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Points To Remember While Playing Video Games... Presented By Saljack Enterprises. Gaming. Media & Entertainment.

Video games are the fiddles of the entertainment industry. You require a little bit of knowledge and skills to play them or maybe a bit of advice.

What do you need to do while playing a video game? Here are some tips and tricks that may help you in making your playing experience a better one!

  • Be observant to what the game designers are telling you to look for in-game cues and clues.
  • Keep exploring, because you’re never in the kind of hurry the game predicts for you.
  • Challenge the game’s creators and crash the game if you can. Finding various shortcuts or breaking the records is the true essence of playing a video game.
  • In a role-playing game, try to interact with all the non-player characters, just for the little chance that they can say something interesting.
  • Experiment with minimizing or turning off the mini-map and the heads-up display. It will make the game more fun if you have limited information.
  • In a 2D sidescroller, first, go left to see if the designers have hidden anything over there.
  • Give the music track 60 minutes to overwhelm you. If it doesn’t please you, mute it for a TV Show or Podcast.
  • If you’ve been playing a new game for a couple of times, you should check out the control layout screen for a couple of times. It will apparently recall you of one or two moves that you have not been practicing and then could use it.
  • Do not overwrite the same saved file during the game. Regularly save the new file, since you never know when you’ll undo a few hours’ worth of decisions. But remember to limit your overall save file count, take it maximum to four, so that you can give yourself options but not too many.
  • If you do not have a good sense of how reasonable the game is with auto-saves, manually save them. Do an auto save stress-test early to know where the game actually get saved.
  • If you care for what is being said, remember to turn on the subtitles. You can off it when you know what it’s being said.
  • If you get an option to play the game in its original language. Go for it!
  • Don’t jump the cut-scenes but always set the text dialogue to maximum scrolling speed.
  • It is always exciting to give an honest try to the games out of your comfort zone; genres usually cross-pollinate in weird ways. But of course, it is genuinely okay not to like something and just walk away.

So what is your way of playing your favorite game? Let us know in the comments section below!



20 thoughts on “Points to Remember While Playing Video Games

  1. Sakura Kinomoto says:

    Well Cheat codes are always there as games are invented. Personally if I can avoid it I will complete the game the normal way as cleanly as possible for me to be fully satisfied as a gamer. I have nothing against cheat codes though.

  2. Kyo Kusagi says:

    Being an anime fan subtitles are welcome for me game or not specially if it comes from a foreign county ( Japan cough) lol. well side quest are welcome too in gact it is far better than the actual game story at least the ones that I played.

  3. LoveSexRepeat says:

    well… i guess the best tip i can give u guys is to ENJOY the game you’re currently playing… there is no point in playing a lousy game that you don’t even like in the first place… learn the basic tricks… the hacks and cheats… well… we all do wanna win right?! lol

  4. AsianBabe says:

    WOW!!! these tips are really helpful indeed… well, i always make it a point to learn each and every trick and hack there is in a game… i love winning… and i make it a point to always win in every video game i play… i’d try all of these tips and lets see if they would really work on the field…

  5. Vanni says:

    I’m always on the lookout for side quests! They’re more exciting than the usual flow of the video game!

  6. Britney says:

    Sorry, but I turn off subtitles. They’re distracting. I easily lose my focus and I always get rid as many things that I can to proceed with any game

  7. Yuen Ling Elaine Au Yeung says:

    “In a role-playing game, try to interact with all the non-player characters, just for the little chance that they can say something interesting.”
    What I think that, role-playing games might train you inter-relationship skills. When you play those games, you might think about the communication skills also.

  8. Maury Cheskes says:

    You seem like a fanatic of video games. You’ve pretty much listed all the ins and outs. There are some soundtracks I can’t stand and I have to listen to something else. It’s also fun pointing out the glitches in some games or laugh when your opponent gets shot in the face, but looks untouched.

  9. Chris Avi says:

    I love old school video games, but these days I’ve been trying my hand at the newer ones because my kids are crazy about out. These are actually great tips that I can teach them. Thank you for this article.

  10. Marcy G says:

    I really do enjoy playing video games, but in most cases, I suck at it. What I do enjoy is the exploration part of the game. I love the stories, clues, hidden objects and stuff like that. Once I get hooked, it takes me a while to stop playing. Will definitely keep these tips in mind, so that I can get better at playing. Ha ha.

  11. VIctor Vandoom says:

    A point about saving game files caught my attention. Why? it is because in these parts Philippines outages is common so rather than save in a specific point I end up saving the file each chance I get.

  12. Miaka Yuuki says:

    That is what you call muscle memory my friend. With that said wheither it is a game or anything in life practicing will not hurt you develop your skills.

  13. Linkelou says:

    Handy tips; I especially like the tip that says that going back to the controller instructions after you’ve played for awhile will help you to incorporate any moves you might have missed the first time around. I find that I will play a game moderately well but not really skillfully until I have all of the movements down pat. The advice to go back and re-learn some of the combinations off of the controler lay out screen after you have played for awhile, is very good. I tend to pick up only some moves and begin to use them almost exclusively to the detriment of my playing, I think that re-visitng the page will improve my game significantly,

  14. badelhas says:

    Another great article, thanks!


  15. Deejay Dayton says:

    Some interesting observations. I like the idea of actively trying to crash the game, to challenge the creators. Your advice on keeping a maximum of four saved versions is also wise. Too many options is as bad as none at all.

  16. roisterous says:

    My favorite game involves maximum user input, therefore I have the ability to manipulate many of the game-play aspects. I do use cheat codes occasionally, which end up making the game slightly more interesting.

  17. Mau says:

    “◾If you get an option to play the game in its original language. Go for it!” — I’ve done this and didn’t enjoy it. 🙁 I never knew if I was saving the game or whatever so I just grew frustrated. I know of a guy who semi-learned how to read Japanese because of this though.

  18. onejanedoe says:

    I actually quite enjoyed the article and even though a lot of the tips were just common sense (or so it seemed to me) I was glad to be reminded of them. I didn’t realize just how much just reading them out like that would make it seem like “OK” maybe I can play these games and honestly enjoy them. See, its really my spouse and my daughter who are into these things. Me, I just like the costumes. So I’m not very good at them and get easily frustrated though I’ve wanted to play some of them for the longest time. Maybe with this handy set of tips I will actually pick up a controller again and give it a go.

  19. Kadoya Tsukasa says:

    These tips are really helpful for newbie gamers. But If I may add one thing to the tip list that is have fun enjoy it because that is its purpose.

  20. Swinder says:

    This is really helpful. I am going to remember these things.

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