wonder how that will play out in the next episode!

  5. onejanedoe says:

    The grocery store meet up of these two seems a little weak to me. The whole scenario did not play out realistically for me. Not even enough so that my imaginative, creative self could work it into implausible fantasy. Someone getting that riled up in a grocery store about soup on sale? And I’m sorry, though fights sometimes break out in bars, someone getting flung into a soup can display would cause more than just a warning to stay away. Big hearted Reisha strikes me more as a collector of people than just altruistic. I don’t usually find too many women bonding over a grocery store check out incident. Even in the picture she reminds me of a cult leader’s scout out luring young people into something that isn’t good for them. I know the person in the black Duccati is the one we are probably supposed to look out for though. Maybe he’s the ring leader of the cult this woman is scouting for? Ha, ha, just joking, probably the rabbit monster learned how to drive.

  6. Kyo Kusagi says:

    What is the deal with that Bike Dude? He seems to be a major player in the verse as he keeps poping up in everyone’s origin story.

  7. Kadoya Tsukasa says:

    I am no fan of bread crumbs story telling. However, I will take it for it keeps me look forward for more.

  8. Shelby says:

    This is a nice storyline. We’d like to know more about their personalities and backgrounds before they evolve. More! More! More!

  9. Saleh says:

    I sense an alliance brewing. And who’s the spy on the Ducati?

  10. dianatan says:

    Good story. Looking forward to the next write up.

  11. Maury Cheskes says:

    Cool sequence. They both seem like interesting characters. Looking forward to seeing how the plot develops.

  12. Mau says:

    Brianna looks so young in the artwork, I thought she was thirteen or so. I enjoyed following the storylines, will definitely watch out for the next one!

  13. venusashop says:

    Great job!!

  14. badelhas says:

    Looks great, can’t wait. 😉


  15. jdartlover says:

    There is that guy in the black duccati again! Waiting for next story

    1. jdartlover says:

      btw when will the villains come in the picture?

  16. hatatablog says:

    good work guys i really like reisha =]

  17. jm90210blog says:

    Once again a good short story that keeps me wanting to come back and read more. Good job.

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