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As they walked along Broadway Analia told Jonni all about her life as a model in NYC.

Today we continue the main story-line with part 3. I hope you enjoy it!

Jonni knew that his parents would disapprove. His new side hobby was a slap in the face of his ultra religious parents. It was just one of he many secrets he had to keep from them. One day he would be able to walk away from them and be free to be himself but that day was a little ways off still. He had to graduate and be able to cut the financial ties that bound him to their overbearing morality first.

Being a socially awkward person Jonni had always been seduced by the anonymity that the bright lights of New York City offered him and every weekend he could he would leave his campus in Boston and catch the red eye to NYC.

Armed with his camera he wandered the streets of the city that never sleeps until the sun rose. He never felt afraid, he could handle himself. At dawn he would sit down at his favorite café on Broadway grab a latte and go through the photos he had taken. Something about the night made the city reveal its true self he felt. His photos were raw and poignant. Some were of people, the homeless, prostitutes, people going home after a night on the town, some were of places, and it didn’t matter much to Jonni. He just wanted the ones that made him feel connected, those he kept. The others he discarded and in the late morning he was back on the bus to Boston and his training and studies.

After several weeks of the same routine he sat enjoying his latte but felt uneasy, that feeling you get when you are being watched. Was it his parents? That strange man dressed in black on the black Ducati that seemed to always be around? Someone else?

Just as he was shutting down his camera he heard a voice behind him. “They’re beautiful”.

Jonni turned around and saw her. She was stunning.

“Your pictures, they are beautiful. I’m sorry if I startled you. My name is Analia.” said the woman. “Would you take pictures of me?” she asked. “I am a model and my regular photographer is a bit of an ass” she laughed.

Jonni as always was a bit tongue tied as the woman joined him at his table. “I..I..suppose I….umm”

Analia smiled, “Not much of a talker are you? That’s okay that would be a refreshing change. Come with me to my studio.” And she took his hand.

“I’m Jonni!” he blurted out.
Analia laughed, “Come on you.”

As they left the café a man on a black Ducati slowed down just a little and watched them leave. Just as Jonni’s eyes focused on the man he had seen many times before out of the corner of his eye the man sped off, lost in a sea of yellow cabs.
As they walked along Broadway Analia told Jonni all about her life as a model in NYC. The pressures, the time constraints, the crazy fans the long hours the horrendous photographers she had had in the past and Jonni just listened. He was happy that she enjoyed talking so much it took the pressure off of him to hold the conversation.

Analia had an amazing loft. Part living area part photo studio set up with the latest lighting and backdrops. Jonni was impressed.

“Just let me change, you can use your own camera or chose from one of the ones over there on that credenza. Set your self up I will be right back.” She leaned over and gave him a hug then walked off to her bedroom to change.

She was stunning, there was no doubt about that but the hug made him uncomfortable. Women had always made him feel that way. It just didn’t feel right to Jonni ever since he was a small boy. It was just another of the secrets he had kept from his parents. They just wouldn’t understand.

(To be continued…)

That’s it for today! The next story will be published towards the end of the week. We will continue publishing two new stories every week leading up to the anticipated Project-X announcement.

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16 thoughts on “BOOK 1, P3: The Ties that Bind – Jonni’s Journey

  1. Analia wants Jonni haaaaaard. Are these stories all gonna tie in later with a cool ending like Pulp Fiction?

  2. MIco Robin says:

    When are we coming back to Shailan and co? I would have love for them to concentrate on each character rather than jumping one to the next.

  3. Miaka Yuuki says:

    Judging from the picture. I say for a woman to go out with someone she met just in minutes in unlikely It is rare even. It happens though but not in a regular basis I am interested in how the story will shape up.

  4. RosyG says:

    Good cliffhanger there. I loved the simple way in which it’s written. It makes want to actually see NYC through this boy’s eyes. Can’t wait for the next parts…

  5. Ingrd says:

    I think is great how much you have done, we watch the desing of the characters and now the story is fascinant. Congratulations.

  6. onejanedoe says:

    The story explains so much of why Johnni is dressed the way he is. Now it makes sense and it is exactly the way I would picture someone with his background looking and dressing. The somewhat unstylish track suit jacket and the semi dress pants in the unfortunate color choices. All perfect. The girl however, Analai, she’s a model, of what Amazons? For today’s fashion model I just have to say though she could pass of her height no problem she is far too healthy looking for today’s runway model. Her thighs and legs in general especially. I know that it is unhealthy the way models appear in fashion shows and in magazines but its reality its what they look like and she’s far to fleshy to be a high fashion model. The way she’s dressed in the picture, I guess she’s not haute coture, eh? Perhaps she’s a bathing suit model for sports and fitness magazines, its possible I suppose, its the only modeling field I can see her fitting.
    Will Johnni change his clothes and style later? So far the little hints and the rather unusual back story for Johnny have left me wth more questions than answers but it has also givven me great insight as to why a character looks the way he does. His looks and character are very parallel. Don’t know too much about Analei just yet except she doesn’t appear to be poor.

  7. Mau says:

    The details of the artwork is amazing! I’m looking forward to the continuation of Jonni’s story.

  8. Safwan Awang says:

    Nice story, a photographer meet a stranger and then become friend because they have the same interest. Even I would be stunned if suddenly a beautiful lady speak to me, its the same situation as Jonni and Analia.

  9. Rina says:

    Jonni seems like a nice guy. I hope he won’t go wayward because of Analia!

  10. Salmera says:

    Exciting! I bet Analia has a secret too! And who’s the man on the black Ducati?

  11. Sakura Kinomoto says:

    No action yet? That is understandable for it is just the intro and the conflict against religious beginnings while fighting is a nice touch.

  12. captain Ussop says:

    Finally we get to see these people in depth.. I look forward to the action a the story progresses.

  13. Jessica says:

    Nice excerpt – makes NYC living almost seem like a good idea! 🙂 Especially to say you lived in a loft – that’s all part of the experience. Let’s see what Jonni and Analia get up to next!

  14. arakadi says:

    Liked the other 2 stories and this one is good too. I understand this is just the beginning and look forward to action!

  15. Joao Melo says:

    Got me hangin

  16. jm90210blog says:

    Loving the art along with the stories man. Keep this going. I can see this becoming a nice comic.

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