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Video Games: A Fun Exercise For Your Brain. Presented by Saljack Enterprises. Gaming. Media & Entertainment.

Video Games: A Fun Exercise For Your Brain

Do you know video games are specially designed to enhance your mental fitness and to improve your real-world problem-solving skills? Today’s video games have potential impacts on the brain. The dynamics, specific content, and mechanics of a particular game determine its effects on your brain.

Video games refer to numerous types of experiences. It includes anything from a simple computerized card game to a richly portrayed and realistic fiction world games. The mixed genre of video games has different impacts on your mind as well as the brain.

Video games that feature promptly moving targets that appear in and out of view involve an enormous amount of confusion. They also require the user to make accurate and rapid decisions that have particularly positive cognitive results, even when compared to the brain games that are created specifically to improve intellectual function.

Video games have been blended in a way with which you can improve your brain processing, attention skills, and psychological functions including low-level concept through high-level cognitive skills. Many other genres of video games produce an equivalent impact on cognition and perception while brain games are typically comprised of only a few characteristics of the commercial video games when linked with mental improvement.

Video Games not only emphasizes on improving the cognitive function, but the developers keep in mind the other aspects of behavior including social functions. Many social features are added to the games depending on their content to enhance the player’s experience.

Hence, modern video games have grown into more sophisticated and refined experiences that fulfill many principles known by neuroscientists, psychologists, and educators. This proves these video games to be fundamental for producing learning, altering behavior and raising brain plasticity. Video games, by their very nature, include active methods of learning (i.e., giving quick responses and getting immediate as well as informative feedback), which is typically more productive than passive learning.

So are you doing a regular exercise for your brain? Let us know your views about this blog in the comments section!





23 thoughts on “Video Games: A Fun Exercise For Your Brain

  1. Beatrice C says:

    I never knew how to play solitaire, since I thought it would be so boring. Then I got addicted to it after playing 1 time. It really worked on my attention skills, as I had to focus on what I’m doing rather than mindlessly going about it.

  2. George says:

    Totally agree with this article. I really feel as though my brain ran a marathon every time I play a video game of some sort. But I also feel that even though my brain is working out, my physical side is asleep.

  3. Maury Cheskes says:

    I use Lumosity which is a huge workout for your brain. Yeah, video games have a huge impact, but if your playing them all the time you’re actually getting the opposite effect because you need to give your brain time to breath. Reading and exercise are also very crucial.

  4. Nat says:

    Video games had always had a therapeutic effect on me. After a hard day’s work, a couple of rounds in the battlegrounds of WoW is enough to relieve my head of any work-related headaches. So yeah, I would consider it as brain exercise.

  5. Athan says:

    The effects of video games has been misunderstood for years. There are those who focus on the blood, gore, and violence that the reputation and effect of the good ones get overshadowed. I believe I’ve read somewhere that playing video games even helps in the prevention of Alzheimer’s.

  6. Jimi H says:

    I would say faster brain processes will still lose out without a fast body reaction. Sure gaming increases brain reactions, as an avid gamer myself, there is still a need to do a bit of exercise to keep the body in shape.

    1. ravicchn says:

      You are right @Jimi H, we all need exercise and relaxation from the video games. We cannot always sit on our PC and expect to be fit.

  7. luffyzorro2012 says:

    I can see the dilemma of the previous comment and yes video games are detrimental more so than beneficial particularly if it takes over your life. That is why video games should only be to kill time and nothing more that some cut classes or not eating or even gets into accidents just for it case and point POKEMON GO here a few reports says that a player’s mobile is stolen for he was so into catching pokemon than minding the area he is in.

  8. Mau says:

    I have mixed emotions about this. Sure, I believe there are pros to playing video games, however is it beneficial more than it is detrimental? I have nothing against gaming as I also play myself from time to time but it’s just hard for me to actually say “yes, video games are good for you”.

  9. luffyzorro2012 says:

    i read an article that is pretty much saying along the same lines as this one and I agree games develops hand eye coordination as well as our brain power. While that maybe true I will still go for the real physical thing for nothing beats that.

  10. Cameron Kamsa says:

    Video games is a fun exercise for your brain? Well, yeah, sure. But have you ever tried being so obsessed with a game and end up cursing or destroying things around you? Games are not always a fun exercise for your brain, because there are many games out there designed to troll players without them knowing. I had my fair of experience of those crappy games. Instead of making your attention skills better and all those good things, it just bothers you all day and end up killing your good mood.

  11. Nicole says:

    See I can’t help but agree with this wholeheartedly. Gaming really beneficial to the brain. It’s like aerobics or yoga for the brain!

    1. ravicchn says:

      Yes, playing games is a great exercise for brain.

  12. Samantha says:

    Omg this is exactly what my boyfriend tells me as well! And I’ve always dismissed it as him just being defensive every time I tease him about being obsessed with gaming. Wow I better not show this post to him or he’s going to get all smug. Lol.

    1. ravicchn says:

      I am Samantha that you have found my article useful. Thanks..!!

  13. Ian A says:

    Gone are the days when playing video games had a bad rep. These days, developers consider its effects on its users. It’s great to know that playing video games now have more benefits especially in improving brain function.

    1. ravicchn says:

      Thanks Ian A..

  14. Giron B says:

    Playing video games is a great way to exercise the brain. Even my dad thinks so too. He sees to it that he plays one or two games to help keep his cognitive function in tip-top condition.

    1. ravicchn says:

      Yes, Giron, I agree with you..!! Playing video games is a best way for brain exercising.

  15. texasinak says:

    I think this can be true, but I wonder if there is a benefit playing past a certain time. I know I feel certain ones help keep me sharp.

  16. Chuck says:

    Video games create a safe environment to exercise our brain by letting us experience adverse situations and make quick decisions. Does it translate to real-life scenarios? I believe so.

  17. Janina says:

    This article is spot on! Video games makes our brain process information faster than normal, which is a good exercise actually. Lots of things happen in a split second in a video game, and our brain is required to process that faster than normal in order for us to make a decision, or which move to make.

    1. ravicchn says:

      Yes Janina , I agree with you..!!

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