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Vote: Help Us Decide Which Travour Art Is Better! Presented by Saljack Enterprises. Gaming. Media & Entertainment.

We’ve created 2 versions of Travour based on your feedback. Please vote and help decide which art is your choice of preference. If neither then please tell us why in the comments section. Results are displayed to voters once a vote is cast or poll has ended. This poll will expire in 1 week. Thanks and looking forward to the feedback!



36 thoughts on “VOTE: Which Version of Travour do you prefer?

  1. LolaBabe says:

    i like the second version of TRAVOUR… chiseled and buffed… love the red tight shirt… the muscular legs and the mad crazy look… i have a thing for men of color and this character is just perfect for me… he has this oozing sexiness and attitude… love it… pls do have him in the second version pls!!!!

  2. PeachyAsian says:

    i like the second one… the second one looks more manlier and beefier… i like my men that way… lol… plus the second one looks more hip and stylish… plus if you can make him with bigger biceps… having a naughty smirk… that would just be so perfect…

  3. Kyo Kusagi says:

    MMMM lol. yes a commenter mentioned it like travour is out for kisses ha ha. Personally he reminds me more of a steet punk and that is suppose to be our hero? I am assuming here cuz I am new to this game.

  4. Sakura Kinomoto says:

    The above comment mentioned something interesting. Travour’s colors as if it seems like this is not his first portrayal? If my point is correct then better stick to his original depiction whatever that is.

  5. Darryl says:

    Definitely version 2! For some reasons, when I looked at the version 1, the yellow stripes remind me of bruce lee. Though I know it is not yellow and black, but it is not Travour’s colors in my opinion.

  6. Thomas says:

    I vote for Version 2! It looks more bad-ass with the plain red shirt!

  7. Dinesh says:

    Plain red shirt looks better on the guy. Can you draw him in another pose?

    1. Yes we will have him in other poses later on. Thank you for the comment.

  8. Paquita says:

    I like the one on the right. and Travour can be improved by probably changing his stance and the way he looks. His face actually looks funny, like he wanna kiss you but punch you right after! LOL!

  9. Jinel says:

    I voted for “neither.” One is too stereotypically big, and the other is to strangely shaped around the shoulders and neck as well as the facial expression. And number one’s shirt does have a bad colour combination going on, but the big guy in the red T-shirt needs to put some more imagination into his wardrobe. I like the slim hips and narrower build of number one, there is just something about the neck and shoulders that is off. I’m not sure what kind of facial expression would work better but his cheeks should definately not be so hollow. I guess if there was someway to just start all over????? And how about calling him Greggor instead of Trevour.

  10. Rosie says:

    I like version 1 better. I would change the facial expression a little, he looks tired and cranky to me, like he’s missing some major sleep. The furrows…

  11. Ralph T says:

    I honestly would pick the first one. It seems unique and not too plain. There’s like a Juno vibe to it.

  12. Pauly P says:

    I think I’d go for version 2. It seems more simple and relatable. I don’t think I’ve seen someone wear long sleeves with a yellow stripe in awhile.

  13. Victor Van Doom says:

    I wish I can refute the comment of the character being scary but I see the point of it. That is why I vote to version 1 if his features are final then the best way to make him less scary for lack of a better term is to use version one. Sure it connotes Bruce lee but what is wrong with that? it helps in advertising guys.

  14. Linkelou says:

    My goodness, he looks like a real “bruiser” in the second one. Almost a little too scary mean to be a good guy if you know what I mean. I mean this guy looks like he’d like nothing better that to bust you up in little peices then use the parts for pitching practice. But the other guy’s a little bit too much of a Catch 22, he looks kind of tough ya, but his cheeks look too sucked in like he’s trying to look artsy at the same time. Maybe if you softened number one’s features a little and changed his clothes. Then Travour won’t end up looking so much like the big, bad, black, boogie man. Sorry, but guy two is almost scary.

  15. Miaka Yuuki says:

    My vote is on version two he looks buff in it. But I recognize version 1 too because designing a chaster is handwork.

  16. MelissaThng says:

    I vote for Version #2! Somehow it looks better, buffier and more fitting to the overall role compared to Version1

  17. Swinder says:

    I like the second one better. I looks more fitting.

  18. Kadoya Tsukasa says:

    In response to the above comment it is highly unlikely though. In my observation by the character design he is someone who is muscular and someone commented earlier about him being 6 feet at least. If so then, the small guy surprise approach will not work here.

  19. Maury Cheskes says:

    Red and yellow. Less bland. What’s Trevor’s back story? I feel like he could bench press me. I wouldn’t mind seeing one of these characters be an underdog; someone whose small, but can still pack a powerful punch.

  20. Mau T. says:

    Voted version # 2 , too, just like most people. I have to agree with onejanedoe, having the red shirt on makes him appear more powerful and ready for a fight.

  21. luffyzorro2012 says:

    It seems that I am out voted ha ha. That is okay I guess to me matching the theme counts but then again individuality is also important. In the end, whatever look wins does not matter as long as it is appropriate. The next thing that i want to see is the gameplay.

  22. Denver says:

    Red makes the guy look powerful…not my favorite color but I can live with that. Voted version 2

  23. Deejay Dayton says:

    definitely the second one. It’s amazing how much of a difference it makes, but the stripes on the sleeve really weaken the image. The solid coloured shirt is far more intense.

  24. Ian A says:

    Travour looks legit. I feel like he can break bones easily. If I’m going to choose, I think the first one looks better. The solid red shirt is too simple, I feel like the first one will match his personality.

  25. Marcy G. says:

    I think the 2nd version is better. The red shirt is enough to showcase his super manly physique. He looks decent yet still intimidating. I don’t know, the shirt with the yellow sleeves seems a bit too much like his muscles look unnatural.

  26. badelhas says:

    I prefer the second one

  27. onejanedoe says:

    Definately voting for the second version. I much prefer the T shirt and the emphasis on the muscles. Even though he still is striking the same pose and his facial features are pretty much the same, there is no way, had I not seen the earlier picture, that I would have mistook him for someone dancing to a Michael Jackson song. That and he no longer looks like he is getting ready to kiss someone unless it is to give the kiss of death. Even though I find him unattractive, it doesn’t matter because he fits the bill now. He looks like what he’s supposed to, plain old mean and very, very, strong. Every inch the boxer. Big improvement.

    1. Thank you for the great feedback. Curious though, what changes would we need to make for this character to be ‘attractive’ to you for example? We’ll understand if for any reason you do not wish to respond.

      1. onejanedoe says:

        You asked what you could do to make the character “Travour” more attractive to me personally. OK, this is what works for me. Because I prefer the tall, lean look, its not going to be easy, but it can be done. First off, make sure that he is tall. If he is pictured beside other characters, he must be at least 6ft or more. While he is very muscular, don’t over do it, the body builder type to the extreme is a huge turn off for me. He’s OK where he’s at, I even think that its necessary for the part, but no more. You could lengthen the hair just a little, making it so it would touch a shirt collar if he was wearing one. Eyes are a little too small, and the mouth ,while it needs to remain full to fit his ethnicity, could be wider and his expression more sardonic, like he knows he’s going to crush you but not before you think everything is cool and start to walk away. Last, thought the tshirt works good for the image right now, the character I’m thinking of would look more attractive in a very tailored black linen shirt, that looks like he’s ready for a night on the town even though he’s almost going to burst out of it so he has to roll up the sleeves. He’d wear that coupled with expensive dress slacks and soft leather boots. When he is with another character that is female, he should look as though he’d fight an army off to keep her safe. Oh ya, one more thing, he doesn’t have to be quite so “barrel” chested, even with big arms like that.

  28. Desmond Chee says:

    I’ll vote for version 2! his outfit matches his style more i guess.
    gives me the feeling of street fighter haha.

    version 1 gives me a tinge of feeling of bruce lee. nope not version 1 for me haha.

  29. luffyzorro2012 says:

    My vote is version one. I do not know if they are related to another video character that I saw in a green jacket but if they are then the yellow touch will definitely fit. In addition that it relates to the theme.

  30. Hamid says:

    Damn those biceps! Ugh! Would like him to wrap his arms around me. I think he looks fierce in red and yellow!

  31. Rina says:

    I’d go with the red shirt. It’s just the shirt you changed right? Everything else looks the same! Anyway, there’s nothing wrong with a guy wearing a wide-open V-neck shirt. It’s just that it doesn’t fit Travour’s character. So just the plain round neck shirt for me.

  32. ravingmiho says:

    Guy is a beast LOL Could break me in 2

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