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Book1, P1: The Ties that Bind - Iurasia' Journey. Presented by Saljack Enterprises. Gaming. Media & Entertainment.

Iurasia: “I can’t believe she’s gone…”

Today we start publishing stories that tie all of our characters together. These will eventually lead in to the Project-X announcement. I hope you enjoy the read!

Iurasia and her boyfriend Jackson moved to New York where Jackson could further his career as a photographer. Iurasia was happy to move to such an eclectic melting pot of culture. She finally felt at home and in love. As her boyfriend toiled away cementing his future Iurasia finally found time to explore her creativity. She trained that was a given, but she also explored painting, writing, pottery and the spoken word. She became a regular at local beatnik clubs gaining adulation and acceptance along the way. As she grew as a person she began to look at her past, a past of many more questions than answers.

The orphanage was tough and she had tried her best to kill those memories but in her life as it was she finally felt safe and began to search for the missing answers that had haunted her for her entire life. Who was she? Who were her parents? Why did they give her up? What had she done to deserve it? Over the years many people had told her that it wasn’t her fault but as with anyone who had felt alone and abandoned she never believed them. It was time to know for sure.

As she continued to write letters of inquiry to the orphanage and to the state she began to think that those answers would never come until one day a letter arrived at the home she shared with Jackson. She waited until he returned home poured them each a glass of wine and told him about the letter. Together they sat for a moment in silence not knowing what to say to each other.

Finally Jackson said that the answers she had been searching for may be finally at her fingertips and told her to open the letter. Her hands trembled as she opened the letter from the Upper State Sister’s of Mercy Orphanage.

The letter read:

“Dear Ms. Iurasia thank you for your numerous inquiries. We regret to inform you that after an exhaustive search of our records we have located your mother’s family but that unfortunately your mother has passed on. She apparently had succumbed to an illness brought on by many years of substance abuse.

We regret that it took us so much time to respond to your inquiries but we wanted to take the time to be sure. Some of the nuns had tracked down your mothers next of kin and they confirmed that she had in fact passed but that she had written numerous letters before she died and one was addressed to you. We are happy to send this letter to you if wish but in it she expressed that she had never wanted to let you go but that she came to a point that she could not care for you anymore and thought it best that she brought you here to stay with us.

She also mentioned that you were not the first child that she had brought to our door. Three years before she had a baby boy. His name was Yin.

After reading the letter the sisters and I immediately searched our records for any child named Yin in the years preceding you arrival. After many hours over several days we located the young man. He had been adopted one year before your arrival by a loving family.

We have contacted his new adopted family and have learned that he is doing very well and is living a good and happy life in New York City. His parents are healthy and happy and several years ago they welcomed a lovely younger sister for him. Her name is Brianna, she would be about your age.

If you wish for us to forward a letter to him on your behalf please let us know.”

Iurasia put down the letter and put her head on Jackson’s shoulder. Her mother was gone. Then a small grin of excitement began to emerge on her strained face.

“I have a half-brother and a sister to meet” she said.

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15 thoughts on “BOOK 1, P1: The Ties that Bind – Iurasia’s Journey

  1. Maury Cheskes says:

    Cute! You can really read their reactions to the letter on each of their faces. I look forward to seeing how the plot thickens.

  2. Nausica says:

    I just stumbled into this page from many links. This is great artwork! Is this for a comics? I will read the previous articles.

  3. Vassiliy says:

    Finally I’ve come to know this lady’s background! Oh I’m so excited about he first meeting with Brianna and Yin! Bring it on!

  4. Sakura Kinomoto says:

    Thank you for this!!! What about for the other characters? The rest of the line up? Anyway it seems that this game is taking a step on the right direction. Looking forward for more stories in particular the story of that ninja doctor girl.

  5. captain Ussop says:

    Finally we get to see what this chick is about. I will read her story again for better understanding because it is like confusing but great start.

  6. onejanedoe says:

    I’m starting to get just a little confused as to Iussaria’s nationality. At first I would have taken it for Asian due to her association with Shailan. but in this picture she looks so caucasiona that it is difficult to see the Asian in her excepting for the flashbacks to seeing her in the other posts. Looking closer I can see the Eurasian slant to her eyes and the slightly flatter features . It stands to reason that she would look as Americanized as she does growing up in a completely western culture with no idea of her own. I’d laugh if her mother turned out to be Lady Tarragon. Who says she’s really dead? (her mother that is). Wouldn’t that be a good plot twist?

  7. Rina says:

    So lemme get this straight…it’s only Yin that she’s related to, right? Is Brianna a biological child of Yin’s adoptive parents? Great artwork guys!

  8. Jeanette says:

    Awesome back story! Now I’m hooked! When’s the next installment?

  9. chokri29 says:

    Nice artworks! Please can you give the program that you use it to do these illustrations!

  10. jstovie2k says:

    Looking forward to seeing how this pans out! Great art btw!

  11. carolyndumi says:

    Awww she lost her momma. Wondering who the half-brother is? Let me guess…. the sailan character! 🙂

  12. derylfish says:

    Its a beginning story so I understand not much action yet. Waiting to see what the next few bring.

  13. badelhas says:

    Those illustrations look great, which program do you use to make them?

    1. We use a combination of software. If you’d like more information please feel free to email us and we can provide you with more detailed information.

  14. Rosie says:

    Iurasia and Jackson sound like fun characters, and it will be exciting to have lurasia’s half-brother and sister, too, in the mix! Sounds fun!

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