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Relating With Your Virtual Avatars. Presented By Saljack Enterprises. Gaming. Media & Entertainment.

Relating With Your Virtual Avatars

Do you know that how you picture yourself in the virtual world of video games may signify how you behave with others in the real world?

A player’s persona in the game world is known as an avatar that is usually represented by a little person or creature. The player guides the avatar through the game world, somewhat like handling the strings of a puppet. The player is inspired to project him-or herself into the avatar’s personality, that leads merging of the puppet’s personality with the personal identity. This is a very compelling combination that can be best realized by comparing the avatar to the fantasy persona associated with the player’s favorite type.

For example, if you love cars you can perhaps think of Ferraris or BMWs. This relates to the feel of driving the car at the moment, building a great experience for the driver. These impacts can be more powerful when the “vehicle” is a fabricated on-screen person that reacts to your every move.

When you have an on-screen avatar, you are pulled more effectively and deeply into the game world, incorporating the social interaction of that experience. The video game avatars are connected with the intensive social activity, such as laughing or shouting as you play. This is because you feel more closely attached to the action in the game and what happens to your avatar completely alter your own feelings in the moment of gameplay. With the rise of customization abilities, you can build your avatar into the most powerful and the one reflecting your personality. And these effects have become even more stronger.

Hence, Video Games have taken two dominant impressions:

  • The expansion of the physical self and description with a virtual self.
  • Both are combined to create the new kinds of compassionate and connective experience.

So are you ready to build an avatar that defines and represents you? Tell us about your dream avatar in the comments section!






21 thoughts on “Relating With Your Virtual Avatars

  1. Benjie says:

    I think my character in WoW back then represents me quite well. A miner, jewelcrafter, Balance Tauren Druid. He is big and burly outside but at peace within. A lover of nature. Only gets from nature what is needed and can transform simple things into things that are very useful. Can travel almost anywhere without the aid of mounts or special potions. That’s pretty much me. If ever I’d go back to playing that game, I’d make another just like that.

  2. Franco says:

    Avatars may show bits and pieces of a person’s personality or it may actually be the way they express what they want but couldn’t be in real life. Either way, in this realm, the only limits are the options that a game provides for customization.

  3. Ian A says:

    If I were to create my dream avatar, it would have to be something like Daimos and Optimus Prime. I am a huge fan of robots and how powerful their caliber can be. I want my avatar to reflect who I really want to become but can’t in real life. The virtual world has no limits after all.

  4. Ionne Ace says:

    My dream avatar would have to be a character totally opposite of my personality in the real world. I will go all out a dream up traits that are out-of-this-world. I don’t think a gamer’s avatar is a reflection of the person in real life, rather it is an expression of his creativity and imagination, and maybe even an expression of his innermost desires.

  5. Cameron Kamsa says:

    Why would people like to make avatars about themselves? Clearly the author here is either a person who has no background with games or a person who loves his/her image too much. Most people like to escape to virtual reality, because it is the only world or place that we can be who we can’t be in the real world. Tell me, can you a high level sorcerer who wilds destructive magic and can summon minions in the real world? Can you go around town asking for people to satisfy you sex fantasy with you? Hell no. We people hide behind avatars to create a persona that we can’t show or project in the real world.

  6. Petru says:

    In all my video games, I always use Deadmau5’s avatar. I’m not into his music, but I think the avatar represents me and my not so good childhood.

  7. Hamid says:

    I’ll go with Buttercup of Powerpuff Girls. I’ve always been the Buttercup in our group of three friends. And I can sure kick butt in any video game!

  8. luffyzorro2012 says:

    That alter ego aspect I agree, However an avatar is just that an aspect a small window to ones personality in the end an avatar is unimportant unless of course you are living in a superhero world or if you are holding vital info then use avatars for secrecy but if it is just for the sake of gaming or smiley I will not care.

  9. Kay-la-la says:

    Of course an avatar is an alter ego. If its not, why would you pick one over the other? I can see where getting someone to create, dress and equip an avatar for a game would be very telling to their personality and while it still hasn’t been widely publicized as a psychological tool to discover a person’s character, a really effective and sneaky way to get a good idea what makes a person tick

  10. Lando says:

    Great article! Never thought about the “psychology” behind avatars until now. So they’re like alter egos of some sort? I’ll be Lupin III then!

  11. Douglas says:

    I’ve always been a Power Ranger kid when I was growing up. However, I’ve never thought of having a Power Ranger as an avatar until now. Having said that, my avatar will be Power Ranger Pink!

  12. Deejay Dayton says:

    I tend to use some variation of Ultra Boy as my avatar, when I can. He’s from the Legion of Super-Heroes, and has similar powers to Superman, although he can only use one at a time. But beyond that, he is the bad street kid turned hero, smarter than people take him for, and good at pretending to be what he is not.

  13. Nat says:

    In most of the MMORPGs I’ve played, my characters were usually “crafters”. I craft costumes/armors/weapons/accessories for myself, my other characters, and guild-mates. I’m not really sure how my avatar in those games relate to me, because in real life, I only fix stuff, not create stuff.

  14. Athan says:

    I believe that there is some truth in this. I think there were even scientific researches and experiments done about this in the past few years as well. Perhaps this is the reason why some hiring managers had been asking online-gaming-related questions. If only I can remember the site I read that from!

  15. luffyzorro2012 says:

    Well I do not care that much about avatars being honest. But I understand if people takes time to for lack of a term groom their avatars. To me all that matters is the result or function that I am getting

  16. TheSexyFilipina says:

    my dream avatar?! something that will impose POWER, MONEY and BEAUTY… i might actually choose a modern day version of APHRODITE… that would be an amazing avatar… when i use my avatar online… i expect MEN to bow down on me… be my slaves… act on my every whim… OMG!!! that would really be amazing!!!

  17. Mau says:

    Had a hard time thinking of a dream avatar. But if I were to choose I’ll pick one similar to the Phoenix (Jean Grey’s “alter ego”) because it’s a cool character. Oddly, I do not see myself cool at all.

  18. onejanedoe says:

    Wow, I;m not quite sure I understand all of the implications here. Are we talking that you can tweak your avatar so it contains a personality as well as just a cartoon picture? I think if I could create a fantasy avatar it would be of someone who doesn’t exist already but is a prototype of all the things I’d ever want to be in make believe. She’d be tall and slender, blonde of course like moi, agile and have the ability to wear a slinky black dress without showing anything personal while executing killer moves. She’s be cynical and sarcastic on the exterior but inside she’d be a real Mother Theresa, with her heart and hand open to all in need. She’d be able to knock men off their feet with just one smile but she’d never know she was doing it cause her eyes would be in a book devouring its contents for knowledge. Oh, and she’d love cats, especially orange tabbies. That’s my fatasy avatar. Any others?

    1. That’s creative and vivid! Thank you for sharing 🙂

  19. Zara says:

    My dream avatar is Sailor Moon! I love Sailor Moon to bits! And in a way, I’m like her because I’m funny and sometimes clumsy! But there are days when I really have to stand up to people who take advantage of me. So there!

  20. Giannina says:

    Wow this one sounded like an article on psychology. Anyway, my dream avatar would be Pikachu! LOL! I’m fun to be with and loyal, just like Pikachu!

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