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Welcome To The New Era Of Video Games. Presented by Saljack Enterprises. Media & Entertainment. Gaming.

Welcome To The New Era Of Video Games

So now you know the history of video games! Don’t know? Read our blog ‘An overview to History of Video Games.

In the past time, gaming had distinctly different eras. When we think of the golden era of video games, we definitely think of it in a solid but simple arcade gameplay, colorful but in a terrible looking box art.

So the Golden Age was everything from the mid-70s to mid-80s. The games themselves were good, but advancement in everything is necessary, and the industry was flourishing in speed at that time.

Tomb Raider, Super Mario 3, and GoldenEye are the hallmarks of the Silver Age, which highlighted new mechanics, unique ways for gamers to play their favorite games.

But what age are we in now?

Early computers paved the way for multiplayer gaming, a key milestone for the development of the gaming community. The real change in gaming came with the LAN networks. Later the Internet opened up the doors to multiplayer gaming. The multiplayer gaming took the gaming community to a brand-new level because it allowed its fans to compete and communicate from different computers, which enhanced the social aspect of gaming.

Many engineers strived to employ the power of telephone lines to transfer information between consoles. Real advances in “online” gaming took place with the release of 4th generation 16-bit consoles in the early 1990s and after that, the release of Runescape in 2001 was a game changer! The new concept of massively multiplayer online role-playing games allowed millions of gamers worldwide to play, interact and compete against each other on the same platform. These games also included the functionality of a messenger, letting players  communicate with the players whom they met in the same game. These games may appear old now, but they will always remain special within the dedicated gaming community.

Following the early 2000s, Internet abilities had advanced, and the computer processor technology had grown at a rapid rate. By now, every latest batch of graphics, games, and consoles appears to blow the earlier generation.

By the time Xbox 360 released, online multiplayer gaming was a fundamental part of the experience. But, nowadays, almost every game has an online component that greatly enhances the gameplay interactivity and experience, often replacing the value of the player’s offline game purposes.

Since the smartphones and app stores have hit the market, gaming has experienced an added accelerated evolution that has not only changed the method people used to play the games but has also brought gaming into the prevailing pop culture in a never before seen way. Active advancements in mobile technology over the current decade have generated an outburst of mobile gaming. This immense change in the gaming industry towards mobile gaming has not only extended gaming demographics, but also accelerated gaming to the forefront of media notice.

Though mobile gaming has created the death of handheld gaming projects, consoles are still expanding, and the new generation of console embraces a new era of capabilities and technology. The two industries that can well play an essential role in the future of gaming are artificial intelligence technology and virtual reality.

So are you thrilled to enter the new era of gaming? Let us know about it in our comments section!




28 thoughts on “Welcoming the New Era Of Video Games

  1. Ionne Ace says:

    I’m curious to see how else the video gaming landscape will change in the years to come. It’s great to think that even through video games, we can connect with other individuals, and create valuable experiences in the virtual world. There is definitely a bright future for the video gaming industry as developers continue to innovate for the coming generations.

  2. Ian A says:

    Thanks to constant innovation and the demand for better gaming experiences, the world of video gaming will continue to evolve to cater to the ever-changing needs of consumers. I have high hopes for the gaming industry because I know there will always be something fresh to try out.

  3. Cameron Kamsa says:

    The only thing I see about games today is that it’s all about fast paced gaming and multi-player. Yeah the video quality is almost like you’re playing a CGI movie. But before, adventure RPG games were the best sellers where you journey alone this wonderful world created in the imagination of the company that produced it. Now it’s all about multi-player games. I miss those games like Final Fantasy, Legend of the Dragoon, Legend of Legaia, Chrono Cross, and many more. A good example of a beautful and brilliant game gone mainstream multi-player is the Resident Evil series. It used to be a journey about a person surviving and stuggling his/her way for an escape while zombies and other mutated creatures hunt you. Now, it’s just a co-op game where you just kill and kill to gain points. As a big fan of the series, i think it was a very disappointing decision for the company who made it.

  4. luffyzorro2012 says:

    I agree as time went by gamer grow with the games its adaptability. However as my personal preference I will rather prefer the big screen as suppose to the small ones. Touch it physically rather than swipe it online like games today.

  5. Nico says:

    Clash of Clans is huge right now. RPG was a hit on desktop but now companies are taking it to mobile. Although I might say, I’d still like to play on a big screen. But I think in the future, we’ll change our gaming habits.

  6. Lucia says:

    Hey guys what are your thoughts on Super Mario coming to iOS? Will it be the same experience as playing the Nintendo Family Computer of the 80s and 90s? Is mobile the new platform of video games of the future?

  7. Nat says:

    To be honest, I’m not at all overwhelmed by this new age of gaming. Everything seems to have been sugarcoated with graphics. We may not have the best visuals in our video games during my time, but I have to yet to see a new game that will beat the old games in terms of fun factory and replayability.

  8. Athan says:

    The most players that can play simultaneously in a game on one screen when I was a kid was four. However, this was only possible on an arcade machine then. I fondly remember draining my lunch money on The Simpsons, GI Joe, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Then came the SNES multitap. I still remember the looks on my friends’ faces when we were able to use it for the first time. The game was NBA Jam. Then there was the X-Band modem, which allowed us to play against or with players in far away places – the idea that eventually paved the way to the MMO gaming era. Yes peeps! I’m old!

  9. roisterous says:

    In a way, it makes perfect sense how the internet has changed how video games operate these days. It will indeed be fascinating to see how gaming evolves in the future.

  10. luffyzorro2012 says:

    I am all for it and welcome it with open arms. However creators must try to incorporate learning and value we need games like that..

  11. AsianBabe says:

    new generation of video games?! well im all for it!!! we need more games that are developed for mobile phones and tablets… this is to follow the trend of being wireless and always online… i think it’s best if games were even made more interactive… like a game that would literally incorporate FB or any social media platform… video games must move forward and be more edgy… so that us users would never grow tired of it :3

  12. Kay-la-la says:

    I certainly wouldn’t be afraid of a new generation of video games or video game technology. For all the fear mongering about the uncertainty of the future, when has anything but its uncertainty been certain? Since the beginning of time we have had advanced civiliations that have vanished, ice ages that come and go, different theories as to the origons of man, all sorts of ideas about religion and life on other planets, so what’s so scary about video games that make you feel like you are right in them or video games that can think for themselves? I wonder if the people in Alexander Graham Bell’s time wondered if the advent of the telephone was going to dilute the communion of people face to face? I know some people feel that gaming has taken over their kids but if not that, then what? Its always going to be something. I’d rather it be video games than some of the other things that could take their fancy.

  13. Harry says:

    I remember buying Wii the moment it hit the stores. Everybody was crazy about it because it was something different from the rest of the consoles. Now I wonder if we’ll have another Wii “moment” like a new product that’s a total game changer and usher a new era in gaming.

  14. Tessa says:

    Thank you for this educational article! Are you coming up with a third article on this video game history? What about projections for the future of video gaming? What are your thoughts on VR?

    1. Hi Tessa, yes we will have another article in this series. Also correct on the projections and VR. All these articles to follow soon. Thank you for the comment.

  15. Jeff Putman says:

    Well I’m just an old school fellow and I’ve been out of the video game loop since the days of pacman and centipede lol. But my kids are in the new era of gaming and they’re up on all of the latest action. Very interesting post, will share!

  16. Littledave says:

    Interesting writeup about the new era of gaming. The evolution of all of this technology is nothing short of amazing! BTW, cool intro pic!

  17. Yuen Ling Elaine Au Yeung says:

    “Many engineers strived to employ the power of telephone lines to transfer information between consoles. ” What I think that, the development of telephone line is one of the important era for technology. It tends people more digital app.

  18. Craig says:

    To be honest, I’m a bit afraid of where this video gaming stuff is going. Seems like it will cause people to sink deeper into a virtual world than building real human connection in the real world.

  19. Deejay Dayton says:

    It is indeed quite interesting to see how gaming is moving to keep up with technological advances. Virtual reality gaming is definitely the direction things are moving towards. And though you talk mostly about the gaming systems, the way games are “told,” the use of story elements, has also increased dramatically as the tech has improved.

  20. Ingrid says:

    It´s incredible how the industry has grown! I mean almost everyone are playing videogames (´cause we like it or not, candy crush is a videogame)!

  21. Annise says:

    I don´t know, I mean on one hand we can say that videogames helps to conect people around the world (with the online games), but on the other hand, I´m afraid of online games since I have a young boy, and all the stories you can heard, I suppose that for older kids are ok, and they really can help to all those people who have problems to interact.

  22. luffyzorro2012 says:

    As time goes by as technology evolves so as our games I mean Pokemon us a hit and its wireless. You know I am hoping for now having a Yugioh game is not that far off for solid vision is just holographic projections well Ironman showed us that holographic computers are possible why not?

  23. onejanedoe says:

    I think both virtual reality and artificial intelligence have a lot to offer the future gaming experience. Can you imagine if each person playing a certain game could cause it to evelve into very different outcomes (and not just three or four different outcomes, we’re talking infinite different outcomes) through their different skill levels and game agendas? I guess that’s kind of what the Sims is doing now, but I can only imagine that it is going to get better expotentially. As for virtual reality, what better gaming experience than being right in the game? Unlike using VI for travel, which I would be worried might replace the real thing, gaming is just fantasy and unlikely to stop you from pursuing real adventures. I’m all for virtual reality development in games. I think it will be a great deal of fun and probably very cathartic..

  24. theramenboi says:

    am i excited to the NEW ERA of Gaming?! Hell Yeah!!! i have been playing video games every since these things came to life… and i just enjoy the fact that it has grown so much already… like im already expecting holographic type of games in the near future… well we can’t stop it’s progress… so better just love it and GAME ON!!! lol

  25. Mau says:

    Yes, definitely looking forward to the future advancements in gaming! It blows the mind how everything has evolved to the present video game era.

  26. jyeungholy says:

    To be fair you should also mention the PS4 🙂 Nice article.

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