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Project-X Villain, The Professor. Presented by Saljack Enterprises. Gaming. Media & Entertainment.

The Professor: “Don’t leave, I ‘ave something for you…”

Finally today we’re publishing the last character art update, and it is for Project-X Villain, The Professor. We’ve gathered your feedback and will incorporate reasonable updates to characters in future work. Yes, your feedback is directly helping to shape this project. In case you’ve missed out on the back stories of the characters, please find them at the following links: Champions & Villains. We’ve also begun publishing the main storyline which will lead up to the Project-X announcement. These short stories are found at the following link: storyline. The main storyline will also explain why the characters look or act a particular way. The next short story will be published towards the end of this week. Hope you’re enjoying the read!

As always, your feedback is valuable to us so, please leave a remark here or you may contact us on twitter @essjay_ent or through the contact us page.



23 thoughts on “Updated Art: The Professor

  1. MIco Robin says:

    The developers sure are busy with all of these projects such as the Treavor line up and now this, I assume that they do not belong in the same universe he he. Anyway I wish the creators luck and I look forward for more games.

  2. Miaka Yuuki says:

    As I navigate down the coments aparently this is a new project? if so what happen to those villains and heroes that where introduced? Trevor and Co? What are their future???

  3. Kadoya Tsukasa says:

    I am definitely in the minority here. But could you point out which makes him a villain? judging from the art alone? I mean sure he holds a gun but he strikes me as a tech guy. Unless of course this is an update for an existing game which to be honest I never even heard of.

    1. Hello Kadoya, yes this is a new project. There is also a back story about him; you can find the link to the backstory in the villains link on the top right side of the page. We will be making an announcement about its direction very soon. Thank you for your comment.

  4. Kyo Kusagi says:

    Looks different from previous one? is this an entirely new game or just an update of an existing one? Sorry I am new here.

    1. Hi Kyo, this is a new project. We will be making an announcement about the direction of the project very soon. Thank you for the comment.

  5. Sybil says:

    I can see that he’s not all that bad. There’s a redeeming factor in this man. Something is just not right with his expression. Maybe that explains his uneasiness with being a villain.

  6. Jamal says:

    This is one rad professor! A professor of what? Of villains? LOL! I wanna know more about this shady character.

  7. Jinel says:

    He looks like someone I’ve seen before but I just can’t quite place him. Maybe on TV or a movie? I think this is a good quality in this character as that vague feeling of deja vu will help people relate him with something they are already familiar with making him all that much more familiar and believable. Something just a bit self satisfied in his expression makes you want to hate him. Good one.

  8. Mau says:

    This professor version looks so different from the previous one! There’s almost nothing here that will make someone guess that the character is a mad scientist. He kinda now looks like a mafia boss or a gangster.

  9. Doreen says:

    Oohh he looks like a villain in the movies! What weapon is he holding? It has a green liquid inside. What can it do?

  10. Leila says:

    You got this one right guys! Love the facial expression! Everything about him says villain with a capital V!

  11. Sakura Kinomoto says:

    Depending on which side he is on he can be an asset. I mean a hero or villain he can pull it off. Hell he may not even fight which will be shame but he can provide tech or info for exposition and expansion of the verse.

  12. captain Ussop says:

    I know this is a fighting game but he looks like he can be Q or oracle. What I mean is he can provide info or items to sidequest or shop if there is a story mode that is.

  13. onejanedoe says:

    Ya, he looks good. He looks like money gone bad. In other words, someone who has money and influence and uses it for evil purposes including dressing himself in a purple shirt that looks like its made of lycra or some other stretch fabric. That’s the only thing wrong with him. He should be wearing a shirt that fits his social class and I don’t thing that’s it. A cotton silk blend in a more neutral color would be better I think. Nothing too formal but a full button down as opposed to a pullover type shirt. I like that he looks a bit weak around the wrists and seems to be getting a bit of middle aged paunch. He shouldn’t be too perfect.

  14. badelhas says:

    Great artwork! Cheers

  15. Yuen Ling Elaine Au Yeung says:

    “As always, your feedback is valuable to us so” What I think that, if the color of shirt is light brown, it might bring out the maturity attitude of this man.

  16. He looks smart and cool. I bet he’d also have intelligent one zingers.

  17. Jahmvhille says:

    This is really good! I would like to know his story as to why he is called the professor. And if I may suggest, a Cuban cigar on his lips will complete this look.

  18. Trudis says:

    There’s nothing like a black leather jacket to make one look like a villain! Great job guys!

  19. ravingmiho says:

    Guys I’m truly enjoying your work. Keep it up mates.

  20. fakeinhart says:

    Seriously you guys art is one of the better ones I have seen around. I read lots of comics and LOVE anime and manga art, but you guys are really up there.

  21. chokri29 says:

    looks great and professional artwok! nice colors and real graphics!

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