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Are Shooting Games Good For Children?

Imagine a sight: Eyes staring straight forward, backs caved, thumbs endlessly mashing buttons: It’s a sight to make any parent flinch. Especially if throat-slitting, rapid gunfire, body-splitting, and other gruesome acts are involved in the game.

All video games are not bad for all kids. In fact, many studies have shown games as the powerful brain-training tools that can enhance cognitive skills such as concentration, visual attention,  navigation, task switching and multitasking, all while concurrently increasing the accuracy and speed. The right kind of game can have tremendous educational value, and the playing offers a mental workout that prepares kids for life off-screen.

And you know what’s the most surprising thing about the research? Can you guess the best type of game for your child’s brain? If you’re thinking along the lines of education & skills, guess again. The answer can really astonish you. They are the Shooter or violent video games! These are games where you have to hunt the zombies, kill the bad guys, war games or things like that.

Children involved in shooter video game condition show more accurately and faster attention, allocation, higher spatial resolution in obvious processing, and improved mental rotation skills.

These games not only gives the equivalent formal education, but also retain the real-life skills. The dimensional skills change from playing commercially available shooter video games to the effects of formal courses that are aimed at enhancing these same skills. Various spatial skills can be trained with shooter video games in a comparatively brief period that these training benefits should last over an extended period, and crucially gets transferred to other related tasks outside the video game context.

In addition to these psychological benefits, video games are meant to improve emotional,  motivational, and social development in children, especially nowadays when the gaming industry produces more complex and diverse games.

Hence, the Benefits of Playing Video Games are certainly the game-changer in this era.

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22 thoughts on “Are Shooting Games Good For Children?

  1. Rosie says:

    It is good to hear the opinion of someone who feels they are beneficial. I wouldn’t encourage it, but I would try to keep an eye on it, not forbid it, unless there were other issues that wouldn’t be the average situation.

  2. Kyo Kusagi says:

    As I navigate through comments I cannot help but notice Disney and Dora in the mix. It will work after all kids will be kids but for how long? In particular those in teen years try saying that Dora or Disney thing on then and they will laugh so hard how much more on their games? To me the best thing is for parents to play whatever game with the kids that way no matter how violent it gets you can always say ” Remember son this is just a game ok so lets enjoy it but do not apply it on real life”.

  3. Yagami Light2012 says:

    Well I am still single so I do not know about marital affairs. However whether I will expose my kids to video shooting games? Yes I will as long as they understand that a game should only stay a game unless of course its too gruesome on the level of Fist of the North Star then I will have to ban those .

  4. BoohBear says:

    well… with proper adult supervision and guidance… i think these games are ok for kids to play with… as long as they play it with an adult… someone to explain to them that these are just games… meant to be enjoyed online or such… that going trigger happy is not something cool or something that they should do… but just to be safe… i suggest we just let our kids be kids… let them enjoy DORA and watch DISNEY…

  5. LoveSexRepeat says:

    i dunno… i think immersing kids to violence and gun use in such an early age is quite disturbing… and even dangerous… i think its best we let our kids play games that are safe and is fit for their age bracket… i have nothing towards these type of games… but letting kids play them?! i am really not ok with that… it’s better we let them watch barney or thomas the train instead…

  6. Chiquita says:

    I don’t think that shooting games are intrinsically bad for children. Parents must always be around to support or give guidance.

  7. Marco says:

    Sorry but I am not for shooting games. I have no kids, but I have little nephews and nieces. I always remind them to steer clear of such games.

  8. Maury Cheskes says:

    Haha, that’s funny. You should tell that to all those angry parents trying to ban shooter games. I would think driving games help your cognitive skills too giving you some sense of space.

  9. Chris Avi says:

    This is exactly why I let my kids play violent video games. My wife and I would always argue about this, but I let my kids play anyway because I truly believe that games these days can help my kids develop their mental and cognitive skills better. I mean I understand why some people don’t want want exposing their children to negative or violent themes, but kids also must learn for themselves the difference between what is good and bad.

  10. Marcy G says:

    I am actually surprised at this research. Whether shooting games are beneficial for kids or not, I still do have issues about allowing my kid to play them. Yes, kids these days develop and learn faster, but they also get easily influenced by what they see and hear around them. Call me a crazy mom, I’m just not ready for my son to discover that kind of world.

  11. Michael Rumondor says:

    It is actually good to improve kids motor skills and reaction. Even CS:GO can help you develop strategic thinking if you play it right. So, yeah, shooting games are good for children

  12. VIctor Vandoom says:

    The argument regardless of game genre is that hand eye coordination. I agree video games does that but to put the blame solely on games for human actions is wrong in so many ways.

  13. Miaka Yuuki says:

    Study has shown that people specially kids tend to imitate what they see I agree on that. However to say that kids are being trained to shoot just because its a shooting game is very rare and besides it is a game and not an actual gun.

  14. Henry P says:

    I don.t think the problem is the shooting game itself, I think the big problem is the way of life in the country where you reside. The USA might be the only country in the world where anyone can walk in to a store and purchase a gun as if you were purchasing a bar of chocolate. That is what makes it a bad idea for kids to play shooting games because they are being virtually trained to use a gun…..I’m just saying

  15. Deejay Dayton says:

    it’s not the games that are the problem, it’s the lack of normal gun control laws in the US. In Canada we have the exact same games, but not the weekly mass shootings. Blaming games is silly.

  16. MelissaThng says:

    I think in general everything should be done in moderation. As long as we allow the games and explain in good intention to our kids, these should be fine. I do agree too that it may actually harness and improve mental rotation skills.

  17. Mau says:

    Perhaps if the shooting games have some sort of warning or disclaimer, then it will be fine. Aren’t there other video games that could emulate shooting games so that kids could get all of the benefits that it has?

  18. Kadoya Tsukasa says:

    I do not agree with these mentalities I mean sure kids try to emulate whatever they see not just in games but in media. But to blame it entirely on a game? is stupid a good question that should be ask is parents where were you? Instead of blaming a graphic wow.

  19. Swinder says:

    I honestly think it is not the video games’ fault. Children being aggressive has definitely nothing to do with video games. Tons of gamer are fine.

  20. BobNemo says:

    Guns dont kill people

  21. Saiteja Damera says:

    Well if you have gun control theres no problrm

  22. badelhas says:

    I´ve always played them I had no problems…but I dont live in USA 😉

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