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Project-X Villainess, Suzie Bane. Presented by Saljack Enterprises. Gaming. Media & Entertainment.

Suzie: “This little bottle? Mayonnaise. I made it with extra special love for such a big handsome man like yourself…”

Today we introduce #2 in a 3 series second set of Project-X villains: Suzie Bane. This is her story:

In the beginning the idealistic childhood that Suzie enjoyed was the epitome of the American Dream. Raised by her mother and father in rural Nebraska she was an only child. At the age of ten her father died and her mother began a deep decent into depression and despair culminating in excessive drinking and a never ending parade of men.

By the time she was 14 her mother had settled down with a new man who became her stepfather. He began to pay Suzie extra and unwanted attention when they were alone until one day she decided to poison his eggs with rat poison. The poison didn’t work so she upped the dose and tried again. Watching him twitch uncontrollably as he gasped for air made Suzie feel no remorse only redemption. Revenge was sweet. When his bulged eyes finally glazed over Suzie grabbed her mother’s old electric carving knife and relieved the wretched corpse of its right hand, wrapped it and put in the freezer for her mother to find. She hid the body and walked out the door. That was the beginning of her true purpose in life.

As she hitchhiked across the country in search of meaning she met many men just like her stepfather, all of whom deserved to die and she happily obliged. Perfecting her poison recipes as she went along. Each new hand a reminder that the world had one less abusive jerk on its surface. She was doing divine work she told herself. She did eventually marry a hapless truck driver who happened to provide a base of operations for a while and they even had a child. It was at this point in time that her husband began to become increasingly violent towards her and he too began to drink.

One night as he was returning home from some god forsaken bar Suzie had called him assuming he was working late and had asked him to pick up their son from a play date at a friend’s house. The crash made it onto the local news. Her son didn’t survive but her husband did.

Suzie descended into a hellish distorted reality and his death was the only thing that consumed her mind. This time rat poison wasn’t enough for her deadbeat murderous husband. That was too quick she wanted to watch him suffer so she experimented with new concoctions using items she found around her home, bleach, mothballs, iodine to name a few. Each recipe becoming more lethal but having a longer gestation period.

The day her husband got out of the hospital she poisoned his dinner and watched him die.  First his eyes bulged then he started splitting blood, gurgling and his skin turned a demented shade of bluish grey. His twitching made her laugh as it continued for just under an hour. This particular recipe also caused his tongue to swell so he made no noise at all. The fear in his eyes slowly turned red as the blood vessels began to burst and then went opaque. Just to be sure she got his old gun out of the closet and shot him. Before she left she grabbed a knife from the cupboard and proceeded to cut off his right hand, wrapped it and threw it in the downstairs freezer. She took one last look at her ever growing collection and sighed, she would have to leave them all behind and start again.

Suzie ran and ended up in the big city looking for anonymity and vowed that she or no other woman would have to be subjected to the abusive men of the world. One by one she stalked her prey from a local diner where she masqueraded as a waitress.  Some fell for her alluring green eyes; some just wanted her for a night, some just needed to die. It was so easy. Waiting, watching, choosing her next victim, and slowly and methodically adding to her collection.

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23 thoughts on “Introducing Villain # 6: Suzie Bane

  1. Sarah L says:

    She’s actually not a villain but a vigilante. As she goes through life, she tries to find meaning in it, and she did as a person who gets rid of horrible men.

  2. Jessica says:

    This is such a hot villain, with a great story line. It’s not your typical amazing wonder woman superhero, but a villain with a purpose who didn’t go crazy for nothing.

  3. VIctor Vandoom says:

    THis girl poisoned her father and laughed about it, that is insane straight up. Depression maybe a factor but I feel there will be more to this as the game continues.

  4. Miaka Yuuki says:

    I agree she is one psychopath woman . It makes me scared and sad too because of the stuff she went though depression is real guys people should take it seriously.

  5. Swinder says:

    She’s intense. She’s kinda sick in the head. lol.

  6. Kadoya Tsukasa says:

    I hope this does not rub the conservative ones the wrong way. I am speaking this because mature and dark games are somehow blamed when kids go dark for real guys hell even GTA made the news before as it was sighted as a factor why a young man commuted a crime which was uncalled for

  7. Yam Barros says:

    Haha Like it !!!

  8. Maury Cheskes says:

    She is pretty ruthless. Yeah, this game would probably be rated M, but don’t let that stop you. I remember growing up my favorite games were GTA and Max Payne.

  9. Light yagami says:

    I Think age is not an issue or a factor in this. IT is a video game aside from perhaps being too young

  10. Mau T. says:

    Suzie is too cute! So how old is she exactly? Because when I first saw the pic, I thought she was just a teenager.

  11. luffyzorro2012 says:

    Though her abilities fit her motif as for me It would help if she looks like a world class hostess as suppose to a diner but that will all depend on the established game universe. I say world class hostess because I feel being a crazy bitch she would want to entice her victims first before going ham on them because the way she is now her intentions are very visible a mile away so If I were near her I will be cautious at least story wise for one that gun is already a red flag but it will all depend on the verse.

  12. onejanedoe says:

    Having been a waitress myself, I have one or two suggestions. Lose the cap on the head, only if she is working at a rolling skating drive in, would she be wearing something like that. Yes, her hair needs to be tied up if its long, but since she is supposed to be enticing hapless men and then killing them, she needs to look a little sexier to entice them. The hair, while back, could display a few bangs or something to soften the face a bit. Play up her eyes, if they are supposed to be alluring, then make them so. Make them bigger, large hooded lids work well, although more so on men, and make sure we can tell that they are green. Now then, no slur on waitresses, but she’s supposed to be luring these men, right? She needs to either by slutty sexy or curvy sexy or something, right now she just looks a bit sarcastic and slightly underfed. I get that she’s supposed to be a bit older, but us mature women can be sexy too. Since she’s a villain, you can maker her slatternly, but still attractive. Fishnets maybe? And you can jazz up the cafeteria waitress uniform a bit, we’ve come a long way from the time uniforms were made from nylon and polyseter (PS — the hair, you could try a bleached blond with streaks or even a punk pink hairdoto—- funk her up a bit.

    1. Super thank you for the feedback!

  13. Darkbay says:

    That was a good story only that the storytelling itself was summarized tightly I should say. A bit more details would have been nice.

  14. Deejay Dayton says:

    a really good backstory for the character. Her actions, while horrific on the surface, become more understandable when one understands what has driven her to this point. She does remain a villain, but a more three dimensional one, who has at least a chance of redemption.

  15. Aeon says:

    This character is one crazy lady! I think it’s pretty smart that she cuts these guys’ right hands to symbolize that they are jerk-offs. Ha ha. Beautiful and deadly!

  16. Marcella says:

    Now Suzie Bane is my kind of villain. I absolutely love her, and I love every detail of her character illustration. But I think you should change her hair color into something darker, or something that will accentuate her eyes.

  17. Desmond Chee says:

    Wonderful plot of how Suzie Bane’s life pans out! can totally relate with how she ended up doing what she’s set her mind to accomplish.
    great artwork as well.

  18. Jhojie says:

    I wonder how she’ll play out in the video game (or movie?). I wanna see her kick some ass! Whoop!

  19. Marco says:

    Love the back story! Fits perfectly with the artwork! Good job!

  20. luffyzorro2012 says:

    So the poison expert huh? looks good. I suppose her get up as a maid corresponds with her specialty she is crazy though.

  21. badelhas says:

    Love the article. Congrats

  22. jyeungholy says:

    She is one crazy lady!

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