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Digital Entertainment Reaches Far Beyond The Most Popular Video Games – A Search For Definition

There was a time not so long ago that Digital Entertainment was easily defined. You had three benchmarks that fit the definition; your digital television, your CD collection and your black and white two bit gaming system.

Times have seriously changed and the concept of defining what exactly it is has stretched our mental acuity to its very limits. For hundreds of years the concept of Digital Entertainment meant interlocking your fingers together and watching them wiggle (give it a minute) and then suddenly and almost without warning our lives changed thanks to a technological tsunami.

Technology has advanced at a torrid pace for the past couple of decades and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. As that new tech permeated our lives it changed how we are entertained, what entertains us, when we can be entertained and how that entertainment is delivered to us. It also blurred the lines of definable digital entertainment. Now the most popular video games on the market are only a small portion of what exists in the digital entertainment marketplace.

About the only thing that is definitive about defining Digital Entertainment is that it is extremely hard to define. Even a diligent search of the internet world fails to provide an adequate definition so here is mine:

“Digital Entertainment -the creation and distribution of original works made with the aid of a digital medium that are meant to amuse, entertain, inform and profit from your target audience”

In order to break that down even further into easily digestible chunks let’s look at the various means of entertainment delivery.

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Video Games

Let’s start by saying that today’s most popular video games are gender neutral. No longer is it the stereotypical action games for boys approach taken by game designers.

Famous video games of the past relied on gore before story. That approach has given way to more of a complete experience for the gamer thus appealing to a broader and more diverse target audience.

What used to be a solitary endeavor has now become a social event with online gaming, message boards and leader boards. Before you just beat the game, now you can try to beat the world.

Game developers have also realized that even the most seasoned gamer needs a distraction now and then and have developed ways to give the player what he or she wants without even turning of the system.

Side missions, free roaming capabilities and Easter egg hunting all allow the gamer to mentally pause the game story-line while still being entertained.

Delivery of video games has changed as well. While consoles continue to improve consumers have historically had little choice when it came to obtaining a new game and the most popular PC games were not always available on your console.

Now gamers can browse seemingly limitless lists of new titles from the comfort of their living room with the advent of online stores and third party independent game design companies.

At one time the consumer had to choose from one of the big three video game companies when looking for a new game but now there are hundreds to choose from on the internet and more enter the marketplace everyday.


Yes it’s true even the ancient television is a mainstay in the world of digital entertainment but it is rapidly changing the way it operates. In the past, and still to this day to a certain extent, cable television operated on the assumption it was doing us the consumer a favor by supplying us entertainment and charged us whatever they wanted for the right to watch the entertainment they chose for us.

Then with the rise of online video streaming technology they realized that the consumer could just say no. Sometimes the way to have big business pay attention is to hit them where it hurts, their bottom line.

So instead of shying away from the competition they bought it and introduced the concept of smart TVs that allow users to access online streaming digital video content, web pages and internet based retail sites. A smart move by the cable companies to be sure but how smart the TVs are remains to be seen. Until my television set can make me a sandwich while I am watching it I am not completely sold.

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Social Media

Ten years ago entertainment was scripted. Every form of entertainment delivery whether a play, television program, song or written prose told you what to think and what to expect in your entertainment viewing. Now with the invention of social media we write the script ourselves. We in a way entertain ourselves in the way we want to.

Every person on the planet now has the capability to make us laugh, make us cry or to make us feel. Decades ago your father falling of a ladder made you laugh; now you can watch literally thousands of people fall of a ladder thanks to digital video technology and sharing sites. More falls equals more laughter and laughter is good. Even the dudes in the videos themselves laugh at other peoples fails so don’t feel bad it is human nature.

The rise of social media has become a cornerstone in our modern society and serves many different uses all of which can be viewed as a form of digital entertainment. If you find reading user reviews of different restaurants entertaining then you have been digitally entertained.

If you find it fascinating that your friend had eggs for breakfast you have been very easily digitally entertained in my opinion but entertained none the less. For some, looking at pictures of the more famous and attractive among us was what they used to call entertainment but they have replaced that with a swath of selfies which they are all to happy to share. This new form of entertainment would have taken weeks in the past and a whole lot of stamps.

The total dominance of social media in our daily lives is also changing the way we market to consumers. According to Forbes the total spend on digital/video advertising has increased by over 40% in the last few years alone.

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Personal Computing

So the desktop may quickly be the behemoth of the computing world but the concept of having your own personal portal into the inter-world is here to stay. As far as I know my new smart TV doesn’t come with a suite of word processing software presently.

Computers are smaller, more powerful and more portable than ever before. They offer the digital entertainment seeker added security and browsing capabilities that are yet to be matched on tablets, TVs or phones and continue to give users the storage space needed for your collection of photos and videos and excellent blog content. They will be a cornerstone of digital delivery for the foreseeable future.

Smart Phones

In the millennial marketplace, more, now, faster and easier is the modis operandi and your smart phone provides you with digital content anywhere, anytime and anyplace. For a fee of course.

The tiny mega computer allows the gamer or social media guru an unlimited opportunity to stay entertained. And with each passing year they are becoming more and more the norm. Pull out an old flip phone at a party and you will see what I mean. Trust me I have done it.


I am sure that there are more methods of delivery for today’s digital content and that many more are to come in the future but at least we know have a general understanding of digital entertainment and the methods we access it.

The technology developed for digital entertainment has also had numerous side effects. One such being that it is easier than ever to know work from home or the beach thanks to file sharing advancements driven by people’s need to entertain themselves and others via peer to peer sharing and cloud technology.

Industry itself has changed as we see business change from traditional advertising in newspapers etc to more advanced and localized methods such as targeted digital video and viral blog content.

There has been some movement for people to hold onto the past as in the resurgence of vinyl records, but Digital entertainment is not going anywhere and has even introduced a new lexicon into our society with the coining of words such as infotainment and edutainment. It may not be easy to define but it is easy to find. Just look around…anywhere.

Thank you for reading! Please share your comments/views with us here.




17 thoughts on “Mini Case Study: Digital Entertainment Reaches Far Beyond The Most Popular Video Games- A Search For Definition

  1. luffyzorro2012 says:

    If you want engaging stories anime and manga as well as comics got that covered. Anyway back to topic yes digital entertainment is not going anywhere but I hope I do not sound weird here but I dislike those things that makes the feeling of holding something gone what I mean by those is those touch screen thing I do not dislike them but to me the feeling of touching it at least its physical form matters hell I would pick the tangible keyboard over the VR one.

  2. onejanedoe says:

    Yes, digital entertainment is here to stay and it has allowed for some interesting avenues to open up. I am hoping however, that soon our fascination with everything “real” will slowly start to ebb and true creativity will once again be the reigning queen of entertainment. How many times can you watch the Kardashians eat something either at home or in some fancy restaurant before it becomes boring? Sure its really them and thats what they are really eating, but so what? With so much technology at our fingertips to help us create, I am looking forward to origonal stories or even revamps of old favorites popping up with better graphics and audio. Perhaps one day we will be able to direct our own stories on television, just like we can determine how characters move in games. You never know.

  3. Giron B says:

    Technology evolves quickly. As more and more technological advancements are discovered, so will digital entertainment. Gone are the days when we only have our TVs and PCs. These days there are so many other ways to enjoy the digital world, and things will only get better from here.

  4. Ian A says:

    I totally agree with your definition of digital entertainment. These days, its scope is so wide that it really is quite complex to define it using one side of the coin. Video games is just a small branch of it thanks to the many digital platforms available today.

  5. luffyzorro2012 says:

    I am all for digital entertainment but I share sentiments of those old school day users. I agree the old days maybe inferior tech wise but they are straight to the point I mean they are more into personal touch as suppose today where in you cannot even get a personal call but just a text/

  6. alao914 says:

    true amzing facts good job

  7. Maury Cheskes says:

    Yeah, a lot of people are caught up in the advanced digital age. I’m probably the only person I know now that doesn’t own Netflix. Soon everything’s gonna go 3D.

  8. Deejay Dayton says:

    a very good analysis. It makes me think of how much things have changed since Marshal McLuhan divided things into Hot and Cold media. The possibilities of interaction have changed that entirely.

  9. Mau T. says:

    Reading this makes me impressed with how far digital entertainment has evolved. I wonder what’s next for digital entertainment? I’m pretty sure the landscape will look different in the next few years.

  10. Hermenigilda says:

    I reckon one day we’ll not categorize these things as “digital” entertainment anymore, but just entertainment. Will analog go away totally?

  11. Todd says:

    Top grade content! Great analysis and insights on this one. I wish you’d also write about AI, now that major Silicon Valley companies are banding together to push it forward.

  12. Herbert says:

    Gone are the days where phones are just used for making phone calls. Now we are more connected than ever – globally. I miss the old days.

  13. Jenny says:

    Tvs are basically just screens now that you connect your: laptop to, apple TV, Netflix to and so on. The local networks will suffer but the advantage for viewers is less ads!

  14. badelhas says:

    Very nice article, congrats!

  15. daifu01 says:

    Its amazing to see the tremendous growth that social media has had throughout the years. And in such a short while has defined, as its made known in this article, the way we entertain ourselves. I cant wait to see what we have to expect in the near future.

  16. Great study! Well written work. Good job author!

  17. Riverra says:

    Great information in one place. Hope to see more of these “studies’!

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