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Taking Care of Retro Consoles, Controllers & Games. Presented by Saljack Enterprises. Gaming. Media & Entertainment.

Do you have a collection of your retro consoles, controllers, and games? They’ve entertained you for hours on end, and you at least owe them some durability. Here are  some tips for keeping beloved pieces of your childhood in top condition:

Cherish Your Console: Keep your console at room temperature. Don’t expose it to extremes, i.e., avoid direct contact with sunlight or other sources of strong heat. Don’t keep it beside a radiator. Also, don’t place it anywhere that it is very cold, such as in a loft that’s not suitably insulated. Components can damage or bend. It’s recommended to keep consoles in a well-ventilated area, so don’t hinder it in amidst strategy games and a mess of games, or in a tight unit. They need to stay cool and in proper airflow. Keep them as dust-free as you can, especially any grilles or fans. Clean your console carefully. It goes without saying that don’t use water to clean it. Be careful of the sensitive parts like the lens that reads your games. Try cleaning with fiber anti-static duster that unclogs your electronics with ease.

Watch Out For Wires: Without wires, your console’s just a useless piece of plastic. Keeping track of the cables is very important. Organizing them lessen the risk of them getting knotted. Don’t fold them up. The end starts to break, and the inner workings get tattered. Instead, carefully lay them in a cardboard box. They’ll simply curl around to fit in; you should avoid folding them up into a knot. Alternatively, a loose figure-8 is decreased, but it doesn’t do any real damage.

Guard Your Game: The main problem with games is dirt. Dust gets gathered in every nooks and crannies of the games cartilages. You can use isopropyl. It’s a colorless alcohol-based cleaner that does not harm your games. You can buy it online or get it from your local pharmaceutical store. It removes most marks, including oil, bacterias and even ink from your hands. You can also use rubbing alcohol to clean your console, but make sure it is unplugged or turned off. After wiping them with isopropyl, let the excess liquid evaporate by leaving it to stand for a few minutes. Don’t touch the surfaces of the discs, hold them with a finger through the middle and its outer edge.

Do you know about those little white sachets that come in the shoe boxes? Keep them! They contain silica gel, which soaks up excess moisture, making them apt for all sorts of things like protecting your games. They fight against mold and general degradation and will let your games last for years. These packs can be ordered online or are found easily in the craft supply stores.

So tell us how you take care of your consoles, controllers and games in the comments section!




17 thoughts on “Taking Care of Retro Consoles, Controllers & Games

  1. Safwan Awang says:

    Old games and consoles is what makes our child memories to be remembered. Nice tips for taking care the old consoles, this could help me to be more careful with the wires and taking care it much better.

  2. captain Ussop says:

    There are gamer who never takes things out of the box gamers and collectors of anything alike. While I agree it will greatly help the preservation effort but the thing is it will be a waste if you could not at least enjoy it once? NO Kidding guys I know people who keeps whatever a friend of mine has a matchbox set yet he just looks at it in his own storage.

  3. Sakura Kinomoto says:

    Take care of your games people after all trends just comes back full tilt after a while. It will not work anymore yes but its value rises as a collection.

  4. Mau says:

    Yes, we have retro consoles lying around the house. I think it’s too late to keep them pristine though; I wish I could’ve read such an article earlier. 🙁

  5. Weng Dale says:

    This is a great tip to those who want their retro consoles, controller and games to last long. It is known these kind of items will be obsolete if it’s doesn’t work. Furthermore, as long as these items are duly taken care off , it will be sold in a snap of the finger in an instant. I just seen one of the retro items sold in the market to a collector in no time.

  6. Kyo Kusagi says:

    A great tip that can be added is play games with it once in a while. Seriously because by doing so not only you can be sure that consoles arein top form but more importantly it can give your machine a work out. Yes keeping them in shelf is fine but not for extended long periods like antiques for example we see guns becoming duds just because they have not fired same here.

  7. Maury Cheskes says:

    Yeah, those are good tips. I keep my X-box in my basement and it gets really hot down there and one day all of a sudden my X-Box stopped working. I still remember the good old N-64 days where you had to blow inside the system to clear out all the dust.

  8. Kadoya Tsukasa says:

    I am no gamer but I like the thought of keeping the stuff of yesterday for nostalgia and collection. On that regard, these tips are very useful it can be referenced not only by gamer but by everybody.

  9. Jessica says:

    Thanks for the tips in your article. I have tried the vacuum seal bags usually advertised for reducing bulky clothing for storage. The plastic vacuum bags eliminate air and moisture from coming into contact with the equipment as well as dust!

  10. Ola Vera says:

    I put mine in the bookcase with glass doors to keep them safe from dust. I still use them ones in a while to make sure that all are in perfect condition and to avoid the mechanical to stuck-up.

  11. Alexis says:

    Thanks for the tips! Now I know how to keep my consoles properly. I’m not using them anymore since I don’t have time to play. I just want to keep them as my collections.

  12. Miaka Yuuki says:

    I will try these tips on my Family Computer. Yeah that old guys it was given by my parents as a b day gift way back

  13. MIco Robin says:

    Retro things may it be controllers or not needs to be taken care of while I may not be an expert on talking about this topic one thing is sure those retro things will become collectibles later, I do not know if it is the same for controllers but its better to see them at the hands of a collector rather than rotting in the basement

  14. Leila says:

    We have s Nintendo Super Family Computer from the 80s. I haven’t checked on it for years, it’s just up in the attic. I’ll see if I can still make it work!

  15. Annecy says:

    Oh so that’s why those little packets are inside the stuff I bought! Great suggestion! Will look for them now.

  16. Toth says:

    I’ve got a Playstation One arcade controller that needs some care, will definitely try out the tips in the article!

  17. badelhas says:

    Great tips, thanks!

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