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Survival Of PC Gaming

Do you love playing your favorite games on your PC or you prefer playing them on your tablets, phones?

There seem to be fewer games nowadays that you can play using a keyboard and mouse. It’s definitely a big change from a few years ago when there was a complete wall of PC games. People prefer playing games on consoles mentioning that it has better graphics, but of course, HDTV can help! Nowadays, most games are not developed using PC gamers in mind instead consoles are used for a lot of games.

So what about the future of PC gaming?

Of course, PC will always stay as an important gaming platform. Despite the fact that newer consoles are originating the limits of technology and obscuring the difference between PCs and consoles, the personal computer still allows gamers a chance to try something new. Obviously, the PC game is not seen dying, but it is taking a back seat to consoles, particularly with games delivering first to the consoles, probably to sell hardware. Now a long time PC developer is focused on console game development.

The past two-three years have had a cellular boom. During this time, mobile devices and their performance have grown exponentially faster. One of the causes for the decrease in PC gaming is the cost of the PC. At the price of $350 and $400 the consoles are far cheaper than a PC and they’ve got loads of good stuff under the hood. People think that they’re not going to be able to play more comfortably with less work associated with a laptop or PC.

But PC gaming won’t be dying in the foreseeable future unless something else supersedes it. It’s much like this supposed post-PC era we are in killing personal computing. Sure, people are buying computers less frequently, but not because of consoles or mobiles and tablets, but because people just don’t need to update to a newer computer as often as they used to. There are more people, including a hardcore gamer or a casual gamer who understand that their PC is a better gaming platform.

And Remember, that is said and done that the next generation consoles are PC’s, they’re just running different software, and the hardware is locked down tighter.

So, what are your views on PC gaming: Will it die or not? Share with us in the comments section!




37 thoughts on “Survival Of PC Gaming

  1. budgetgamer1 says:

    PC gaming is never going to die. investing in a PC is way better that investing in a console that can just play games.

  2. I don’t believe that PC gaming will ever die out because as much as consoles are cheaper, they also lack in how much a PC can achieve compared. It’s so much more enjoyable for me to know I can enjoy games at the quality that makes them much more visually gorgeous. Not to mention that despite shops not selling as many, the likes of steam are available and sell them for a lot cheaper than what console games cost. In the long run I think they’re a much better up investment.

  3. Deejay Dayton says:

    I certainly hope pc gaming doesn’t die, but it seems that when i go to a store, all the games are for gaming systems now. It’s more and more difficult to find games that I can play on my laptop. I hope your analysis is correct!

  4. Maury Cheskes says:

    I think it will stay alive, but I think they could do more to push the playing field. On a computer you have access to Facebook, email and other internet sources so it only makes sense that if you’re a gamer you’ll want to bring PC games and a laptop with you on a trip.

  5. luffyzorro2012 says:

    You make a valid point my friend. Gaming now has became an industry may it be PC or mobile games brings in the cash so dying? No way after all its our way of living now.

  6. Horacio says:

    I hope PC games will stay alive! Basically half of my day would consist of playing games and reading about games on the computer. A lot of people make a living on computer games, and that’ll be my future job, so it better stay alive.

  7. John B says:

    Not sure if PC gaming will completely die, but it’s possible in the distant future. Seeing as now, most people just play games on their phones. I’m definitely guilty of this. Now with new types of gaming, soon people won’t care for PC games.

  8. Jimi H says:

    With serious gamers in general admonishing mobile games, PC games are a mainstay. Those mobile games available these days are just in it to milk the users dry. Forget about paying to unlock levels and items.

  9. Nate says:

    I think there will be a great decline in the popularity of PC games, but I doubt it would be totally wiped out. There are just some games that cannot be enjoyed the same way as when they are played on a PC.

  10. Wade says:

    I’ve never really done hardcore gaming on my PC. I’ve got my consoles for that. Not a fan of smartphone/tablet games either Well, to each his/her own I suppose.

  11. M G says:

    There are still lots of people who will never give up PC gaming, especially those who grew up with it. I don’t see it dying at all. Developers these days are continuously cooking up way to create games that people with all sorts off gaming preferences can enjoy. PC gaming is here to stay for sure!

  12. luffyzorro2012 says:

    The thought of PC gaming dying well I can see it figuratively speaking that is. I say FIGURATIVELY because all that ,mobile phones etc are still computers smaller yes but still it uses a computer chip to work and games evolve with time so PC gaming dying? perhaps but not today.

  13. roisterous says:

    I can definitely see the pros and cons associated with each different game play method. Personally, I prefer pc games to those you can only play on consoles. Even games that had a brief transfer over to console, like the Sims, are still better on a pc.

  14. Rose Jean Surigao says:

    PC gaming will always be my choice even the fact that playing on cellphones nowadays are more handy and accessible everywhere. But nothing would beat a PC that has bigger screen and of course much faster. PC gaming will never be out of date no matter how updated a cellphone for gaming is.

  15. My nephew is a wiz at the computer games! I bet he could definitely play this for hours on end….and he’s only 5! PC gaming is his thing! I bet he will grow up to be someone associated with making these games!

  16. PC gaming will never die!!!

  17. Saiteja Damera says:

    PC gaming is eventually going to replaced by mobiles and VR.

  18. luffyzorro2012 says:

    Me I am not worried of PC games dying out soon for one whatever the era and medium people always come up with games so as long as computers are there games will be there to stay, Besides computers are much more versatile since it is now a gateway of information to this day.

  19. Cameron Kamsa says:

    As a person who grew up playing video games, i agree that PC games will still have a big impact in the future.I think it’s not about PC games, but about the PC itself. The PC itself has many uses like surfing the net, even adapting console games. With consoles like PlayStation, Xbox or whatever, the uses are limited.

  20. Nat says:

    Although it is easily observable that smartphone and tablet games are sprouting like mushrooms everywhere, the PC may still stick around the gaming industry for a good while. The list of available games is vast and has even expanded further because of emulators. Plus, the games on tablets and smartphones aren’t as sophisticated as those available on the PC yet, at least, from what I see.

  21. Athan says:

    Let’s see… For fighting games and RPGs, I prefer game consoles… For MMORPGs, I prefer the PC… For dance and musical instrument games, i prefer arcade machines… For games while waiting, I prefer smartphones… While it is true that the number of produced PC games are on the decline, it is still the platform that is, I believe, the most backward compatible. Old timer gamers like me still pop in the old Diablo and Red alert games every once in a while.

  22. Samantha says:

    My boyfriend is 38 yrs old and is the biggest gamer ever. And his 6 yr old nephew is slowly becoming one as well. Yeah I highly doubt gaming will be going anywhere anytime soon. Different types of games are being developed for people of all ages.

  23. Nicole says:

    I know loads of people who are still into gaming, both young old and very old. Lol. I don’t think it’s going to die anytime soon. Developers are getting better and better at creating games that even non gamers enjoy just watching their partners or friends play!

  24. badelhas says:

    Very nice article, congratulations.


    1. ravicchn says:

      @badelhas I am glad you like it!

  25. Giron B says:

    PC gaming will never die. Although I prefer playing games on my phone and tablet, playing a game on a PC provides a different experience that some people (myself included) appreciate better. I think it depends on what generation you’re from? Younger kids are used to consoles and other more accessible gadgets.

  26. Ian A says:

    I don’t think PC gaming will be dying anytime soon. There will always be a market for it, because there will always be people who will prefer the “traditional” gaming experience. I personally find PC gaming better than using a console. I suck at using the latter because I come from a generation that grew up using PCs.

  27. Mau says:

    I hope PC gaming wouldn’t die soon mostly because my brother makes money off of it (so yes, this is for a completely selfish reason)! I do think though that those PC gaming creators have to think of something to lure customers back in. The way it’s going, the market is tipping towards mobile gaming.

  28. Gurpreet Singh says:

    PC gaming can’t die, there are still a lot fanbase out there and the cost price of games as compared to console is another factor in favor of PC gaming

  29. Hasmook says:

    I dunno but I noticed that PC gaming is beginning to slow down, like it’s being left behind. I haven’t heard much about good PC games last year or this year. Mobile is the way forward, but I also think PC gaming won’t completely go away.

  30. Kevii says:

    PC gaming is here to stay! Whichever direction the gaming industry will take in the coming years, the PC will still be very much part of our lives. And with that, PC games will continue to live on.,

  31. Shelby says:

    I love to play games on my phone.

  32. Saiteja Damera says:

    Would love it if big name games get released on PC again

  33. Riverra says:

    I am not much of a PC gamer but I can see how from the comment above PC games may not go away for a while. I guess the only way they will go away is if game studios stop making new games for PC. Even then there will still be the older games to play.

  34. rsheenai says:

    PC gaming will never die because it is still the best to sit at a table and chair to play heavy games. Some people are just used to keyboards and mouse and will never play on console.

    1. Yeah agree with this comment. Also nice posting. Thank you for sharing.

    2. ravicchn says:

      Yes I totally agree with you!

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