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BOOK 1, P2: The Ties that Bind – The Ballad of Brajit and Shailan. Presented by Saljack Enterprises. Gaming. Media & Entertainment.

As bikers bled and fists flew Brajjit and Shailan developed an instant chemistry.

Hello today we continue with the main story-line. I hope you enjoy it!

Reed College had been exhausting. Shailan had spent the last four years trying to live up to his father’s academic legacy and it had drained him. Now with his degree in business he was expected to join his father’s cement conglomerate as Vice President of Operations. His path was set.

Shailan appreciated his father but wasn’t all to enthused about the cement business. Sure the money was good, the cover was good but he felt that he still wanted some time for himself before he became his father’s protégé. After spending most of his spare time leading up to graduation pleading with his father to let him take a year off after college and find himself his father reluctantly agreed…to give him one month.

It wasn’t much but it was something and Shailan planned on using it well. As he finished cleaning out his dorm and shipping his belongings home he grabbed his backpack threw it on his vintage Harley and left Reed for the final time.

His plan to start his month of freedom was simple. He was going to take the trip he had always wanted to down the coastal highway 101 to San Francisco, slowly stopping wherever the scenery told him to.

After a full day breathing in the salt air Shailan decided to stop in Eureka, Ca. for the night. He had heard of a biker bar there that was known for the vintage Harley’s that were always parked outside and wanted to take a look and maybe have a little fun as well. A couple of hours and a few pops later Shailan found himself in a money game of billiards against a large, unkempt biker by the name of Tiny. For a moment Shailan thought to himself that the idea of coming to the bar and betting money on pool was probably a stupid idea, but just a moment. He was after all starting his month of freedom. They had been playing for about an hour he and Tiny. Each game Shailan lost he upped the stakes. Ten, twenty, forty…now a two hundred dollar game. All the time Tiny enjoyed taking his money.

As the eight ball fell into its home and the cue ball careened safely to the side, Shailan looked up from his cue and smiled. Maybe he shouldn’t have ran the table but he was so tired of throwing games. Tiny lost his mind. He reached into his waistband behind his back and pulled out a .45. As the gun drew into the air Shailan readied himself. Just as the barrel came to be pointed directly at his head a man jumped through the pass through window ran across the table tops and hurled himself at Shailan, knocking him to the floor.

The bullet whizzed by the men and lodged itself in an old jukebox. The men looked at each other, still lying on the ground.

“I’m Brajjit, thought you might need a hand” said the mystery man with the ninja like reflexes.

“I totally had this man.” said Shailan.

“Well we are in it now” said Brajjit. And the men rose from the floor back to back.

As bikers bled and fists flew Brajjit and Shailan developed an instant chemistry. Although there styles differed they each grew to respect the shear skill of the other and even began to anticipate each others moves.

As Brajjit smacked the last mans skull hard off the bar top he looked around the room. While none of the bikers were dead all of them were just injured enough to prevent them from fighting back.

“Well, that was fun,” said Brajjit, “I guess I don’t wash dishes here anymore.”

Shailan laughed. “Well if you don’t have any plans I think I am done playing pool here and am on my way to San Francisco if you want to tag along?”

‘Why not, let me grab my stuff, it’s on my way back to my Mom’s place anyway. My ex took my car tho, it’s a long story.”

“Grab a bike Brajjit I have you covered.”

Brajjit picked a nice Harley from the group and Shailan threw more than double the bike’s worth at the bartender who was just pulling himself of the floor.

“Make sure whoever owns the bike with the purple skull on the tank gets this” he said and they headed south.

(To be continued…)

That’s it for today! We will continue publishing two new stories every week leading up to the anticipated Project-X announcement.

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12 thoughts on “BOOK 1, P2: The Ties that Bind – The Ballad of Brajjit and Shailan

  1. Weng Dale says:

    I enormously believe that the art work and the story live up to people’s expectation. The art work depicts the the story both figuratively and literally. Applause for the artist and the writer.

  2. Maury Cheskes says:

    Sounds like an epic brawl. Almost makes you wanna walk in there and club someone in the back of the head, haha.

  3. Miaka Yuuki says:

    Sounds intense!!!! and we are just beginning looking for more. I hope those biker guys do not cause trouble for them.

  4. MIco Robin says:

    Cover was good? What does tat mean? does cover means life or upbringing or he is hiding something? I am definitely staying tuned for this?

  5. Kadoya Tsukasa says:

    Well bar fight are a staple may it be in movies or games so It is okay. The thing is all this story but we have not seen these things in action. A trailer could fix it.

  6. Kyo Kusagi says:

    How will he meet the girl? for that matter how will those two end up in the tournament? I assume they are related to Treavor and his verse? Am I wrong?

  7. Mau says:

    Fun story and nice art! I like Shailan already. Rich kids who can kick ass are always fun.

  8. Jeanette says:

    Nice story guys! I can foresee a bromance brewing huh! Artwork is awesome too! Keep it up!

  9. Satish says:

    Great story, though I must say a little editing and creativity would make it more interesting. And what’s with Shailan’s overly spiky hair? Did he use their cement product on it? LOL!

  10. onejanedoe says:

    I’m guessing the bar isn’t drawn for absolute realism so I’ll try not to be too picky about it. It’s just that this is a biker bar, n’est pas? Any bars I’ve ever been to that are reputed to be either “working men” or “biker” bars, were far more old wood and leather in appearance as well as being a little more “broken in” looking. This one looks a bit too pristine and modern, almost futuristic. And though I know that smoking indoors is verbotin these days, I somehow don’t think bikers would really care; I would think the place would be littered with ashtrays, or at least littered. (the bar seems very clean). As for Brajiit, he looks awesome in his fighting stance, Shailin however is still off. He looks stiff and somehow unnatural. The story is good and makes sense so far. Looking forward to hearing more. (PS I noticed the phrase “Sure the money was good, the cover was good”— cover???? as in they are not really a cement company family?)

  11. modic says:

    nice job guys. i really like how the story is depicted in the art. like when the bullet hits the jukebox in the story and i can see it in the art also. i’m looking forward to the project x thing announcement.

  12. biyushaolin says:

    OH MY GAWD LOVE THE ART!!!! So much detail and also the story. GREAT JOB!

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