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Blending Adventure Video Games With Virtual Reality.

Are you wondering what makes Virtual Reality such a powerful platform for adventure games?

VR Adventures are a cutting point and never-before-seen mesmerizing experience that takes the player into a three-dimensional virtual world.

It all comes down to the individual viewpoint of virtual reality when the player turns his head and the game ‘camera’ responds. The characters in the game talk straight to the player. Thus, creating a more convincing and immersive world. With the arrival of VR, developers are watching out for ways to drive the adventure game experience to its next legitimate step where players will be engaged in the story of the game in the ways that were never before realized

Virtual Reality has a lot of storytelling potential. If we compare adventure games with a storybook, VR experience enables players to enter the story they’re being told virtually. The players can see and hear the story through the eyes of the hero, undergoing the emotional uproar that the player goes through as they find out and understand the character’s viewpoint.

With VR, the player experiences a different kind of storytelling. While traditional games let players cheer for the hero, VR adventure allows the player to substitute that hero, witnessing the world as real and hence feeling a natural compassion for the characters they meet. This perspective makes the players emotionally attached to their role. There’s lots of scope for humorous approaches to stories in VR; the developers are constantly trying to give the players something that they can actually invest in.

Developers of these titles are utilizing puzzle mechanics and adventure logics to present players with an experience that is as strong with gameplay as it is with storytelling.

Considering the rise in popularity of VR platforms in recent years, it’ll be interesting to see how adventure video games in virtual reality will take off. With the multiple games in the genre presently in development, players will definitely have loads of opportunities for story-based games to drop their teeth into.

For the adventure titles fans, the future is pretty compelling and exciting!

Have you played any adventure game with VR headset? Share your experiences with us through our comment section!



22 thoughts on “Blending Adventure Video Games with Virtual Reality

  1. Rosie says:

    I’ve never played with a VR headset, I’m looking forward to it! I don’t want anything that is going to freak me out about “heights” or disorientation, though, as I probably be one of those who throws up!

  2. Deejay Dayton says:

    I haven’t yet played anything with a VR headset, aside from some really simple games over a decade ago, when the technology was just being developed. I think it was not only change gaming, it will create a new form of entertainment, immersing the player into a movie like world, but an interactive one. Choose your own adventure!

  3. Alfred Oh says:

    Virtual reality games really sound like they’re coming up in the world. I wonder if soon all kinds of games will be made into virtual realities. People are never going to leave their house.

  4. Bailey L says:

    I never tried a VR game before, but it sounds way too cool. I can understand why people would get really attached to this, seeing as other people already get attached to just computer games.

  5. onejanedoe says:

    I haven’t had the pleasure of playing a virtual reality video game myself, and at present, the headsets look so large and clumsy that I think that I would be self concious wearing one if any one was around to see me. You have to admit these things look a little silly. Kind of like what you’d expect from an old science fiction movie where everyone puts things on their heads and turns into space zombies. I don’t think there is much fear of that happeining though, cause the headsets look cumbersome enough to stop you from forgetting that its there. Pretty hard to be a space zombie when you are contstantly reminded of reality because you’re head is so unaturally weighted. You might just look like one though (space zombie that is). Just my thoughts.

  6. Warren says:

    VR makes me sick. And I think I’m not the only one. Simple head movement makes me wanna throw up. I guess this is one reason why VR isn’t fully supported by tech companies.

  7. Saleh says:

    I think VR is the future of video games. I’ve tried it and it is really a different experience! I hope more titles will be availale to to VR.

  8. Maury Cheskes says:

    Cool, VR might be the future of video gaming. I think Back to the Future 2 predicted this would happen. It would make great multi-player missions as well being so immersed in the gaming world.

  9. badelhas says:

    I am very interested in this subject. I bought a HTC Vive

  10. Jimi H says:

    The thing about VR gaming is that it’s still new. To actually have an immersive environment will probably be more feasible in the future. The appeal of being my own hero is there, but space constraints and the risk of spending way too much time on a game may be a huge obstacle for developers.

  11. Nat says:

    I saw several awesome reactions from people using this device on YouTube. I will definitely purchase one as soon as a game that suits my preference comes out. I wonder if I can play World of Warcraft on this thing.

  12. Athan says:

    All I can say is, they finally got the Nintendo Virtual Boy working properly! My expectations of that machine was quite high back then. Too bad the video output device of that thing had an annoyingly small range of colors – or was it just “color”?

  13. Ian Aviejo says:

    I know VR gaming has been around for quite some time, but now’s the time that consumers are really taking notice. Gaming in general will absolutely change and will be taken to a whole new level because of the limitless possibilities VR can bring. The multi-dimensional experience will truly get lots of gamers hooked, and that’s something to look forward to.

  14. Ionne Ace says:

    I have never tried virtual reality gaming, but I am very much excited about it. If given the chance to get my hands on a VR gadget, I will try it in a heartbeat. I know for sure that it will be a totally different and captivating experience, and I can’t wait for it to happen!

  15. Yves Sevy says:

    I have read an article about Japan making a “nerve gear” for the next step in gaming platform. if you don’t know what’s a nerve gear, the idea comes from the anime Sword Art Online. Now before you judge, hear me out. People said gong to the moon was an idea only to exist in fantasy. Got my point? With the idea of a “nerve gear” being pushed in Japan, i think it’s a dangerous idea. The concept of the nerve gear is to connect your brain to the device. There are so many red flags with that idea. What if the device malfunctions and end up causing stress to the brain? For old people, it would be very dangerous. There is also a study that cellular phones are not good for the brain. I’m sure there are devices similar to phones that will be attached to the nerve gear to be able to connect online. Think about it.

  16. Cameron Kamsa says:

    With the steady progress of technology, it’s not surprising that virtual games are the next generation of platform games. I have seen some videos of game creators that have been pushing the idea of virtual games into reality. Video games is a big market and with many consumers worldwide that will never ran out. I can’t wait what would happen after 5 years in the video game industry.

  17. luffyzorro2012 says:

    The concept of Virtual reality has been out for ages hell there is a Wii versionn were in you can play sports as the character moves with you minus the visors of course but we will definitely get there and the possibilities are endless hell I will not be surprise if there will be a Yugioh duel game complete with solid vision or VR I will play it.. If you ask me VR in gaming is just a small section hell if it was me I will say it again I will be a superhero and experience how it feels via VR how it feels to save the world.

  18. Mau says:

    Nope, I’ve never played an adventure game with VR headset but reading this post makes me excited about trying it out in the future. Never really heard much about VRs and how far it has come along; so aside from seeing through the eyes of the hero, will VR also simulate the actions you do in real life (e.g. jumping)?

    1. Riverra says:

      Yes I think it can depends on the complexity of the program. Thing with VR I assume is that you are kind of blind so you would’nt want to move around too much or you may end up getting hurt.

    2. ravicchn says:

      Yes VR simulate all the actions. You will feel like you are present there. It will definitely enhance your game playing experience, trust me!

  19. luckypotucky says:

    Would love to see something about mobile gaming from you guys. Keep up the good stuff.

    1. ravicchn says:

      Thanks luckypotucky , I will surely post some new and interesting mobile gaming stuff soon..!!

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