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Project-X Villainess, Lady Tarragon. Presented by Saljack Enterprises. Gaming. Media & Entertainment.

Lady Tarragon: “Like my dress? Beautiful right? Am I a fashion GENIUS or what?!”

Today we introduce the last in a 3 series second set of Project-X villains: Lady Tarragon. This is her story:

Known for her elaborate and expensive taste in designer fashion, Lady Tarragon has always had the means to dress to kill. Raised in Beijing by her aristocrat father she was used to living in the lap of luxury but her father had a difficult time handling her. She went through almost a nanny a year, some of whom ran shouting out of their mansion on the banks of the Fuhai Sea some just simply disappeared. She remembers killing one with an iron just because she wanted to know the smell of burning flesh. Another she hung out of her garden window with a fashionably tied scarf around her neck. She was a little off and almost everyone knew it even though her father tried to keep the extent of her psychosis a secret.

At the age of eighteen she was accepted to the prestigious Tsinghua University no one really knows if she was accepted based on her academic achievements or her father’s connections. There she found new ways to kill. The lab was a source of great source of inspiration but she just couldn’t find the one weapon that made her happy. As her body count rose she found that disposing of her victims required a great deal of work, luckily the University had a boiler room. She despised work.  After her university career was over and she had obtained a degree in fashion her job prospects her thin. Her father made her enlist in the People’s Liberation Army, tired of always covering up for her psychotic killing sprees,

Lady Tarragon hated the idea. Hated her father for making her go. Hated the world for not acknowledging her fashion forward genius. But she did like to kill and the army offered new ways to do that so she reluctantly went.  As luck would have it it turned out that she really liked guns. Within a year she was promoted to sniper. She was good, really good. Top of her class. She had finally found her ultimate killing machine. No muss, no fuss and above that no mess to clean up. She didn’t even have to get within a half of a mile of her next victim. Perfect.

The first person she killed with her new rifle made her smile. The rush of draining the life out of another person made her entire body feel alive. Just seeing a man’s skull explode and knowing she was the cause seemed to cause a sense of euphoria inside her. Time seemed to slow down as she watched the dancing colors of deep red, gold and white cascade out of the man and take to the wind. She imagined they were sacred jewels worthy of being placed in her prized tiara. It became almost like a drug for her. Looking for her next hit and taking it whether it was sanctioned or not she didn’t care she only wanted the rush.

She began a yearlong campaign to satisfy her insatiable need.  A random pedestrian here a college student there it really only needed to fill the itch. Each one a new high. Her victims had done her no wrong, she just considered them unnecessary, unfit to be alive and above all beneath herself.

When the army became aware of her penchant for killing they summarily tossed her out and charged her with multiple counts of murder. Facing a death sentence she knew she had to flee but before she left she had one stop left to make, her father’s house.

As she watched her father fall to the floor, blood oozing out of the small hole in his temple she experienced a rush beyond anything she had ever experienced before. She stood over his body smiling and felt that this was only the beginning. Lady Tarragon took a photo of her dead father and tucked it away in her purse. She then drained the family bank accounts and booked passage on a luxury cruise liner out of Hong Kong under a false name bound for New York. There they would acknowledge her fashion genius or die. All of them.

Hope you enjoyed reading that! We’re planning on publishing short stories (and a few videos about the lives of the eight champions and six villains) at least twice a week going forward. We hope this will benefit everyone by learning about the characters while also building up for the eagerly anticipated Project-X announcement. As always, your feedback is precious to us so, please leave a remark here, send us your comments to, through our contact us page, or tweet us @essjay_ent.



39 thoughts on “Introducing Villain #6: Lady Tarragon

  1. Ginnifer says:

    She looks like she’s going on a killing spree! Anybody here watched Kill Bill? She could be one of the characters there. Deadly and beatiful!

  2. Ursula says:

    Lady Tarragon doesn’t ring a bell. I prefer the old Dragon Lady name. Please have a vote on this!

  3. Victor Van Doom says:

    The more I navigate down to discussions, the more I see that this character how much hype she is getting but for the wrong reasons. THe way I see it the hype should come from what can she do? as suppose to her name.

  4. Uchiha Itachi says:

    Before crying out Racist!!! Think about it guys it is just a name. It does not degrade anyone ever!!! The most crucial point is IT IS JUST A GAME A FICTIONAL VERSE so in essence whether whatever her name is it will not matter.

  5. Mau T. says:

    Wow, didn’t realize until now that the Dragon Lady is now Lady Tarragon. I understand the name change though. Looks like this villain is one of the most controversial.

  6. Andy says:

    I honestly prefer Dragon Lady for the character. I don’t know, it sounds more ‘dangerous’ compare to Lady Tarragon.

  7. Yusuf says:

    OMG! Is she the sixth Spice Girl? Hahahaha! Or she could be THE Spice Girl of this generation…a whole new take on Girl Power! Classy with a kick!

  8. Marwan says:

    I like the comment above that says this lady cooked one of her enemies and added lots of tarragon! LOL! That should be an interesting storyline to explore. Beautiful artwork!

  9. Wilma says:


    Interesting villain and story!

    I’d agree with one of the comments from onejanedoe. If she’s going to be a genius at fashion, make what she’s wearing over-the-top high-end fashion. Like Vogue. Big sunglasses, long nails, nude lips–all the weird glamor they do!

  10. Bethany says:

    Well, the violence of the story is not my cup of tea. This kind of sadism was well-represented by John Steinbeck in his novel East of Eden, to represent Evil.

    In that case, if you also want her to illuminate the nature of evil, I’d recommend her having a tell-tale sign in how she looks. A look of decay in her skin. Or a tightness of her skin against her skull. To me, the smug look she’s wearing is too cliched and obvious. It’d be more realistic and compelling to make her expressionless, distant, and impersonal–basically death-like.

  11. onejanedoe says:

    Although I don’t understand the inference the name ” Lady Tarragon” implies, I prefer it to “Dragon Lady” because I am positive that somewhere down the line there would be an outcry of racial discrimination because of the name. Perhaps in some parts it is not commonly used as an Asain slur but where I am from it most certainly is, and as such you were wise to change it. May I ask what the word tarragon implies in this particular case? It is close to the word “terror” which this lady would certainly invoke, but somehow I don’t think this is it. Did she perhaps cook one of her victims up and spice him or her with lots of tarragon?

    1. A very interesting comment! You’ll just have to wait and see in the upcoming story-line 🙂

  12. Harry Rios says:

    Very interesting thing right here. The detail alone shows the story of the lady. It is so interesting that the image is enough to cover the whole article. Keep it up!

  13. Machwind2012 says:

    As i read the synopsis of her background I see a serious case of God complex. A good evidence of that is her killing anyone that she believes beneath her I want to know more.

  14. Yagami Light2012 says:

    AS i read through the discussion I Noticed the clause that the reason behind the previous name is for plot, With that said? what is the plot exactly? Will this name change affect it?

  15. Philippa says:

    I like her story! I hope she will have her own series of short stories. Beautiful drawing too!

  16. Amber says:

    Why change her name? I thought she’s Dragon Lady and now it says Lady Tarragon! Doesn’t fit her backstory.

  17. MIco Robin says:

    Lady Dragon I take it that she has Chinese Descent. It would be nice if they incoporate Chinese lore reflecting her arsenal of weapons .

  18. Kyo Kusagi says:

    In line with the above comment so far as what I have seen she is a long ranged type I mean she has a gun for crying out loud. If I will make one remark its on that dress. I assume she changes into something easier to move come game time.

  19. Maury Cheskes says:

    Very original. Each time you think she can’t get more sadistic she manages to amaze you. These characters should all duke it out in the ultimate melee.

  20. Henry P says:

    Nicely told…only that it was summarized too much….there should be more details. ….As she watched her father fall to the floor, blood oozing out of the small hole in his temple she experienced a rush beyond anything she had ever experienced before. She stood over his body smiling and felt that this was only the beginning…..that was cool….I mean the description but it could have been a bit more dramatic if more details had been added.

  21. onejanedoe says:

    Dragon Lady–I do have a bit of a problem with the title simply because it is so stereotypically Asian, maybe something that doesn’t remind me so much of a racial slur. As for her dress, well, she doesn’t have much in the way of a fashion career you said, and we can see why. I would think however, that her fashion creations could be a flop, not because they are too basic and too looks like any other ballgown, but because there are flaws in the structural design. For example, she designs a dress made out of latex only to discover that many people have latex allergies. Or she designs a fancy cocktail dress that exposes your butt and no one will wear it. Strange things like that. Other than that, I understand her desire to dress haute coture, now lets just make it look like it. Most of those Paris runway looks are way over the top. Other than that, her sadism is understandable according to the story line and the huge gun looks like something she would use, everything in her life being larger than life. Keep creating.

    1. Yes it is not our intention to offend anyone with names. There is a reason behind that name and it will be released later in the plot. We appreciate your feedback.

  22. Deejay Dayton says:

    The visual for the character is wonderful, the evening dress and the big gun. The backstory you have given her even makes sense out of it all, and is quite funny, in a really dark and twisted way. Excellent character.

  23. roisterous says:

    I think it’s fitting that she get some sort of satisfaction an enjoyment out of killing others. I also like the plot of the back story, it’s interesting to say the least.

  24. Rosie says:

    The Dragon Lady sounds amazing!

  25. Desmond Chee says:

    Felt that the artwork for the Dragon Lady could have been done better. Felt that she looked too normal for someone with a thirst to kill.
    Else, thought her story was well planned. Managed to show how perverse the Dragon Lady was by making sure she kills her father.

  26. Mau says:

    Looking forward to the videos. I enjoyed reading the Dragon Lady’s story. For someone from China (where basically all kinds of martial arts emerged), it’s kind of odd that the Dragon Lady doesn’t have any martial arts expertise. But it’s ok to deviate from the stereotype.

  27. Kadoya Tsukasa says:

    Interesting, a villain with style but what is this game exactly a first person shooter? RPG? or strategic?. This may sound weird but he looks eerie similar to a Philippine actress Glaiza De Castro.

  28. Miaka Yuuki says:

    something always bothered me villain no 6 of what? are they al related to the treasure guy?I have seen these characters as they are shown in this site but where are the heroes? By far its one sided. I would like to see the hero line up.

    1. Hi Miaka, the heroes do exist. There is a menu item on the right side of the page where it lists all the “Champions”. In fact the heroes outnumber the villains! 8 heroes to 6 villains 🙂 Thank you for your comment.

  29. AsianDude says:

    LOVE THIS CRAZY LADY CHARACTER!!!! it’s nice that we have characters like these on our video games… sexy and dangerous… but as a GUY… id like to have her in a more revealing look… something more sexy and bloody… well i like my women that way… GRRRRrrrrrRRRRrrrrRRRRrrrrr

    1. Thanks for the comment 🙂

  30. BoohBear says:

    Quite an elaborate story… i like it… maybe expand the story more on her lucrative life and how much she likes clothing… and please update her character to a more fashion forward look… she looks great but the red gown paired with the tiara is a bit off don’t u think?! maybe a look that is from the recent BALMAIN collection or from DIOR… to have the character a more edgier look…

    1. Good feedback on the clothes. Thank you for the comment!

  31. thart9000 says:

    Another crazy lady haha The postings are great. I’ve been following for a while. Very interested in the next one!

  32. ravingmiho says:

    Nice writing. keep em coming…

  33. She’s one crazy lady! Oh mah gawd lol Yes please write more stories. They are fun to keep following. Great job =]

  34. badelhas says:

    Another greatly written article, congrats!


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