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Must Have Accessories for a Gamer. Presented by Saljack Entertainment. Gaming. Media & Entertainment.

While skill is indeed the most powerful factor, but it is not the only one. The equipment a gamer has can either enhance or diminish his game. Not all the devices are equally beneficial, however; here is the list of some of the most useful ones:

  1. Amazing Sound Headset Or Headphones: A good headset isn’t just for competitive multiplayer gamers. Everyone who plays the game can enjoy its benefits, which not only increase the quality of the experience, but also leads to slight improvement of the player’s The key here is the surround sound and how it affects the player’s awareness. A good headset will produce a more detailed re-creation of the sound, which in turn helps you in enjoying your game world.
  2. Gaming Glasses: They are very helpful and saves you from the eyestrain problems you would be dealing with. The glasses are made of an anti-reflective coating to decrease the glare. A tint that filters out some light reducing harshness is applied over them. And most of the brands incorporate a slight magnification which supports the eye focus on small details. None of these will enhance your reflexes or make you quicker, but a pair of gaming glasses can keep your eyes rejuvenated and fresh.
  3. An HDTV or Low-Lag Monitor: Have you recently found yourself troubled by an unexplainable failure to react quickly in games? Do you feel inactive or dull? Do you usually lose battles that you felt sure were in your favor? You might be just a victim of input lag. Input lag is the time needed for your controller input to be shown on your display. Ideally, your actions should take place quickly, but due to digital displays lag, and the variation of severity, your speed can decrease. Various HDTV’s take only 16 milliseconds to represent a change, while simple monitors or TV’s can take over 100. That is some serious lag, and it can severely throw off your game.
  4. Computer Gaming Keypads: PC gamers rely on keyboards for most input, but is it the best option? Probably not! Normal keyboards are not really meant for gaming. A gaming keypad is required. It replaces your keyboard with a custom key arrangement and other input options.

Hence, these accessories tend to improve the quality of your gaming experience, with a positive impact.

So let us know about your favorite accessories in the comments section!





19 thoughts on “Must Have Accessories for a Gamer

  1. Franklin says:

    Gaming glasses are a really great idea. I’ve been an avid gamer for years, and they really do help. Don’t be afraid of looking like a fool if it’s to protect your own health.

  2. Mozer Torancher says:

    Those are quality accessories for a gamer. I hope you continue to list the essentials as gaming moves forward.

  3. Kyo Kusagi says:

    I just realize that this is catered more on PC gamers. What about the consoles? The mobile gamers? well that is understandable for that will make this article super long.

  4. Kadoya Tsukasa says:

    finally someone who agrees that beinf to keen in tech is not that required here. The HD monitor and visors I can see the need for it but the rest as long as it is decent its okay.

  5. Head Devil says:

    Don’t forget a comfortable abode. Necessary for the binges.

  6. Raphael Fabella says:

    Though I understand the necessity of these items, they are not THAT important to us console gamers. The glasses and HDTV/Low-Lag monitor are really helpful to any gamer to be honest tough.

  7. Miaka Yuuki says:

    I will not mind average tech as long as the it can handle game requirements. To me latest specs should be used in tournaments but at home decent hardware will do .

  8. JulyCold says:

    I didn’t know about the input lag, that’s verey interesting to know, it might save me some future problems. And I will use this to my advantage next time I play computer games.

  9. GogyT says:

    All this is very good and actually Works, but you are missing out on the fact that every one of those accessories are very expensive. I think it would be interesting to read about other cheaper ways to improve your gaming skills.

  10. MIco Robin says:

    Specs of tech is important I agree. but it all boils down to the love of the game what matters is you enjoy it.

  11. Adrian Nicholson says:

    Don’t forget a fan, sometimes we have no chill.

  12. badelhas says:

    Nice tips. But gaming glasses is not needed in my opinion.


  13. onejanedoe says:

    I have to say that all the accesories mentioned would definately enhance the experience of computor gaming, making it similar to using a console. I think that they are all excellent suggestions and some of them are almost vital to a good experience if you ask me. Those would be the gaming keypad and low lag monitor. A nice bonus is the headphones, the rest, well if you’ve got the extra cash and you’re serious about computer gaming, then why not, but for people who are more or less recreational like myself, the first three are sufficient to make for a very pleasant gaming experience.

  14. Mau says:

    Thanks for the tips. I’ve only used headsets. You are right, computer gaming keypads would be so useful!

  15. Safwan Awang says:

    Interesting and useful tips. I also agreed with the use of headphone and gaming keypads, those really useful when playing games. Even I have a headphone and some hardware to boost-up the feel of playing game.

  16. captain Ussop says:

    These article is for vivid gamers as suppose to a casual one. Me for example, I do not care much about the internal tech nor the equipment what matters is I can play.

  17. Sakura Kinomoto says:

    These recommendations are very useful. Particularly the visors it can be helpful in sunny days. the other will now fall under for avid and hardcore gamers.

  18. Ahmad Rizudin says:

    I might be a bit biased against gaming glasses, considering that I already wear glasses for my astigmatism, but then again, perhaps a little protection against glare might be useful. Rarely played multiplayer games, so I haven’t experienced input lag yet.

    It’s a good article, nonetheless.

  19. Useful tips if you really want to get immersed in the game. Yeah, input lag is the worst. I hate when I know I could have beat a mission or a multiplayer match, but the T.V. monitor messed me up.

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