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Why Brain Loves Video Games?

We all are aware of the feeling when we are totally hooked up with a great game. It is the state where we are entirely focused on playing, and all other things become irrelevant. This blog is about why we get that amazing feeling when we play video games.

What do you do to assure that the activities we do give us pleasure?

Games are especially designed to deal with this issue, and its not just include video games, but all types of games. We play games against ourself, against a computer, against other people or perhaps even against the forces of nature. But have you wondered what these games have in common?

It is the goals they have set with certain rules that you have to follow to play a particular game. By this, it gets much easier for us to decide what to do and what strategy will lead to getting the end result easily. Games also give us the learning aspect that includes improving our skills in order to beat our competition.

Have you ever thought if playing video games is an activity that gives us pleasure, why do certain games give us more pleasure than others?

Imagine being totally involved in an activity for its sake. Your ego falls away. Time flies quickly. Every movement, action, and thought arise necessarily from the previous one, just like playing jazz. You are wholly involved in it, and you’re using your skills to the maximum.

That’s the feeling when you are completely into a game! People who love playing games in such a manner can likely relate to this feeling. And almost everyone will agree that this feeling is very pleasurable. But makes us reach this state of mind?

  1. It is an activity that we can perform as a challenge, and it requires all our skills. Also, we love playing it.
  2. We concentrate on what we are doing and what our next step would be.
  3. We have to make clear goals for our gameplay.
  4. We love getting constant feedback on our progress.
  5. We work with our deep involvement that releases us from our everyday worries.
  6. We can exercise control over our environment.
  7. We become self-engaged.
  8. Our perception of time is changed.

Games maximize the amount of pleasure we get from them. They are our way of having fun, regardless of our current life situation. We need not to abide by the limitations of the ordinary world. We can invent our rules where our special talents can be appreciated and rewarded.

Tell us about the games that make you completely involved into them in our comments section!





15 thoughts on “Why brain loves video games?

  1. Mbala says:

    Video games are brain exercise! Gamers are smarter and have a better grasp of reality. Great article! Keep it up guys!

  2. Rigoberto says:

    Gonna forward this article to my mom! Hahahaha! Seriously, this article makes a great case so my mum will stop bugging me playing video games.

  3. Kyo Kusagi says:

    We can argue all day but bottomline is games are used in some way or the other a form of escape. To be honest virtual life through games are cooler compared to our routine so we grab chances like this to escape even for a limited period.

  4. MIco Robin says:

    Hmmm I agree this article and regulating games for that matter only works on certain levels. In particular those who are kids who tend to be into games to the point of sacrificing what counts as suppose to adults where explaining whether or not to play is completely not needed.

  5. Maury Cheskes says:

    Huh, makes sense. I guess when you get immersed in the game world you feel pretty at peace. I still like simple games like Mario Kart and Tetris. I find those games enjoyable to throw on some good rock tunes while you’re playing.

  6. Josh says:

    Well….I think this article is directed to people of a certain age…..not sure exactly which but it certainly does not apply to everyone.

  7. onejanedoe says:

    ;I used to really enjoy games like Monopoly Tycoon, or Roller Coaster Tycoon. I guess the putting together of cities or structures in a way that I thought would be appealing and yet having to stick within a certain parameter, in order to test my ideas of what would work, is very satisfying especially when the places that you create do work and you reap the benefits of expanded game play. Yes, the instant gratification behind games is very influental in how much I enjoy them. I am very much a person who thrives on knowing if I am doing something well by another’s standard’s, or not. I think that is why I enjoyed being a waitress as much as I did, tips are an instant ego boost. I do agree, wholeheartedly, that the necessity of giving certain rules thereby limiting the amount of decision making needed while still allowing some freedom in creativity, is tatamount in increasing the enjoyment level. People like to have some set of order in their lives whether they admit to it or not, structure and rules make you feel safe and allow you to concentrate on the more detailed aspects of what you are doing.

  8. Deejay Dayton says:

    I found the various Civilization games the ones that I would fall into for hours. Stayed up all night playing them a few times. There were so many smaller goals along the way – exploring the map, building roads, building wonders – that there was always just one more thing to do before i could stop.

  9. badelhas says:

    I agree with the article. I had never thought about it that way.

  10. Mau says:

    I had played great games throughout the years and my favorite game up to this day still remains the same. It’s a strategy game called Brigandine for Playstation. Love the characters and the backstory. I played countless hours playing it.

  11. Miaka Yuuki says:

    I would like to add on that thought of games as a form of release yes I agree because it puts us on the other verse where we are the best or number one. It gives us a venue of expression and escape. I should know because I myself is using commenting/writing venues such as these to let myself go, the only difference is some use games some uses another venue.

  12. Kadoya Tsukasa says:

    Good article it gives us a new perspective on gaming in general. I agree with the previous comment that this can be a good counter argument why video games are beneficial . Articles like these are rare though for people at least most of us believes that games are useless fact is it is not.

  13. BestBud123 says:

    i have been playing video games since i was a kid and i think i play them because it do acts as an outlet of my frustrations. Aside from having fun and all those hand and eye coordination, i have used video games to let out certain hidden emotions that i had when i was a kid… i loved that it’s only me and my game when im stressed out and tired of my life… i even think that video games have saved my life…

  14. AsianDude says:

    well… we do have our own reasons why we play certain video games… me?! i do it all for fun… when im tired of doing my job… when im tired of my daily life… when im sick of my gf… well… when that happens… i always resort to playing my video games… it relaxes me… keeps me in balance… and let me be ME…

  15. Lisa Coomer Queen says:

    This was a great post. Now I can tell people why I play. Thanks!

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