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VOTE: DO YOU FIND THE VILLAIN NAME ‘DRAGON LADY’ OFFENSIVE? Presented by Saljack Enterprises. Gaming. Media & Entertainment.

When we decided the ‘Dragon Lady’ name for our character, our purpose was to lay the groundwork for the story, where the villainess uses the nickname to challenge those people who do not understand her culture. We are going to be proactive and request your assistance to help us decide if this name should be changed and as you know we are extremely receptive to your valuable feedback. Please vote below. Thank you.


Update 10/5/2016 10:38pm: Voting is now closed. Thank you for your votes. In this case we will listen to the minority. We’ve updated the character. She will be known going forward as ‘Lady Tarragon’. Thank you for your patience with us in this matter.



25 thoughts on “Vote for Character Name Change

  1. Lola says:

    I think the Snake Lady would be better. It’s not offensive (I hope!). But we need to know the story of this woman first.

  2. Pepita says:

    What is offensive in being called Dragon Lady? I think you should have retained the name. But it’s very common, so I guess it’s okay to change it.

  3. Jo Rosales says:

    Personally, I didn’t think it was offensive though it’s understandable why some people were. People nowadays get pretty touchy but sometimes I wish people would stop over-complicating things.

  4. Machwind2012 says:

    I do not see the point of this poll just being honest here. Offensive? on what? or who? People has to realize that this is fiction meaning any similarities of persons, events, etc does not affect the real world geez!!!

  5. Victor Van Doom says:

    What does Tarragon mean exactly? Is it hinting on what she can do come game time or what? In addition I do not find any offense in her previous name so frankly I do not understand all the fuss.

  6. Maui says:

    Lady Tarragon it is! I like the name change, I think it reflects her character more.

  7. Bambino says:

    Not offensive at all! Though I think it’s a bit too common a name for a lady who kicks ass. So, good call on changing the name. But…Lady Tarragon? Is that final?

  8. Nicholas says:

    Dragon Lady is not offensive at all. I think the name suits the character perfectly fine.

  9. Garry says:

    I do not think you need to change the character’s name. So, I vote for no change!

  10. Kerry Vital says:

    I prefer Lady Tarragon! It’s not offensive and sounds more interesting.

  11. MIco Robin says:

    Someone mentioned Game of thrones? lol. Yes I forgot her name but there is someone there that tames dragons. Anyway me being Asian Dragon Lady is more on the Chinese nod but is it offensive? No not at all so to me it is okay.

  12. Miaka Yuuki says:

    I Will be honest here I do not see anything offensive about the name. For me if Dragon Lady is changed that is due to it being generic but overall whether it is changed or not will not matter its not offensive at all.

  13. Stefani says:

    Dragon Lady is a bit out there, you might want to consider something else that is more original. But in my opinion, it is not offensive at all.

  14. Lester says:

    I don’t think it’s offensive. On the contrary, I think it suits her! Don’t change it.

  15. Sanish says:

    Is Lady Tarragon an expert in herbs and spices? Is she the dragon lady of the kitchen?

  16. Cassiopeia says:

    Lady Tarragon sounds funny. You should have retained Dragon Lady. Nothing offensive in that.

  17. Deejay Dayton says:

    Probably wise to change it. I was a little surprised that you used it, given the connotations. I think Dragon Ladies are only now safely called that if they are along the lines of Danaerys in Game of Thrones!

  18. chokri29 says:

    I think its not offensive! You can use it!

  19. Yam Barros says:

    Not offensive, WTF !

    1. hatatablog says:

      Absolutely offensive. I glad they changed it to watever.

  20. Corey Bean says:

    Not offensive, but could use a more creative name for sure

  21. derylfish says:

    Very nice that you ask our opinion about this. Shows you care about your followers.

  22. milloi6996 says:


  23. Yi Ling says:

    I dont know. It not very offensive but should change.

  24. thart9000 says:

    I’m Asian and it is not offensive to me. Though I can see some people may find it so. It may be better just to change it but like I said it isn’t offensive to me.

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